Book Review – Midnight Unveiled (The Lunar Eclipse #02) – Kristina Canady


Midnight Unveiled
Part 2 The Lunar Eclipse Series
Kristina E Canady

*** Received on behalf of the author for an honest review ***

Midnight Unveiled is the second instalment of The Lunar Eclipse Series.  

Fast forward 10 years……

Sasha has finally embraced what she is.  After working out her life out with Stephan and her kids, it’s now time for Sasha to move on.

With her mate……Etienne.

But will Sasha and Etienne get their happily ever after?
What or who could possibly stand in their way?
Can they find the peace they both deserve?
Can they find happiness?
Can they simply just be?
Or is someone out to destroy them?

Again you will get no spoilers from us, you are just going to have to read it to find out. 

We found Midnight Unveiled an awesome read. We found we were more connected to the story line compared to the first novel and really enjoyed this instalment. We loved the development of Sasha and her coming to terms with her abilities, and we especially loved the demanding, dominant side of Etienne.
A thoroughly, enjoyable read. 

We rate Midnight Unveiled 4 star read and look forward to the third instalment.

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Book Review – Midnight Bloom (The Lunar Eclipse #01) – Kristina Canady


Midnight Bloom
Part 1 The Lunar Eclipse Series
Kristina Canady

Meet Sasha. Married to Stephan. Has two beautiful twin boys. Works nights as a nurse.
Her life is normal.
But is it?

While at work Sasha is introduced to Etienne via one of her favourite patients, Ed. He seems nice enough, but something is off with him. Something isn’t right.
But what could it be?

What could Etienne possibly know and do that will completely turn Sasha’s life upside down?
He’s a stranger to her.

But is he?
What secrets does he hold?
How does he know her?
Why do they have a connection?
How will Sasha move forward?

Well your just going to have to read Midnight Bloom to find out.

Midnight Bloom was a good read. We were entertained from beginning to end.
We really enjoyed Sasha and Etienne’s story and look forward to the second instalment.

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Pretty Hot By Donna Alam


We were given a copy by author for an honest review.

Kate moves overseas to run away for her heart break of finding her fiancé in bed (well on the sofa) with another women (a stripper), she moves all the way from Australia to Dubai to be with her best friend and starts a new job teaching at an all-girls school.

Kai, sexy, hot, rescues Kate from a falling ladder.

Kate doesn’t want to fall for Kai she just wants the friendship with benefits kind of thing she doesn’t want another heart break.

Can Kate fall for someone like Kai?
This was the 1st book in the series some parts of this we did find confusing but it all pans out in the end.

“That Promise” By Kate Squires

That promise
Kate Squires

We have to start off by saying I loved this book more then the 1st…
Still not our normal read but so many twists and turns we loved it….

Continuation from book 2

Once again Chloe and Matt have so many ups and down but a lot more twists…..
Kendall hasn’t been on the scene for a while and we thought she was gone but no Kendall is back!!! And full of vengeance and wants Matt back on what better way to get him back then to have his baby.
Is Matt Jack’s dad??
During this book we also have a kidnapping and a sex slave sale going down, who gets kidnapped and is truing to get sold???
That you will have to read to find out….

Chloe and Matt’ s love for each other is better then ever more so when the.plan to.have a fresh start in another state, but Is Love strong enough to go through the trial and tribulations that they face?
Can they have the happy ending Chloe has dreamed about?

This was a great book and we love when you don’t see twists coming and some of these twists was a wowzer!!

Beautifully written book by Kate once again as we said just different to what we normally read but a great book!!

Quotes from the book we loved

“Please don’t fall for his lines. You’re mine, Chlo. Always have been, always will be. I love you. Always remember that.”roller coasters make you feel like you’re out of control, all the ups and downs, but in the end, it levels out and you can look back and say you made it through unscathed.

“That kiss” By Kate Squires


This kiss was a different read to what we are used to.

Chloe has been in love with Matt since she was little since she was in high school she fell for him a lot more after they shared a kiss but then was heart broken when he told her she is like a sister to him, after that moment the drifted apart and lost contact.
Chloe moved to New York for school with her best friend

Skip forward 5 years…..
Life was good even though she still longed and was deeply in love with Matt.
She had a Part time job while she lived her dream of being a dancer.
Her best friend bumps into Matt while she was out and organizes for Chloe and Matt to meet up the next night without Chloe knowing… They hit it off like old times….
can this be true love for them?

Can Chloe and Matt overcome the blackmailing of Matt ex girlfriend?

As we said at the start this was a very different read to what we normally read but we were asked by the author to review this book and we thought we would give it a shot…

It’s not something we would read a lot of only because of the style but if you love a soft nice romantic book this is the one to go for!!!!

Quote from the book that we found very funny and had never heard before…

“Hey, sweetie, are you ready to make like a baby and head out?”

“Desired” By Jade Kerrion

“Just wanted to go out as a family one last time.”

Wow this book had us in tears for a short book it was brilliant, I don’t think we have ever felt such emotion and we don’t think we have ever cried in a short book before…. we aren’t sure if it’s because we are married women that made us feel it more or if it was just so powerful, we are really thinking both.
Desired pulled the heart strings and had you locked in for the first couple of pages we couldn’t put it down it was definitely a suckers book for us.

Valeria is a stay at home mum she lives a very privilege life it hasn’t always been that way, she met her husband in high school and have been together from there on.

Gabriel is a family law and divorce lawyer he has worked hard to get them the comfy lifestyle they lead he worked hard through law school to provide and stick to there plan and promise to Valeria that he would get them that lifestyle they desired and get them away from there childhood upbringing and he worked hard and sacrificed to get.

After years of marriage Valeria isn’t feeling the love from Gabriel and she wants more from him she wants to feel his love she wants him to love her the way he used to the way she loves him, she wants to be his priority along with there children she wants to matter!!

Can Gabriel give Valeria what she needs or will there marriage end and be another statistic?
Can Gab prove his love and will he fight for his family??
5 star short book all the way!

A Dominate Man By Lena Black


Lena Black

A Dominate Man


Ok we sort of don’t know where to start with this book and this is the first time we have been sort of stuck on what to write

We chose this book to review due to the author winning a spotlight on our blog/page, we buy one of their books review it and spotlight them.

A dominate man unfortunately to us is so FSOG with a few things different but within the 1st 10% we were like wow dejavu, it was like ready FSOG all over again and we pushed on the further we got the further it was more like FSOG.

Once we got to 50% I stopped reading and we know some of the reviews are saying it has a different ending etc. but we couldn’t push any further, which we feel really bad about but that just the way we felt.

I would give Lena’s book another try if they were totally different to this one, it’s nothing against the author and we are sorry if it seems like that we have never given a bad review before but this book didn’t cut it for us!!!

If you loved FSOG and want to read a book that’s very alike this would be the one for you!!