Book Review – Affliction (Knights Rebels MC #2) – River Savage


His name Sy
Her name Holly

Sy (Sylas) is broken. The tragedies that he has been through would leave any one of us broken, dejected, hurt.
He has made a promise to himself to never let anyone in. Ever. He’s to damaged and too scarred to allow himself to feel again. He will never be crushed again.

That is until a beautiful, sassy, mouthy, sexy Holly walks into his life.

Holly. Young, vibrant, sassy and sexy as hell is drawn to Sy. Sy a member of the Knights Rebels. He is gorgeous, hot, arrogant, and Holly wants him. She’s drawn to him. He’s dangerous, rough, intimidating. But Holly isn’t that easily intimidated.

So begins Sy and Holly’s story.
Their relationship in no way starts in a conventional manner. It’s raw, hot, and only on Sy’s terms. He dictates what happens between them.
His aim.
To never allow Holly too close.
But boy how wrong was he.

Add to that a kidnapping, a stabbing, a lie, a past love, pregnancies and a torn past, Affliction will leave you absolutely mesmerised.

We simply could not put this novel down.
From the very first chapter, you will be torn apart. From then on you will feel the sadness, the pain and the hurt. You will feel the laughter, the happiness and the joy that each chapter brings. You will soak up every word, every sentence, every page. You will feel anger. You will feel betrayal. Every emotion humanly possible you will feel through Affliction.

In a nutshell, we absolutely loved this novel. A brilliant read and should be on everyone’s TBR list.
A definite 5 star read.

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“Til Death” By Bella Jewel

Til death
Bella jewel

Meet Katie, strong in dependant bubbly funny sassy and works her but of to pay for a career for her sick mum with no dad in the picture Katia has to do it all by herself work her butt off then come home and care for her mum…. which doesn’t leave much time for a social life…

Now we meet Marcus Tandem, sexy, arrogant, hard arse….. Marcus has ran his grandfather’s dodgy business.
When his grandfather dies he meets with the lawyer to go through the will and in the will Marcus must marry within 12 months before he can inherit his business but also must stay married for 2 years…..

Marcus and Katia meet at a pub while Katia is there with some friends, they Hit it off and Marcus can see how easy it would be to get her to fall in love with him so he can marry and claim his grandfather’s business….

Does Katia fall for marcus’ s scam?
Can marcus pull of his ploy to seduce her and make her fall in love with him?
You will have to read to find out!! And it is a great quick read

We really enjoyed this book it’s a great quick read and it was good because it was different it wasn’t your everyday fall in love romance book some parts were nasty and some parts u were on the verge of tears cause u could feel what Katia was feeling and it took u to that place she was at its great when books do that….

Well done bella jewel on a great book we look forward to the next one in the series…

Quotes from the book

Then he does it.
He becomes the person I need.
He becomes all I have.
He becomes what I’ve wanted for so long with one, single word.

Then I walk towards him on shaky legs. Knowing what I’m going to do when I get there, and knowing I shouldn’t. I can’t stop myself, even if I wanted to. He bought my mother a wheelchair.

More Then A Deal BY T.J Tims


*** ARC received on behalf of the author for an honest review ***

More than a deal is a follow on of more than I ask for, but this is Quincy and Kaines story.

Quincy is finding her way through her new family and friends now that she has discovered her sister that she never knew about, it’s a big change for Quincy she is used to her and her sister Steph now there is a whole gang of friends and family that are very well off, she needs to navigate her way through high society something that she hasn’t been used to for over 10 years when her mother left her father.

“One day, you’re going to understand what’s happening here today. I want you to know that I was a weak woman. I don’t feel any shame in that because it gave me two precious, little girls, but I’m finally going to be strong enough for us. Sometimes the hardest choice a woman has to make in her life is when to take a risk for what’s most important.”

Quincy works at a tattoo shop, Nix is her boss who she has been in love with for 3 years, Quincy is sassy and loves her job.

Kaine is ceo sexy as hell and is always working, he needs to find someone to get his mother off his back.

Kaine puts an offer on the table to Quincy for her to help him get his mother back as well as fool the board members, it’s an offer she tries to refuse but in the end she sees the positive in the deal she knows he can help her navigate her way through the social circles that needs to be fulfilled now that she has meet her father’s parents, her grandparents.

“I told you I was going to be strong for us and I wasn’t.” Her hand reaches towards mine and I envelope it between my own.

“I took a risk and lost. The greater risk would have been to stay and fight, but I took the easy way— the way that stroked my vanity. I wanted him to chase me, to make a final choice. He loved us, never doubt that. When you take a risk and play the scenarios in your head, some of them just can’t be accounted for. Don’t let my experience stop you from taking risks of your own, but learn that the easiest way isn’t how you will win.”


Quincy and Kaine seem to be going great they seem to be doing a great job at convincing everyone that there a couple and are having fun playing the game while having some hot nights together…..


Can Quincy and Kaine convince the board and his mother that they really are an item?

Is it really just a deal between them or is it real?


There are a couple of twists in this book it was a good read some parts had you laughing hysterically at some of the characters…..

We can’t say it was an awesome book and it’s a must have read but if you have read the 1st book recommend the 2nd, great writing by T.J Tims we wish there would have been more, we felt it started a bit slow as some stuff you already knew from book 1 we loved the ending that’s when we could really feel for the characters and feel there emotion.


Some quotes from the book we loved

“When a male and female combine, all things achieve harmony.”

She reminds me of blown glass. Incredibly strong to survive the circumstances that shaped her, yet delicate enough that she could still be broken. And she’s such a beautiful person on the inside that you don’t want to be the one to break her, you want to protect her.”

Knowledge and wisdom aren’t gained with years, they’re gained with experiences.

“Sometimes a strong woman will put a locked door between you, when she’s at her weakest. That’s when she needs you the most.”

Book Review – Breaking Love – M.J. Summers


Breaking Love

A story about protecting your heart.

A story about self preservation.

A story about change.

A story about love.

Meet Megan. Lives in Boulder, Colorado. A single mum to a beautiful 6 year old boy named Elliott. Runs her own photography business. Single. Happy. Life’s good.

Or so she thought.

Meet Luc. Lives in Paris, France. A wealthy businessman. Single. Happy. Marriage and kids? Never.

Or so he thought.

A meeting by chance when Megans best friend Harper invites Megan to Paris for a 4 day trip.
Megan and Luc feel the connection. The desire. The need.
But it can only be for one magnificent night. It can never be any more than that.
It’s what they agree on. It has to be this way.

Or can it be more?

Breaking Love is Megan and Luc’s story. A story about friendship that blossoms. A story about them finding what they need in each other. A story about trust. A story about letting others in. A story about being able to feel again. To want again. To need again. To love again.

We thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel. We felt a number of emotions while reading it. We laughed, we cried. We held our breath.
We loved the way we were able to connect with Megan and Luc, their internal struggles, their fears, their needs, their secrets. 
For us an truly amazing love story.
We recommend Breaking Love to be on everyone’s TBR list. We rate this novel a 4 star read.

Book Review – Break In Two – M.J. Summers


Her name is Claire. A chef. Living in Seattle. Her boyfriend Antonio. Been together for years.
But he isn’t all what he seems.
He’s cruel.
He’s nasty.
A liar.
It’s time for Claire to go.
It’s time to head to Colorado.

Claire trying to rebuild her life has found her dream job. Moving away as far as Seattle she can to mend her heart, she now has found her healing place at a ranch in Colorado.
Applying for the job as chef at the ranch, she has now found her place. A place to heal. A place to find herself again. To find inner happiness.
But what she never in a million years thought she would find would be Cole.

His name is Cole. He runs the ranch in Colorado. Taking over from his parents, Cole has big plans for the ranch and he hopes the new chef will be on board.
The new chef. Claire.

So begins the story of Claire and Cole.
They are attracted to each other.
They have chemistry.
The desire is there.
But do they keep thier relationship purely on a business level or take it one step further?

Add to this a two crazy ex’s, a baby, a lie, and a cheating cousin, Break In Two will leave you guessing till the end.

We found Break In Two a good read. Admittedly we found the beginning a little slow, but it picked up pace from the half way mark until the end.
We enjoyed the twist and turns that kept us guessing.
We recommend you place Break In Two on your TBR list. We give Break In Two 4 stars.

Book Review – And So She Waited – Shakuita Johnson


And So She Waited
Shakuita Johnson

Do we ever really know what someone is thinking? What they are feeling? What struggles they have? What demons they live with? What hurt they carry? What torments their soul?

Or are we so self absorbed that we just see what we want to see, and simply don’t see the person standing in front of us at all?

And So She Waited is one of the most hardest novels we have had to read.
Because it’s confronting. It’s emotional. But more importantly, it’s real.
This happens in real life.
This happens to people.
This happens everyday.

This is Raven Sinclair’s story.
A story about a love that is one sided. A love that will never be returned by the one she needs and wants it from the most. The one she craves it from.

This is Matthew Masterson’s story.
A story about a love that is one sided. A love that will never be returned by the one he needs and wants it from the most. The one he craves it from.

This is Remy Peters story.
A story about love that he can never give. He doesn’t want too. He doesn’t need it or crave it. He’s only out for one thing and he’ll make sure he gets it. No strings attached. No feeling. Nothing.

This review will say nothing more about And So She Waited, it’s a novel which needs to simply be read.
And why?
It needs to be read so we are reminded to open our eyes, to ask if someone is really okay, to be more sensitive to someones feelings and to really look at someone, not just on the outside, but on the inside too.

We highly recommend this book and rate it 9 out of 10 and should be put on your TBR list.

*** Please note. At the beginning of this novel the author has written special notes prior to commencing it. Please make sure you read this first as some people may find the topics in this novel distressing ***

“Big Game” By Aden Lowe

Big game
By Aden Lowe

Kate has taken over her father’s ranch after his death.
Jakob has come back from the Military to sort out his uncles ranch and his animals after his death.

He gets a call from Kate to go and hunt on her ranch as an animal is killing her horses….

Kate goes with Jakob on the hunt…
He falls for Kate hard and fast and she does the same….. but after just 2 days can they make it work??

This is a very quick read some parts we did have to go back and read as we didn’t get what they were saying.
If you like horses and ranch style books this would be right up your alley!!

We know this was adens 1st book congratulations aden for getting it out there

For us personally It didn’t really do it for us.