Book Review – Grading Him – Book 1 – Him Her Them Series – Elizabeth Lynx


*** Book read prior to reading ARC of second installment Reaching Her ***

Jos (Josephine) and her girlfriend head out for a night of fun, drinks, dancing and some hard core flirting. Jos isn’t interested in the relationship thing, but a one night stand is never out of the question.

Pierce and his mates head out for a night of drinks and laughs. Pierce the womaniser, not in to the relationship thing just wants a one night stand. But looking over the sea of people, the girls are just the same. Fake nails, bleach blonde and drunk.

That’s until he sees Jos. It’s time for Pierce to take what he sees. Go in for the kill. Charm her. Get her into his bed.

But will it be just a one night stand? And where will Pierce sit on Jos’s grading scale? Will he make the cut?

Grading Him is a quick read, but nothing short of steamy. Sexy as hell, raunchy and hot. We really enjoyed this book. We rate this book 8 out of 10. Recommend to put on your TBR list, but again be aware it’s a very short read.


Underneath – Andie. M. Long


Meet Lauren. Married to Niall and one son, Joe. Life is good for Lauren, being a stay at home mum to Joe and running a little business from home selling vintage items on eBay.

Her marriage to Niall is like any marriage, pretty solid, but not free from issues.
Her best friend Monique, who Lauren has known for five years is her rock. The one person she can turn too when she needs a friendly ear. Your typical best friend relationship.

Now introduce Bettina. An old school friend of Lauren’s.
Recently breaking it off with her husband, Bettina returns to her home town with her son Tyler. Remembering Lauren from years passed, she catches up with her at a school pick up.

Lauren’s world will no longer be the same.

Introduce death threats, a sexy school teacher, malicious damage, manslaughter and a kidnapping, what will become of Lauren? What will become of life as she once knows it? Who can she turn too? Who can she trust?

Underneath was a good read, but for us it was a little slow going. At times it was a little hard to keep our interest, but we are glad we kept at it because the ending was brilliant.

We recommend Underneath on our TBR list and give it 6 out of 10.

“Enchanted and Desired” By Eva Simone

Enchanted & desired

By Eva Simone

We were asked to Arc this book for an honest review

So this is book 2 of the Enchanted series

This story is about Jess and Simon which are best friends with Brandon and lily (book 1)

Jess is broken she has been broken since she left Gavin after a horrendous relationship, she has vowed never to get involved with another man. Until Simon comes along and he changes everything.

Simon is broken from his sister’s traumatic experience when he was just 14 over the years he has slowly watched his sister rebuild herself but he has to never get with a chick that’s broken until he meets Jess

Jess finds it hard to let Simon in after her experience with Gavin he broke her and she never wants to feel that again but Simon keeps going in order to get jess to open up he pushes her to the limits and she runs every time, there relationship is anything but smooth but they have an explosive and toxic relationship that keeps tearing them apart……

There are many ups and downs throughout this book some parts we actually wanted to through the kindle and we were thinking Really??, What is she thinking???, Did she just say that??, Did he just say that??, Did that just happen??

We think the 2nd book started off a bit slower but once you get to about 40 % it really kicks off and as much as we wanted to throw the kindle sometime we couldn’t put it down

This book will take you on a roller coaster without giving details of the book it will take you up and then will slam you straight back down where you feel yourself holding your breath as you turn the pages.

Enchanted & desired is a very raw emotional book we think more than the first, there’s true heart break, strength, scarifies, determination, love, loyalty and about beating the odds.

We loved loved loved this book and we really hope there is a 4th as in the last Eva did not disappoint with the sex scenes they were hot!!!

Quotes from the book…..

“If you can tell me that you don’t feel this….. That you don’t know this feeling MEANS something….. Then do it…..walk away and don’t come back. Can you do that Tersoro?”

“You are the other half of me. You were made for me. You felt that didn’t you?. When we were joined, skin to skin with no barriers between us; tell me you felt it too?”

“Not just yet baby… later. Right now I want to feel you as you come apart beneath me, while I slowly thrust inside you, owning you with every deliciously slow rock of my hips filling you until you can’t take anymore. I want to watch the look of bliss on your face as I cum deep inside you.”

“Our explosive connection is our greatest strength; it’s an unshakeable foundation that will always be there. Embracing that fact has allowed us to rebuild on it, to use it and cherish it.”

Book Review – Slade – Book 3 Wild Series – Adriane Leigh


*** ARC provided on behalf of the author for an honest review ***

In one word “HOT”.

His name is Slade. All male, confident, self assured, dominant, always gets what he wants.

Her name is Dillon. Beautiful, intelligent, but living with dark past secrets.

They share a relationship, but Slade wants more. He wants Dillon’s submission. He wants to own her. He wants her to be his.

But can she give him what he desires, what he needs, what he craves?

Questions need to be answered, but will that change Dillon’s mind? Can she move passed past hurt and move forward?
And what about the mystery man Brian? Will he be a factor in Dillon’s decision.

Slade is sexy, raunchy and hot, hot, hot. It’s a short read, but god does it suck you in.

Great Sex.
Secrets Shared.

Slade is a definite must read and should be on everyone’s TBR list.
But beware, the content is toe curling.
We give Slade 10 out of 10.


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“Intrigued and Enchanted” By Eva Simone

Intrigued and enchanted

By Eva Simone

We needed to read this book before we read the Arc for the 2nd book coming out…..

Let us tell you we were hooked one the very first page of this book.

We don’t come across many books that entice us from the first section but this one will definitely held us capitated and we didn’t want it to stop. We read til our eyes were burning….. So a little about the book…

Lily moved to NY at the age of 16 when her father was killed right before her very eyes trying to save her, her mother could no longer run the family ranch without her father so she moved them to be closer to family.

Lily is on her way to the library on campus and that’s where she meets her soul mate…….

Brandon Redcliff is a self-made million air who comes from a wealthy back ground and a stable home with loving parents. He falls in love with lily instantly we he actually crashes into lily and the falls in love instantly but he would have to work his butt off to get her.

Life seems great until she gets the dreaded phone from her mother right before she leaves for London with Brandon she tries not to think about it and just enjoy her holiday and her time with Brandon and that’s what she does not realizing what’s waiting for her upon her return.

Can there love survive, will they get there happy ever after or will lies and the cruel world tear them apart and bring them undone.

We are first time Eva reader and we must say her writing is beautiful and holy hell she can write a good sex scene and believe us people there is a shit load of them in this book!!!

Quotes from the book

“You said that the day I met you. I can’t believe it’s not even been a week. I feel like your apart of me that I didn’t realize I needed”

Sweet heart can I just say, you’re a BJ Genius, That was ridiculously good”

“You will forever be my best friend, my lover, my wife, and my one true love. My beginning, my end, and my everything in between- forever yours!!”

Book Review – Heaven Sent – Tania Sparks

His name is Ash
Her name is Eve
Since high school Ash and Eve are inseparable.
Now both in College Ash is given the opportunity to join a band called Oblivion. Leaving college Ash goes on tour leaving Eve behind to continue to study but still staying together, doing the long distance relationship thing.Six months passes and that all changes.Eve gets the call that she has been dreading.
Their relationship is now overForward 7 years, Eve is working as a Contract Manager for various hotels and is flown to San Francisco to help out a hotel.
Oblivion are staying there.Eve and Ash’s worlds collide.Seeing each other again they both are still very much in love with each other.
But can anything become of them?
Can Eve trust Ash after he broke her heart?
Can Ash give what Eve needs?
Can they both put the past behind them, or is it just to painful for them to forget?Add to that a boyfriend who won’t say no, a psycho tour manager, secrets and a drugging Heaven Sent will leave you on the edge of your seat.
Exploring trust, hope, forgiveness, lust and love. Exploring hurt, pain, anguish and betrayal.Heaven Sent is a definite must read.Tania Sparks has done an amazing job, writing it beautifully and taking us on the journey every step of the way.We highly recommend Heaven Sent on your TBR list and give it 10 out of 10.

You can find Tania and her work on the following links:

“The Gift” By Kassandra Wylde

The Gift

By Kassandra Wylde

We were given a copy of this book for an honest review

The gift is book 3 to a series but can be read as a standalone which is what we did, but probably wouldn’t recommend that we felt we were a bit behind the 8 ball where not sure if the other books entwine with this one we are guessing they do.

We liked the book but we felt it was missing really important elements to the story line we feel it skipped over them parts and if it had have gone into more detail we think it would have been a lot better all the makings were there we feel it just didn’t deliver all the way but was still enjoyable to read.

Stacey Corsair was a stripper then hostess, she was girlfriend to the boss until Hector Sanchez came along and changed that.

Hector Sanchez gave her the opportunity to become a submissive to the mansion and undertake her training.

In the end can hector really hand her over to the mansion when he has fallen in love with her?? Will she go?? That part you will have to read to find out!!!