Book Review – Dark Thief (The Two Sides Of Me Trilogy) – Amy Lynn Garcia


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Dark Thief is the continuation of Dark Kiss (The Two Sides Of Me Trilogy)

Definition of Love: A noun: a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.
Definition of Hate: A verb: to dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward; detest

Two complete opposite emotions. Two complete feelings of the opposite spectrum.

But what happens when these two emotions collide?

You love him, but hate him?
You trust him, but distrust him?
You’re unafraid of him, but you fear him?

How do you survive a relationship with your soul mate when he is two different people?

Definition of Scrupulous: An adjective: Very concerned to avoid doing wrong.
Definition of Villainous: An adjective: Extremely bad or unpleasant.

Two complete opposite behaviours. Two complete actions of the opposite spectrum.

You love her, but harm her?
You protect her, but hurt her?
You need her, but push her away?

How do you survive a relationship with the one woman who has shown you love, but yet you’re destroying her in the process?

Welcome back to Mia and Evans world. A world of hurt and torment. A world of love and pain. A world of contradictions. A world of sadness and tears. A world of hope.

Dark Thief is nothing short of brilliant.

Amy Lynn Garcia again took us on an emotional journey. Every page turned, every chapter read, we were yet again drawn into the emotions of Mia and Evan. We laughed. We cried. The sex……Damn hot.
We were moved yet again until the very end.

And what an ending it is……You will be left absolutely speechless.

Again thank you Amy for yet another amazing read. We loved it, and definitely cannot wait for the conclusion.

Dark Thief is a definite 5 star read and should be on everyone’s TBR list

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Book Review – Paris Hemsworth’s Road to Wonderland (Road to Wonderland #2) – Francesca Marlow


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We were all introduced to Paris when we read Izzy Moffit’s Road To Wonderland (Road To Wonderland #1)

Paris Hemsworth Road To Wonderland is her story.

Welcome to Paris’s life.

Life is good for Paris.
A great family life with her Mum and Dad.
An awesome friendship with her best friend Izzy.
School’s great.
Life couldn’t be better.

Until the shocking loss of the man she absolutely loves and adores.
Her Dad.

So begins Paris’s journey.
One of grief and sadness. One of loss and hurt. One of pain.

She’s lost herself. She’s lost her spirit. She’s lost her vibrancy, her love for life.

Attending university with her best friend Izzy, everything on the outside looks great. But Paris is slowly dying on the inside.

So Paris begins to make the wrong choices.
She turns on her mother.
She turns on her best friend.
She’s alone.

So with nowhere to turn, no one to turn too she falls into the hands of Daggs.
He owns her.
She’s his.
He breaks her.
She needs an out.
She needs to find Izzy.

But will she survive?
Will Paris ever find herself again?
Will she be able to find Izzy before it’s too late?

Paris Hemsworth Road To Wonderland is a story full of emotion. We laughed, we cried. We hurt for Paris and her struggles. We felt her pain through the pages.

A beautiful story we highly recommend everyone to place this on their TBR list.
Thank you Francesca Marlow for taking us on this journey.
A definite 4 star read.

Light to my Siren By Lani Lynn Vale


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Light to my Siren
Lani Lynn Vale
A good man breaks your headboard, not your heart. -Rules to live by
1st book of the MC series

Baylee a young paramedic lives by herself in a house she purchased but also suffers from adhd.
Baylee was in a car accident whilst driving the ambulance but is now full recovered.
Sebastian, hot, wicked 6 pack, VP of a biker club as well as fire fighter!!! (I know… what else would you want in a guy) Sebastian is also a single dad to little 3 year old Johnny who’s mum died in a bike accident with Sebastian.
Baylee and Sebastian meet by chance when he goes to Baylee’s house with the Boys to help with some decking.
They have a chemistry that has sparks flying everywhere but Baylee’s brother Luke isn’t keen on them hooking up.
Will Luke succeed and keep them a part or will love and chemistry with stand the test of her brother and the MC??
It was a good read 1st time we have read a book by Lani Lyn, we could feel some of the emotion and would be happy to read more books from the series.
“Cute enough to stop your heart, skilled enough to restart it”

Halligan to my axe by Lani Lynn Vale


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Halligan to my axe

Lani Lynn Vale

Book 2 In the MC series

This is Kettle and Adeline’s story which was a great story.

Kettle aka Tiago part of the MC also a sexy as hell firefighter with a beautiful 6 pack to die for and was also in the military.

Kettle comes from money not that you would know he was kicked out at a young age for knocking up his girlfriend,  so with that he left and enlisted in the military whilst his girlfriend stayed with friends. When he was in the military his girlfriend had their baby, a little girl but his girlfriend had moved on and found a new boyfriend. 4 weeks after his daughter was born he received word that his daughter had been murdered……

Skipping a few years later…….

Adeline has moved to the small town with her sister after her parents had died leaving nothing back at their home for them so they started over Addy got a job at the local high school and was a science teacher, she was very close with her sister Viddy who was blind due to an accident her and Viddy had when they were younger.

Addy meets Kettle and there is that instant spark but little did they know that danger lurked around every corner.

Can Addy and Kettle overcome their obstacles and stay alive and overcome the danger?

Will they survive long enough for their happy ever?

There were so many twists and turns in this book we actually liked it more than the 1st, there were kidnappings, murders, drug explosion and deaths.

“You’re the Halligan to my axe. I’d never give up on you.”

Well done Lani on another good read.

Book Review – Identity (Miss Taken #2) – Cleo Scornavacca

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*** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review ***

Rain and Dominic were off again on again. Rain knew that she was in love with Dominic, but could she give in to his every command for the remainder of their relationship?

How could she leave and never go back to the man she loved and the man who was now going to be the father of her unborn child?

Now that Rain discovered she was pregnant, she wanted to find out the truth about everything that had happened in the past and why Dominic was not given his birthright to start with?

After meeting with her father, Rain had so many things that didn’t make scene. All this time she was thinking one thing but it turned into something different.

How was this going to change things with Dominic??
Their unborn child?

On their quest to find out the truth, Rain and Dominic were unsure of what was going to come from it all.

Once one secret was out it was like opening PANDORA’S BOX.

Secret after secret, lie after lie.

Was Rain’s whole life a lie?

And Dominic, how was he going to take this?

How would this affect his life?

Rain and Dominic decided that everything had to be out in the open before they could move forward with their lives.

Was this going to be possible?

Could it all be forgotten?

Can the past be left where it belongs, in the past?

This is a must read guys. We found it a better read than the first. It kept us guessing at every chapter. 

A definite 4 star read.

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Book Review – Miss Taken (Miss Taken #1) – Cleo Scornavacca


* Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review *

Meet Rain, a 34-year-old freelance photographer who was off to Capri,  Italy for a photo exhibit. Rain was so excited to be going to Capri as it was her “home away from home”.

Left to get her own way to the airport alone, Rain was fine until she walked out the front door and was faced with a black SUV.

From that moment Rain’s life would change forever.

Rain had been kidnapped.

First thoughts were it was her best friend Tommy but then fear controlled her.

What if it wasn’t Tommy?

What if she was really being kidnapped?

Hearing men talk in the front Rain soon learned that she was being kidnapped and held hostage.

But by who?

She was scared and felt ill but was no way “going down without a fight”.

Now inside with her kidnappers, her blindfold was removed and Rain finally came face to face with her captor.

Tall, very attractive with dark hair and a moustache and goatee that were very well-groomed. He had the most dreamy hazel green eyes that Rain had ever seen.

Who was he?
What did he want with her?

They kept calling her Miss Medici so it must have been someone who her father had pissed off?
Her captor called Rain a lawyer… Did they mean to take her twin sister Raven?
Has he only taken Rain because of her father does?

A name?
Her captor?

Dominik Kane.

Dominick, a sweet man, would do his very best to protect Rain, but then something would snap and he would turn into the monster that she feared he would be.

Dominick was holding her hostage, wanted to destroy her family but yet here she was having these feelings of “electricity” between them every time he came close.

Was she starting to fall for her captor, the man who had taken her from her family just to get back at her father?

The more time Dominick and Rain spend together, the more Dominik falls for Rain.

But they had an agreement and they were both breaking it.

What will become of Dominik and Rain?

Will after everything that Rain has been through, allow Dominik in?
Will a relationship between them survive?
Is the trauma too much?
Is the Dominik she has come to know, really who he say he is?
Can Rain ever trust him?
Will secrets destroy them?

You are just going to have to read it to find out.

Miss Taken was a good read. We found it a little hard at the beginning, finding it a little slow, but it definitely picked up pace as we continued on.
We found the author to be very descriptive and wrote in detail.
Never reading anything from Cleo Scornavacca, we weren’t sure how we were going to find this novel.
By the end of it we fell in love with both Rain and Dominik, worlds apart but yet so much alike.
For us overall a good read.
We rate Miss Taken 3 stars.


“Every day is a gift… When you choose to not accept what life has to offer, it’s an opportunity missed.”

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Book Review – Crazy Beautiful (Crazy #1) – Penny Dee


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Meet Harlow.
Living in Savannah.
But she needs to leave.
She can’t stay there.
The heartache is just too much.
She is crushed and hurt.
Losing the two people who meant everything to her in one foul swoop, she needs to get away, even for a little while.

So for summer break she heads to California to stay with her cousin Bridget.
Marlow loves the change. She has a part-time job that her cousin set her up with. She needs this. She needs to find inner peace.

That is until she meets Heath Dillinger.

Meet Heath.
Is in a band called Vengeance.
Hot, sexy as sin, self-assured, a womanizer.
He’s dangerous.

Marlow needs to stay away from him.
But the magnetic pull is just too strong.

So begins Harlow and Heath’s story.

Can Harlow and Heath make it work?
Can Harlow open her heart?
Can Heath change his ways?
Can Heath commit?
Can Harlow let him in?

You are just going to have to read it to find out.

Add to that a death, a fling and more heartache, you are in for the ride of your life.

Crazy Beautiful for us was a great read. It’s full of emotion. It’s full of twist and turns. It kept us captivated from beginning to end.
We thank Penny Dee for giving us the opportunity to read Crazy Beautiful. We think she did an amazing job.
A definite 4 star read.

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