Our Book Review – Unexpected (Connected #4) – K.A. Hobbs


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **

We have all been introduced to Harry in the Connected Series.

Now it’s time to be formally introduced to him.
Unexpected is Harry’s story.


Loves his parents and his beautiful sister Sophie.
He’s young and carefree. He’s a free spirit. He’s gorgeous. And damn is he hot!!
He makes the decision to travel. To see the world.
So he leaves the comforts of home in England. His first destination.

Not knowing anyone, Harry is on his own. To explore. To discover. To see the sights.
He meets up with Jack who he becomes great friends with.
They go to the beach together. Party together. Go clubbing together.
And the women……So many to choose from.
But one night while Harry and Jack are at a club.
He sees her.
His Angel.
She’s the one.
She’s beautiful.
She’s his dream girl.
Her name?


And so begins Harry and Megan’s story.

The attraction is there.
The desire is there.
They are drawn to each other.
They want each other.
Can they make it work?
Will love find a way?
Or will one decision be their undoing?

Unexpected is a brilliant read. KA Hobbs again has delivered another amazing novel where you find yourself not reading the words on the page, but feeling them.
You can feel the hurt and anguish. You can feel the hope and love.
You are taken on Harry’s journey.

We loved the playfulness of both Harry and Megan, finding ourselves laughing at their banter. We loved their special moments through music. And the sex…..All we can say is it’s off the charts
It’s raw, it’s naughty……It’s damn hot!!
We simply fell in love with both Harry and Megan.

Again we cannot thank KA Hobbs enough for giving us the opportunity to read Unexpected, another instalment of the Connected Series. We absolutely loved it.

For us a definite 5 star read.

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Our Book Review – The One Addicted (One Trilogy #2) – Alexandra North


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **

The One Addicted starts where The One Awakened left off.

Lucia’s heart is broken.
She’s hurting.
She’s shattered.
Her best-friend and lover broke her heart.
She misses him. 

So she does the only thing that she knows will get her through it.

She throws herself into her work and concentrates on her beautiful boy Finn.

And Sebastian.

He’s hurting.
He misses Lucia.
It’s all been a misunderstanding.
He craves her.
He needs her.
But how does he get to her to explain it?

And so begins the continuation of Lucia and Sebastian’s story.

A story about forgiveness, misunderstandings, hurt, pain, hope and love.

Will Lucia and Sebastian get through it?
Will they get their happy ever after?
Will their love survive?

But does someone have other ideas?
Who is lurking in the shadows?
Who is watching Lucia?
What do they want from her?
Is she safe?
Or will Lucia and Sebastian be destroyed at the hands of a stalker?

Alexandra North has yet delivered another brilliant read. Full of emotion, we simply couldn’t put it down. We felt the pain, the hurt and the love throughout the whole novel. And let’s just say, the sex…….Off the charts, hot, raw, steamy, damn hot!

For us we highly recommend everyone to place this on their TBR list.

A definite 5 star read

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Our Book Review – The Virgin (The Original Sinners: White Years #3) – Tiffany Reisz


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **

Once again Tiffany Reisz has delivered another brilliant novel in The White Year Series.

This story is Nora and Kingsley’s story, when they both walked away from the one man they both loved and still do.

We start off in a Castle the night before the big wedding!!!
But who’s wedding??
That you don’t find out until the last couple of pages but it has you jumping for joy.

Within the next few pages we are taken back to the year Nora left and went and stayed at the convent with her mother. During Nora’s stay she meets Kyrie.

Kyrie, is a virgin. Pure. Innocent.

That is until she meets Nora and falls in love with her.
Kyrie is supposed to leave with Nora but at the last-minute chooses not too.
Why does Kyrie choose to stay?
Why won’t Kyrie leave with Nora?

 And Kingsley?

Walking away from the one man he loves Kingsley meets Juliette, and we are taken into their world. We see  how things develop between them both.

Kingsley actually gets his heart-broken by Juliette at the very beginning.
Shattered and broken, Kingsley leaves without her and goes back to where he belongs. Back to his world.
His sanctuary.
His safety net.
His home.

After being away for nearly 12 months, Juliette hunts Kingsley down and wants to be owned by him.
She needs him.

She craves him.

So what does Kingsley do when Juliette returns?
She is tied to his bed for his pleasure and to make sure she doesn’t leave.
Kingsley needs to have her.
To control her.
To own her.

But will Juliette stay?
Will Kingsley push too hard?

The answers are all there.

Yet again we are taken back to the earlier years of the lives of Nora and Kingsley.
We are taken on their journey. We see their pain, their struggles, their hurt.
We see what was life-like for them both without Soren. The man they both love. 

We are also introduced to Kyrie and Juliette.

In all, Tiffany has given us yet another amazing read in this series. We simply couldn’t put it down. We cannot wait until the next in the series.

A definite 5 star read.

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Our Book Review – Famous (Famous #1) – Kahlen Aymes

Famous Amazon GRSW
** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **

From the moment they met, Cade, an international movie star, and Brooklyn, a virtual unknown in her first starring role, are drawn to one another. Time alone, rehearsing lines and going through scenes, only enhance those feelings.

Brook soon realised that the relationship she has with David, is nothing more than a friendship. She needs to tell David her feelings before she can pursue any sort of relationship with Cade.

Paparazzi follows both Brooklyn and Cade wherever they go, and photos soon surface of Brooklyn and David’s breakup, but the photos don’t show that. The photos that Cade sees show David and Brooklyn embracing.

This upsets Cade and he decides to distance himself from Brooklyn, all the way over in London.

Brooklyn can’t stand the silence so in a whim she flies to London to confront Cade, and makes him realise that Cade is the only one for her.

There’s only one problem……..both Cade and Brooklyn have signed production contracts stating that they will not become romantically involved with any of their co-stars.

Jealousy, secret meetings and interfering costars makes this beautiful story one you’ll want to put on your “to read” list.

The first instalment of Brooklyn and Cades romance is an enjoyable read and we can’t wait for the next book.

We give this 4 and 1/2 out of 5 stars.

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Our Book Review – Ashes to Sparks – Jeanine Binder



** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **

Ryan has the biggest fight of his life on his hands…….To gain full custody of his 8-year-old daughter, Kristen.

His ex-wife, Wendy, is making his life hell.

From constantly forgetting to collect their daughter from school, to drug fuelled confrontations, this is the last thing Ryan, the local fire lieutenant, needs.

Lindsay, Kristen’s school teacher, offers her assistance to Ryan, just when he needs it the most.

Will love finally find these two lost souls, or will a heartbreaking incident tear them apart?

All the answers are in this beautifully written tale.

A lovely, relaxed weekend read. It will leave you cheering for all the good guys in this world.

Highly recommended read.

A definite 5 star read.

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Our Book Review – Flash Burn Box Set – Alexandra I


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **

It all starts with a sexy, risky email that James thinks he has sent to his sub Ella. Not until he presses send does he realise he has spelt her surname wrong, therefore the email ends up in Eva’s inbox. She is surprised to receive such a racy email from someone she has never met.

She replies with a sexy email of her own.

James and Eva exchange emails throughout the day, until James asks his “right hand man” to do a check on Eva. As it turns out, Eva works for the company that James has just purchased.

Sexual tension is very high for the both of them. James decides to visit Eva’s workplace
(without her knowing) and literally runs into her outside the ladies room.

James is hooked, and rings Ella to tell her things are over between the two of them.

James holds an early morning meeting hoping to introduce himself properly to Eva. But when she doesn’t turn up, he’s disappointed, until they literally bump into each other in the underground car park. Sparks fly immediately and James takes her out to breakfast.

Things quickly steam up between the two of them!!

Both James and Eva have dark pasts that haunt them.

A steamy romance, an ex girlfriend that doesn’t want to let go, a pregnancy and a lost sibling found……it’s all in this easy read.

A definite 4 star read. 
We simply couldn’t put it down.

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Our Book Review – Claiming Her Heart (Under His Command #3) – Lili Valente


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **

This is the final instalment of the Under His Command series by Lili Valente.

Once Blake finds out the truth about Erin’s past he wants to help her in every way he can.

The goal?

To get Erin’s daughter Abby back into her arms.

But Erin questions if they are doing the right thing.
Will Abby be safe?
Will her ex-husband hurt her yet again?
Will Blake stay around to be a father to someone else’s child?

Blake is also fearful that he will soon turn out like Erin’s ex-husband.
Is Blake any good for Erin?
Can Blake give her the life both her and Abby deserve?
Will Blake and Erin finally be able to get have and share the love and life they both want?

Again another great read by Lili Valente.

Full of many twists and turns, you simply cannot put it down until the very end.

We fell in love with both Blake and Erin and their story.
A story about love finding a way.

A definite 4 star read.

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