Our Book Review – Shut Out (Just This Once #2) – Cee Smith


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **

We were eagerly waiting for this book, and we were not disappointed.

We catch up with Blaire and Joel in the aftermath of the sandstorm that had them trapped together for the week.

Blaire is now aware of the full identity of the man who has shared her bed for the better part of the week.

She knows she must stay away from Joel, but her body has different ideas. This will most definitely cost her the job she loves. But should she let her bosses know the truth, that she had no idea she was falling into bed with the enemy, the man accused of domestic violence, the ex partner of their client, Lara.

Joel is persistent. He has to see Blaire again. What they shared in that one week, was more than a fling. He has never met a woman like Blaire before, and even though he knows he could jeopardise her future, he can’t seem to get through the day without thinking about her.

When Blaire is forced to take temporary leave ( after her bosses “discovered” her unprofessional conduct), Joel takes her to his place. And it’s just as well too………as someone is sending threatening mail to Blaire’s home.

It seems that fate has them “shut in”! For a second time.

Love, love, love this story line. Cannot wait for the third book.

A 5 star and a highly recommended read.

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Our Book Review – Fixed (The Connected Series #6) – K.A. Hobbs


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **

The sixth instalment of the Connected Series…..It’s time for Josie and Jack to be heard, to have a voice.

Josie and Jack.
So complete opposites.
But they are drawn to each other.
The chemistry is there.
The need, want and desire are there.
The instant connection is there.
Like all new couplings, Josie and Jack are having a blast. Dinners, dates, outings, plenty of laughs and hot awesome sex!!

But what happens when one wants more?
What happens when those three little words ‘I love you’ that everyone wants to hear are said?

What happens when one of Josie’s biggest secrets is revealed?
What happens when Jack wants more?

Will Josie be willing to open her guarded heart?
Will Jack be able to ever break Josie’s walls down?
Will Josie ever allow Jack in, or will her secrets from her past keep her hostage forever?

You’ll just have to read Fixed to find out.

Again KA has delivered an absolute brilliant read. We loved it from beginning to end. We loved the heart felt emotion felt throughout. We absolutely loved the banter between the characters often finding ourselves laughing our butts off. And we absolutely cheered and loved that all our characters were back together again.
But with Fixed, we found a uniqueness to it which for us as readers/bloggers worked perfectly.
You see this is written in past and presence tense and from both Josie and Jacks POV. It flowed beautifully, not once was it confusing or hard to understand.
It was complex but so easy to follow. Definitely a beautifully executed novel.

To KA Hobbs. Thank you again for another brilliant instalment to the Connected Series. It’s heartwarming, heart breaking and downright sinfully sexy and deliciously dirty. We applaud you.

A definite 5 star read that shouldn’t be missed.

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Our Book Review – Ethan’s Fall by Dee Palmer


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **

You know you’re onto a winner when you can start a book and finish it in one sitting. And that is exactly what we did. All outside disturbances seemed not to exist as we once again lost ourselves in the story of Ethan and Ada.

Ethan is your typical rich, seasonal playboy. He’s known as the type to never have a proper relationship, and never with a local girl. He prefers the uncomplicated flings with the tourist girls, who, once the summer is over, will return to their homes.

Ada has secrets. Secrets and a past that she is running from. She has no fixed address, instead, depending on the generosity of friends, finds herself couch surfing through the colder months, or sleeping on the beach.

The moment that Ethan and Ada meet, sparks will fly and they will find themselves in a world that neither of them ever dreamed of.

Ethan knows Ada has secrets, but he’s also heard enough rumours around town. He needs to win Ada’s trust, because he needs to know what she is running from. He needs to help her. Why? Because although they both swore that what they had between them was to be nothing more than a physical relationship, Ethan knows deep down that he loves this woman, and he would move heaven and earth just to keep her safe.

At first, Ada is reluctant to share her story with Ethan, considering the last person she shared the smallest snippet with, then turned around and used her past against her.

How do you tell the man you love that somewhere out there, you have a child? A child that your own parents and partner sold to another couple. And how do explain the two years missing from your life? Missing because your own father had you placed in a medical induced coma, in a mental institution.

Ada knows that eventually she will need to tell Ethan the truth, but she can’t bear to lose him.

The truth will come out after a confrontation with Ada’s past on a night out with Ethan’s family. ( for those of you that read the choices trilogy, Daniel and Bethany make an appearance in this book. Ethan is Bethany’s brother)

Will knowing the truth finally have Ethan running to save the love of his life, or running in the complete opposite direction?

And will Ada be reunited with the daughter she lost years before?

WOW WOW WOW. Dee, you’ve done it again. An absolutely mesmerising read.
We recommend this book to anyone who has read the Choices trilogy, and if you haven’t read them, you definitely should!!!!

5/5 stars

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Our Book Review – Tread – Brandace Morrow and Justin Morrow


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **

Her name is Grace.
She’s pure.
She’s innocent.
She’s ready to walk down the isle to marry the man of her dreams.
No wait that’s wrong!
She’s ready to walk down the isle to marry the man of her parents dreams.
You see Grace’s pending marriage is arranged.
It’s how it works in her world.
Marry the man, live the happily ever after, even if she doesn’t love him.
Because that’s what her family’s beliefs are.
She’s ready to go.
Dressed in white standing outside of the church.
This is it.
This her game changer.
This is her family’s game changer.
She’ll be married.

Not if Grace can help it.
She needs to run.
She can’t do this.
This isn’t what she wants, even if it does break her family’s heart.

It’s time for Grace to run.
Be carefree.
Be an adult, guided by her own decision making.
It’s time for Grace to be her own game changer.
She gets in her car and drives.
Drives as far away as she can.
She’ll finally be free.

But what Grace doesn’t know is that one stop along the way will change everything for Grace.
He will change everything for her.
His brothers will change everything for her.

His name.
Brother of the Ronin MC.

His dark and dangerous.
He’s fearless.
Woman are nothing more than a one nighter.
No feelings.
No commitment.

Until he sees her.
She will be his game changer.

Tread…..What can we say other than we loved it. A little slow to begin with, Tread soon picked up pace and has us wanting more. It’s edgy, raw, confronting and damn hot. It had us completely gripped.
We loved the connection between the characters often finding ourselves laughing at the banter. We loved the heartfelt emotion that the novel possessed taking us to horrible places and feeling the rawness and heartache.
The only slight issue we did have was we found ourselves a little confused as to what the MC primarily were involved in. We found it a little complex and a little hard to follow.

Overall a great read that shouldn’t be missed.

A definite 4 star read.

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Rough Submission Paige Matthews and Dawn White


**Received for honest review**

Autumn is young psyc nurse who works in a psyc ward. She falls in love with a soldier after they were penpaling each other while he was away on a mission.
After a year and half being together they marry.

But little did autumn know about Brock.

Brock likes his kink but he keeps it in his past away from Autumn until his ex come on to the scene and cause a little shit storm.

Can Autumn and Brock get part the waves created by his ex?

Or is the trust now gone for the newlyweds?

We liked the story we didn’t really connect with it, we didn’t like how Brock was so laid back about his ex’s antics and it seemed to be lacking a bit of depth.

For a quick read its a good story if you just want the basics of a story.

We are giving it 4 stars for the fact that if you are into the quick read this is a book to read your if your after a in depth novel with no cliffhangers this isnt for you!!


Crazy By M. Dauphin 


**arc received for honest review**

We have been a bit of an M. Dauphin fan for a few books now and when we seen the arc come up for this we just had to have it. Once again we were taken on a crazy adventure as always we were not disappointed with this book.

Gabby is a beautiful young lady who has had a crappy up bringing a really shitty childhood thanks to her mother. Then she was handed another blow that totally broke her. She lost her abusive partner but she also lost he baby boy in a car accident.
She is barely living.

Shes hanging on with help of medication that she is abusing so she can make it through the day. Gabby has crippling anxiety and a lot of the time she also blacks out.

But she is alive.

Benton has been dealt some pretty bad stuff even though he had a great childhood with parents he adores he lost his wife in a car accident the day they adopted there baby girl Hannah.

He is living

His a single dad

He adores his daughter

He lives for her

Then his life is changed when he meets her……


They don’t start of dating or the norm couple as Gabby doesn’t do relationships she isn’t tide to one person she never gets close enough to get hurt and let them get hurt. The are just f^/$ friends until Benton give her the ultimatum.

“Bad things happen, Gabby. Life is random, but love is true. I’m sticking with you through this, thick and thin. We’ll figure this out together, day by day…”

Life is hard for them both there trying to move on but danger and crazy is lurking in the back ground.

“I’m so in love with you it hurts physically when I have to think about a world without you.

Do Benton and Gabby get there happy after?

Or is the crazy danger around them to strong?

“Sometimes life can be crazy, but when you find that one person that makes you better, the crazy doesn’t seem so bad.”

That you will have to read to find out!

We absolutely loved this book we felt the emotions of the characters we laughed, we cried, we were scared to turn the page.

Thank you M. Dauphin for an amazing roller coaster of a ride.

“I may be a little crazy, but aren’t we all?”


Compass By Jeanne McDonald


**Arc received for honest review**

Alexis York moves away from her family home after she finds her dad cheating with her sister palliative care nurse, after her sister passes away her mum decides its time to move away from her father who she doesn’t like now for tearing her family apart he has moved on and now married to the nurse that was supposed to help her family no rip it apart, but she doesn’t want to leave her best friend, the boy she loves, her rock, her soul mate. But she knows she has to they promise to keep in touch everyday but then life gets busy things change and they dwindle apart.

Alexis always wanted to be a singer but after her sister passed away she wants to be a doctor and that what she does she works hard to become one and is the best doctor she can be.

Ryan Fisher his best friend is leaving, the one he loves his soul mate. Ryan always wanted to be a pilot, he has dreamed of flying since he was a little boy he wants that dream and he is going to chase it.

Fate bring them together after 15 years or is it the compass that brings them together, the compass that will always make her find her way home.

They meet again when Alexis is on a flight to her new home in Texas where she has taken on a new job for a great hospital, his voice comes across the speaker system.

It’s him.

Her best friend.

Her soul mate.

The one that she has always loved.

The man that haunts her dreams.

After starting out as friend things move forward and they give in to their attraction to their love for one another.

Tragedy strikes and there is a plane crash.

Will the compass bring them home?

This is a cute little love story, not many twists and turn a bit predictable but a nice little story good writing style.

3.5 star