Book Review – Carnage 2 – Lesley Jones



******SPOILER ALERT******


How does someone after so much heartache, grief, pain and loss ever find love again……

Georgia Rae is in Australia after losing her husband Sean and baby boy Beau in a tragic car accident. Nine months after their death, rumors are circulating that some women had bared Sean’s children. Although they are all false allegations, the pain is just simply too much for Georgia to bare, so she runs.

Cameron King after 12 years is still in love with Georgia. He has watched from a far Georgia’s grief and heartache. Getting his life back together after relapsing from his habit, Cameron starts a new chain of night clubs across the globe. Cameron ends up in Australia for an opening of one of his clubs.

That’s where Georgia and Cameron’s world collide…..Once again.

“fuck kitten, you have the power to ruin me, never forget that!”

After 12 years how do they move on. Cameron fears Georgia, afraid she will break his heart all over again. He would never survive it. Georgia on the other hand is plagued with guilt, for loving and always loving Cameron when Sean has only been gone a year.

“I fucking love the fuck out of you Tiger!”
“I love the fuck out of you Kitten.”

Carnage 2 is a beautiful, heart wrenching story of two people finding their way back to each other. It’s about love, loss, grief, pain. It’s about trust, honesty, forgiveness. It’s confronting. It’s beautiful.

It took us 2 days to read Carnage 2, we simply could not put it down. we cried, we laughed. we held our breath, and at times we feared to turn the page. This would be one of the best books we have read all year.

Its takes you on the biggest roller coaster of your life. This book along with Carnage 1 makes you feel things that you could never imagine. Sometimes you want to put the book down because you don’t think you can take anymore, but the end is so worth it!! Once again Lesley took us along for the ride of our life and we could not recommend this book high enough. So beautifully written, and so much emotion shines right through the book and takes you right to it!!

This is the story of Georgia. Her story!

We give this book 10 out of 10. A definite must read. It’s definitely a beautiful ending that had such a tragic beginning.



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