Book Review – My Guardian Angel – Evangelene


Who’s afraid of thunderstorms?

Kassia is an author living in New York. Traumatized 17 years a go by a turn of events that she can’t move away from she immerses herself in her writing to help her forget.

Jason is a part of the SWAT team in New York. Traumatized 17 years a go Jason is a workaholic, constantly working to forget the memories, the pain, the hurt.

While Kassia takes up her brothers invitation to do a work-out in his gym, she meets Jason.
The attraction is there.
The chemistry is there.
They both feel it.
They both want it.

But what secrets from the past do each of them hold that prevents their happiness? Can they overcome their fears? Can they each face the demons and torment that lie within.

My Guardian Angel takes us on a journey of hurt, pain, loss. It takes us on a journey of lust, trust and love.
Add to the mix a murder, death threats and a kidnapping you will not be able to put this book down.
We definitely recommend this book to be on your TBR list and give My Guardian Angel a 10 out of 10.

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Book Review – Guarded Hearts – L.A. Corvill


This book had us from the very first line

” Death doesn’t give you a warning”.

This is Phoenix’s and Olivia’s story.

Meet Phoenix. Studying in college. Works as a DJ at a club, Poison.
Keeps to himself, barriers are up.
A devastating past which has left him racked with guilt. He will not allow anyone in. He can’t feel, he shouldn’t. He won’t give himself permission too.
But why?

Meet Olivia. Studying in college. She’s a part of a sorority house. Educated and beautiful. The social queen. But is that who she really is?
A devastating past has given Olivia a goal, but will she lose her identity by reaching it? Why is she so afraid to feel? Afraid to love?

Guarded Hearts is a novel about how we can overcome our pasts, no matter what that entails. It shows us that we can overcome guilt. It shows us that from the ugliest of childhoods, we can learn to feel, to trust, to love.

We found Guarded Hearts an explosive read. At times we found it a hard read. Why?
Because at times it was heartbreakingly sad, unbelievably annoying (kindle was going out the window), and breathtakingly beautiful.
We laughed, we cried, we got angry.
We couldn’t tear ourselves away from it. Each word, sentence, paragraph we were completely absorbed in to it.

Never reading L.A Corvill works before, we are absolutely stoked we were given the opportunity to ARC Guarded Hearts.
Overall we give this book 10 out of 10 and highly recommend to be put on your TBR list.

Book Review – Jaded Full Circle – Danielle James

BookCoverPreview (17)

Vampires. Witches. Phoenix’s, God. Heaven. Hell. Demons. Witchcraft, The Garden Of Eden.
We have never read this type of genre before.
What we thought after reading it.

Bloody brilliant.

Jaded is a story about love that was simply meant to be.
Jade a Vampire.
Michael a Phoenix.
Destined to be together.
They are mates.
But will they get their fairy-tale ending?
Who is out to destroy them?
And why?

Jaded is s brilliant read. As mentioned before, we have never read this type of genre before, but are we glad we did.

An emotional read. We laughed and cried. It made us mad and angry. It made us smile. It made our heart melt. Oh and made us hot, hot, hot (those sex scenes, damn!!)

Jaded was just all round an awesome read. Written so well with such intensity we couldn’t put it down.

We highly recommend Jaded to be on your TBR list and we rate it 9 out of 10.


Book Review – The Otherwordly Operatives – Flames From The North – S.B Norton


Meet Steven Sabre. Lives in Middington with his Mum and Dad. A loner. Isolated. Then in a house fire that Steven starts, he disappears, never to be seen again. Presumed dead. But is he?

Meet Calan Taylor. Thirteen years old. Lives with his Mum and sister in Middington. Is a superstar at basketball. Has a best friend Johnny. Calan is your typical teenager.

Your story of typical teenage boys…….NO WAY!!!

Introduce to Middington the 14th corridor. An alternate world. A world where evil witches and warlocks can move between The Severed Planes and Earth. There are four quarters to this world. Southern, Northern, Eastern and Western. Three of the corners are evil. They take humans from earth. Kidnap them. Hurt them. Kill them. Destroy them.

But their main objective. To take Calan Taylor.

You see Calan has a special power. He is in his own right a Warlock. An Igniter. And a pure igniter at that. Only the third ever to be discovered. They want him on their side.
But Calan has other ideas. Calan befriends The Operatives. The Western side of the Severed Planes. A group of people from all over earth to fight against the Northern, Southern and Eastern sides of the Severed Planes.

Will Calan be able to help the Operatives? Can Calan help save earth as they know it? Save mankind as they know it? Or will he be taken by one of the other quarters to join the evil?

The Otherwordly Operatives is a great read. Being a first novel for S.B. Norton, we thought it was brilliantly written, with plenty of detail. We were kept entertained from beginning to end.

We highly recommend The Otherworldly Operatives, and we rate this book 8 out of 10. It should be put on all kids TBR list.
Well done S.B. Norton



Book Review – Claiming Carlos – Rachelle Ayala

Ebook Cover (1)

Claiming Carlos equals a great read.

Meet Choco. Works at her family’s restaurant, studying nights, is happy, carefree and loves her best friend Carlos.

Meet Carlos. Works as a chef at Choco’s family restaurant. He’s funny, work driven and loves his best friend Choco.

Sharing a kiss in a closet while both chaperoning Choco’s younger sister and her date changes everything.

Can they make a relationship work?

Taking the step, they both decide they can no longer ignore the longing they have for each other.

But what is set out to destroy them?
And who?

Add to that an interfering mother, a conniving mother and son combo, secrets and mistrust, will Choco and Carlos survive, or will too much stand in their way?

Claiming Carlos was a really good read. It had so many twist and turns, it left us guessing right to the very end.
What surprised us the most was how the author managed to entwine characters together. But we won’t share with you how she did, you guys will just have to simply read it to find out.
Overall we found it a great read and recommend it to be on your TBR list.
We rate this book 7 out of 10.

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Book Review – Taming Romeo – Rachelle Ayala

Man And Woman In Love

Meet Evie. Studying med school in Boston, dating and living with her boyfriend of 5 years Eric. Life’s great. She’s blessed.
Until she hears those dreaded words.
We need a break.
Heart broken and hurting Evies grades slip and she ends up failing a class, anatomy to be specific.
It’s time for Evie to go home.

Meet Romeo. An actor currently working in his home town. Loving life, but still has questions from his past that have been left unanswered. But by who?


Romeo and Evie have a history.
But why did Evie run?
Can they make it work?
The spark is still there, the heat is still there, but can they find their happily ever after? Or will the truth that lies behind Evie running 5 years a go be the reason they can never be together?

Taming Romeo was a good read. It kept us entertained and we found it a very pleasant read.
At times we felt it a little rushed, with not enough depth in certain scenes of the story, with the detail too short.

Overall we rate Taming Romeo 6 out of 10. Again a pleasant read, but for us a little rushed.

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“Dom” By Ethan Radcliff

Ethan Radcliff


** ARC provided by author in exchange of honest review **

Dom is a new book out by Ethan Radcliff and being a bit of an Ethan Fan and reading all his books I was a bit excited to read this ARC…..

We must say we think this one of Ethan’s best books thus far, it was full of his fantastic sex scenes but also had twists and turn and scenes you didn’t see coming…. We really enjoyed this book we found it a little different from Ethan’s normal story lines this seemed to be packed with a lot, and as always no pissing around at getting to the point…..

In saying that I wish it had have been a full length novel it would have been awesome with more detail and would love the characters to evolve more and a better ending, we sort of find Ethan’s books have great story lines but we would love more and would really love that full length book, we would love him to go into more detail a draw a book out and see how that works out… Maybe we are just greedy and want more but we just feel he has a lot of talent and could go that extra mile…..

Anyways about the book Dom….

Charles Damien Macavoy is a Dom, a Master, a Sir……

He was married for 9 years before he and his wife called it off, he had been single for 5 years.

He is asked by a very good friend of his Jason to train his “sub” she seems to be very disobedient lately and needed training by another Dom to bring her back into check more or less… (I hate this in books it pisses me off that a Dom sends a sub to another Dom for training… I really don’t get that stuff but anyway)

Then we have Tash who is Charles’s sub, (I personally couldn’t stand her from the start) Tash was a hooker and practically saves all her money for plastic surgery and to make herself look good with chemical peels and facials etc… but she knows what she wants and she wants Charles and she wants to be his sub 24/7 and to live with him and no one will stop her and no one will get in her way literally or she will cut you up, until the neighbor next door comes into play does Joy the neighbor change it all or could Maria, Charles’s sex slave change things up…..

The rest you will have to read to find out and it is a good short book and worth the read!!!