“You Loved Me At My Darkest” By Evie Harper



When we saw this book up for an ARC we thought that sounds really good we have to review it, we were really excited to give it a read considering it’s not normally our style but we really like dark reads.

Sash and Lily are country girls who decide after 3 years of looking after the wheat farm in Australia after their parents died that they would take a break and explore the world, they set off to their first destination which was new York, on the last night there the girls decided to go out on the town to a rave when they were leaving the girls were kidnapped by some men that work in the illegal sex slave trafficking scene. Sash was to become a slave a lily was to become part of the “collection”….

Lily starts to become very friendly and start falling for her guard Jake and he in return starts to fall for Lily but there is no way he can help her escape he has worked hard for the past 4 years to try and become one of the main guards at Marcos house, he never intended to fall for Lily.

Lily is a beautiful and very feisty women she has fire in her eyes and a mouth that could get her in a lot of trouble if she isn’t careful, that’s one of the things Jake loves about Lily.

In the meantime lily helps plan the escape for her sister Sasha without Jake knowing, this part of the book is a real tear jerker and I don’t want to go into too much detail other then this is a great read, evil does get what it deserves.

We felt every part of the emotions in the book we were right there in the moment and we could relate to how Lily would move heaven and earth and even kill to protect your own family.

Jake is truly amazing the way he fought for his sister and the things he endured but he never gave up he continued until the end.

“Now all I have is a swollen heart that on most days almost explodes with the love I possess for this women”

“You loved me at my darkest, baby, just wait til you see me at my best”

“As much as I want to fall back into bed and hide away from the world, I’m not going to give Marco or anyone else the power to destroy me. It’s my time to be brave. I might still cry and I might still fall, but at the end of all this, I will be free and I will bring them all to their knees.”

“I can’t take that chance, Jake. What if some sick assehole gets to her, and I have no idea where he takes her. It could take me years if ever to find. And that is when or if I ever get away from her”

“She’s the fire, and I am a stupid motherfucking moth who wants what I can’t have. And what I can’t have is Lily Morgan.”

This book is amazing it’s a great dark romance and we loved every moment of it, it kept you wondering with suspense where you would be thinking something and you were totally off the mark and something else unexpected happened!! It kept you intrigued with the book and the characters we really didn’t want to put the book down even when we had tears pouring down our face!!


This is the first book we have read by Evie Harper and we look forward to reading more of her work her writing is amazing and even better that she is an Aussie!!


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Book Review – The One Awakened – Alexandra North

** Provided on behalf of the author fro an honest review **
** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

Lucia Meyers and Sebastian Silver are best friends. Meeting each other at a club 10 years earlier, the chemistry is there, the electricity is there, the sexual tension is there. But Sebastian is off limits.

Ten years on Lucia is a successful interior designer, Sebastian owns a successful construction company but they both still remain the best of friends.

After a failed marriage and raising a child as a single mum Lucia is out of the dating game. She needs to find herself again.

Sebastian a player, a womanizer comes back from Dubai after being away for 9 months on some business dealings.

Back together again the chemistry between them is intense. It’s there. It’s forceful.They both want, they both need. It can’t be denied.

But what happens when best friends enter sex into the mix? How do they remain friends?

What will happen to Lucia and Sebastian?

The One Awakened is a story of love, want and need. It’s a story of friends becoming lovers. It’s a story of trust. It’s a story of hope.

The One Awakened takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Love, hurt, truth, jealousy, sexual chemistry and desire. We highly recommend The One Awakened. A definite must read.

You can find Alexandra North on the following links:

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Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/One-Awakened-Book-Trilogy-ebook/dp/B00LJF47NQ/ref=la_B00LJOIPC6_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1408245702&sr=1-1

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Wow where do we start with this book…. This is a hard one to review as myself and gayle for the very first time have different opinions on this book, which makes it a bit tricky!!

Ok there is explicit contents below so please be aware!!!

Holly is a part time librarian and emails her favorite erotic author and then the story begins with very flirtatious emails then to phone calls then to online web cam with Jake and Holly doing some erotic scenes across the camera…..
Jake and Holly meet up for a date of a life time, he has a big night set up for her to fulfill her deepest darkest fantasies and they don’t dissappoint.
Jake mets with 2 of his mates that he has planed for a massive orgy back at his pad, he takes Holly back first gets her warmed up and then he gives his mates the green light to come and join in the fun…..
The scenes were hot and erotic and some parts were down right obscene which Holly loved, she loved the way the cum on her face, she loved the way they filled her every hole!! And yes we mean every hole!!
It was a massive night for poor Holly who was used by Jake and his mates but she loved every minute of it…..
This book we don’t think its for the faint hearted, this was the first book we had read of Jake Malden’s and I look forwarding to reading more….
I’m not sure if this book is for everyone I think it depends what your into cause we think this book can be taken very different ways…..
We loved the way Holly was all for the orgy but some people that read it may take it a different way with some of the language that was used……

I personally liked the book I thought some parts were funny thinking yep this chick is nuts but awesome at the same time who wouldn’t want to live out there deepest darkest fantasies and I guess she had the balls to do it!!

I liked Jake style of writing he was very raw and extremely honest he told it the way it was in the book nothing was sugar coated and it was what it was…..

No Mercy was a filthy and dirty book I enjoyed it and good on Jake Malden for taking the chance
to write in such a style I personally haven’t read a book like it, so well done Jake Malden!!

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“Cherish The Past” By Sandra Steiner

“Cherish The Past”

By Sandra Steiner


“Life was good. No life was amazing”.

When we read that we thought awesome this book is going to be good, which it was a good book.

Angie is a 46 year old that goes back over the past 29 years of her life from when she was 16 right up to the present, she goes through a bit of heart ache from her cheating husband, the devastation of losing a child and then finds her long lost brother, then finds true love. (I can’t believe she didn’t relies her husband was cheating with the best friend!!)

It was a good book but….. We would have loved more we would have loved more detail of emotions like the part about her daughter’s death it did explain how she sort of went downhill but we would have loved more of them parts in the book I guess more of a description, more of the part where she finds out about her cheating husband it seemed to just skim over the issue which is good we just want to feel it tho, take us to that place.

I think this book would have been great with more, don’t get us wrong was well written by Sandra Steiner had a great story line, we just feel like it could be a massive hit if there was more we didn’t feel like we were there at the time it was just like reading someone’s life story who had been dealt a shitty hand in life but defies the odds and finds that happy ending we just weren’t in the moment.


I loved the part at the end when she does meet true love after everything Angie had been through she deserved to be happy and deserved a great life which we are presuming she would have after meeting Andy.

All in all was a good read and I would give some more books by Sandra Steiner a go.

We would score this book a 5/10

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Book Review – Strip Teaser (Naked Nights # 1) – Ava Manello


❤ Loved, loved, loved this book!!! ❤

Sally is an investigative journalist for a local newspaper in the UK. Working on a piece for her paper about a local councilor, her boss takes her off the case and is told that she must tour with a group of male strippers for 8 long weeks and report on them.

The last thing Sally wants to do is be around a bunch of naked, sweaty, full of testosterone males for 8 weeks. She couldn’t think of anything worse.

That’s until she meets the team of Naked Nights. Eric, Alex, Tiny, Guido (Gareth), Jackal, Rick and Jonny. All male, all hot, all yummy.

Oh Sally is in trouble!!

Strip Teaser takes you on the journey about an innocent journalist just trying to make a living, and 7 very hot, very male strippers touring the UK.

It tells the story of Sally, a prude so to speak having to cope day to day with 7 men in all their glory.
Will Sally find love with one of them? Will she find friends in any of them? Will her opinion about strippers change? Or will this just be another job for Sally to makes ends meat.

Strip Teaser is a MUST read. Throughout the novel, we laughed, we held our breath, we hoped. Author Ava Manello for us wrote this book so well that we couldn’t put it down until it was finished.
This book we rate a definite 10 out of 10 and is on our highly recommend list.

You can find Ava Manello on the following links:

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22018147-strip-teaser

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7873269.Ava_Manello

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Book Review – Rescue Breathing – (The Breathe Series Book 1 ) – Zoe Norman


Olivia Burke is a psychologist and lives in New York.
Owen Maxwell works at the FDNY Rescue Company and lives in New York.

Olivia is broken, damaged, hurting. She will never allow anyone in.
Owen is guarded and damaged. He suffers horrific nightmares that he doesn’t share with anyone. He will never allow anyone in.

Olivia is travelling to Seattle for a conference and to meet up with her best friend Charley.
Owen is travelling to Seattle to meet up with friends, one of whom is getting married.

Seattle is where Olivia and Owen’s world collide.

Olivia and Owen decide to get to know each other. The spark is there. The chemistry is there. But is it enough?

Can Olivia and Owen overcome their pasts and allow love to blossom? Or is the pain from their pasts just simply to much to bare? Will they ever feel again? Will they ever trust again?

Rescue Breathing is a story about loss, love, heartache. It’s about allowing yourself to let go of insecurities. It’s about trust. It’s about letting go. It’s about love.

Rescue Breathing is a definite must read. Never hearing of the author before, we were fortunate enough to read this novel prior to it being released. And lets just say it had us from the very first quote:

Rescue Breathing – also known as “the kiss of life, ” is a rescue technique where one person provides air for someone who has stopped breathing.

We give this book 10 out of 10 and a definitely should be added to anyone’s TBR list.

You can find Zoe on the following links:

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This author has amazed us once again!!

When we started reading this book we were thinking god another HOT book.

This book starts off with a very sexy Mack who loves women (as a lot of men and women do), Mack is introduced to 28 year old Britt who is a virgin yes people VIRGIN!! during the party they take off and things heat up and Britt isn’t a virgin for long but Mack is gentle with her and gives her what she needs and makes her first time every bit pleasurable (I think we all wish our first time is as hot as this). As time goes on Mack has a hard time trying to keep his emotions in check and try’s not get attached to Britt, but while Britt is away Mack reverts back to his old ways and spends a couple of days fucking Olivia. Mack feels like shit on the car ride home from the airport where he picked Britt up, even more so as Britt tells him that she loves him which he then realizes that he loves her to and says it back ( Yes we know arsehole).

when they get back to Mack’s Britt goes to the bathroom and finds a lovely little message from Olivia, this breaks Britt’s heart as it would anyone she storms out and leaves Mack, 2 months later she turns up at Mack’s work and then the rest you will have to but they get back together….. Yes people they get back together!!

So that’s how the story goes and once again Ethan’s sex scenes are smoking hot we love the way he writes and takes you to that place, we even wanted to beat the shit out of Mack and wipe Britt’s tears!!

Great read guys very quick but full of Punch!!

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