Haunted By Kiara Delaney


**arc received for honest review**

Wow wow wow!

Nina is currently in a Hope, Heart and Home Rehabilitation Facility. She is nearly the end of her year and a half treatment and will be joining society very soon. Her 2 doctors that she has had for a very long time are leaving to move on with there careers she has become very fond of her doctors but seems to be going through the motions, she isn’t looking forward to a new doctor for the rest of her stay.

Lucky she has Terrence her favorite nurse by her side, Terrence has always been real with her and she loves him not in a romantic way as a friend way and even if she did it wouldn’t matter as Terrence is gay, but he knows her, he gets her.

Nina is scheduled to meet her new doctor but when she sees him her heart stops beating.

He looks like him.

He has the same name.

Nina thinks the new doc is playing a very cruel joke on her or that her previous doctors are testing her to see if she relapses but she hold her shit together once she works it out.

She falls for him.

He falls for her.

She wants him.

He wants her.

Nina is ready to leave the Rehabilitation Facility she is all set she has new doctors and a new apartment ready for her thanks to Devon.

She cant wait to begin her New life with him.

Until he checks her meds.

She has tricked him.

She played him foe the one thing she wanted.

He confronts her.

Nina does what she does best and makes him leave and never to return. Or does he?

As we were reading some parts of the book confused us but as we kept going everything fell into place.

This book took us on a journey of mental illness which is so real and common in our day and age so for those he don’t know a lot about it this will give you a great inside to what it feels like or how this illness works and can affect families and peoples lives.

Thank you Kiara for another amazing book and thank you for getting personal at the end with a glimpse of your own story!

5 stars!!!!


White Lilies By Samantha Christy


We seen this book on Facebook so I clicked the link to see what it was about and I’m so grateful I did.

Fate – Faith – Family

Do you believe in Fate?

Do you believe in soul mates?

Do you believe that you come into someone’s world for a reason?

Do you believe you’re put on this earth for a purpose?

Skylar is taken on a beautiful journey one that will change not only the person she is but change her world.

Skylar is living life to the full but she isn’t happy about her choices that she is making she is working hard as a manager of her family restaurant but she is also playing hard, she drinks a lot and takes home random men.

She doesn’t want relationship’s, she doesn’t want kids, she doesn’t want the white picket fence, she doesn’t want to be hurt, she doesn’t attach to men, half the time she doesn’t even remember how she got in there bed or even there name.

After doing this for a while she knows she needs to change.

 She needs to stop drinking.

She needs to stop sleeping with random’s.

She needs to do something with a purpose.

A reason.

 An intent.

With nothing in return other than the joy of giving.

After hanging out with her friends and sister they come up with a crazy idea, an idea where she can give something to someone with nothing in return, a selfless act of kindness, she wants to be a surrogate.

Skylar thinks it’s a fantastic idea as she doesn’t like kids she doesn’t want them so it won’t affect her other than the 9 months she is pregnant.

After finding out she can’t go through an agency due to her not already having kids Mindy tells her that her parents know a couple that are wanting a surrogate as they too can’t go through an agency due to Erin having cancer previously.

They set up a meet

They hit it off

But there’s a catch!

They also need to use Skylar’s eggs.

After the second attempt Skylar is pregnant and Erin is over the moon they have become great friends over the past few weeks.

They do everything together.

They bond.

They become best friends.

Soul Mates.

Erin’s husband and Skylar seem to bitch a little bit but more so because she is so attracted to him,

She falls for him.

She wants him.

She feels guilty.

How do you fall in love with your best friends Husband while carrying his child?

He will never cheat on his wife.

His attracted to her.

He loves his wife.

What does fate have instore for these 3?

That you will have to read to find out.

We absolutely loved this story we were taken on such an emotion roller coaster we could feel there pain, there heart ache, there sorrow there guilt there happiness there sadness.

We loved the way Erin was so un selfish and that she put everyone else’s needs before her own to make sure everyone would be ok and taken care of.

She believed in Fate.

She had Faith.

She gave them Family.

Well done Samantha for taken us on an amazing journey with 3 beautiful characters!!

5 Massive Stars!




Our Book Review – 120 Days – M. Stratton


How do you review a novel that is so beautifully written, but hurts your heart?
How do you review a novel that is so emotional it leaves you in tears?
How do you review a novel so raw and confronting that you’re left completely speechless?
How do you review a novel so real?

To be honest we don’t really know how but we’ll give it our best.

Ethan didn’t have the best start in life. Losing his parents in a car accident, Ethan was left to raise his younger brother Evan.
After years of struggle Evan left to join the forces, so Ethan was on his own.
No longer wanting to live day by day, week to week, Ethan worked hard and created an empire. His wealth, huge. But he lost himself along the way. He became cold, distant, shut off. Business was business.
But when Evan walked back into Ethan’s life, everything was about to change.
Ethan’s life as he once knew it would never be the same again.
Ethan was going to lose his brother, his only relative to cancer. And Evan would do it alone.
Evan lost his fight. But Evan wasn’t alone.
The Last Resort was Evan’s sanctuary, his place to heal, to live, to die.

After losing Evan, Ethan made it his mission to find out all he could about the Last Resort.
What was it?
What did they do there?
Why did Evan choose this place where he would take his final breath?
So Ethan applied for a job there.
But what Ethan never bargained on was what he would find, or more to the point, who’d he find.

Her name.

Owner of the Last Resort.

We refuse to go into anymore detail about 120 days because it’s a read we believe needs to be read without spoilers.
It’s extremely raw and confronting, heartwarming and heartbreaking and highly emotional. It’s the sad reality of families everywhere in the world facing the loss of a loved one to cancer. It’s the hope and love faced by patients that allow them to keep fighting until the very end. It’s about living life when you know it’s about to be taken from you. It’s about making every single day count.

We absolutely loved 120 days and highly recommend it to everyone.

A huge 5 star read.

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Our Book Review – Miles Away (Carrion #1) – Addison Kline


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **

Miles and Letty are enjoying a night out when all hell breaks loose. Miles is chased down, by none other than his own brother. Shots are fired as Miles and Letty try to get away. When they are caught, the last thing Miles says to Letty is to get away, fast. This is the beginning of the next seventeen years of Miles’ life. A life behind bars, for a murder he didn’t even commit.

On the day of his release, Miles only has two things on his mind. Revenge to whoever framed him, and to find his girl and hopefully begin to build a relationship with her.

Miles’ family is mafia. It’s nothing for them to “get rid” of someone, and then continue on with their day as if nothing happened. Miles knows this is the family way, but he wants none of it.

Word has gotten around that Miles is out of prison, just in time for old wars to surface again.

Letty is now working for Miles dad, Michael, and she has seen her fair share of violence.
She knows Miles is out of prison, and can’t wait to confront him, on why he never kept his promise. His promise to write to her every week.

When Letty witnesses a murder in the Cappadano home, there’s only one person she knows she must turn to for protection.

What will the reunion of Miles and Letty mean for the family?
What will Miles do when he finds out that Letty had lived a life while he has been locked away?

And finally, what will happen when Miles figures out who framed him for murder all those years ago, is someone much closer to home??

We thoroughly enjoyed this book, and cannot wait for the next.

A definite 4 star read 

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Ghostwriter By Kiara Delaney


 **arc received for honest review**

This is a really hard review to write this book left us speechless with a WTF??

Devon is a young writer working his way through the industry he recently started working for the time but received a phone call to ghost write about a young well known dancer.

Devon sets off to Nina’s house knowing nothing about her. When he gets there little did he realize what he was in for.

Devon tries his hardest to stay professional and not fall for Nina even if she is a handful and cracks it over the slightest thing.

He falls for her.

He wants her.

Can he handle her brattyness?

Will Nina fall for Devon?

Nina doesn’t want to write this book or even dictate it to Devon she doesn’t want people knowing her business.

Her father wants it written.

Will Nina give in to her fathers demands and write the book?

Does Nina fall for Devon?

After a few weeks of passion things come to an end for the 2 love birds as Nina decides she doesn’t want to write the book and Devon cant handle anymore of Nina’s mood swings and goes back to work at the times.

After 2 weeks of no Devon Nina cant stand to live with out him and wants to continue with the book, when she tries to contact him but his changed his number.

She remembers his friend Julia’s number but it goes straight to message bank. Nona then decides to try the Times where Devon worked but there is know knowledge of him ever working there so she decides to go to her fathers house to ask him for Devon’s details but then……

We cant give you anymore details cause then its a WTF??

We had to go back and re read this chapter of the book as we first thought we missed something and we were going a bit crazy but we weren’t!!

This book has a major kicker so its a definite must read!! Well done Kiara for an awesome book!!



Decline By Michelle Irwin


**Received for honest review**

Everything you have worked your whole life for is hanging in the balance.

Everything you dreamed of.

Everything you wanted.

Declan’s world came crushing back harder then ever after seeing her with another man.

His head was out of the game.

The one split second when she filled his mind, that one second you lapse that concentration could kill you, could cost you your career that you worked hard for.

He needed to fix it.

He was lost.

He didn’t know how.

After several crashes in his V8 races the owner of his race team sent him away to get himself sorted, little did Declan know fate had other ideas.

Boarding a plane for London never did he expect to be sitting next to the women who haunts him every night in his dreams. The one that makes him loose his mind.

Alyssa was heading to London to check out a new office for a job she had been offered, little did she know that she would be next to the person who she loved and hated at the same time.

After a hot a steamy sex session and getting along well never in Declan’s wildest dreams could he have predicted the secret that Alyssa was hiding.

His world was flipped upside down.

Once the secret that Alyssa was hiding was revealed, Declan lost it.

Could he be that person for Alyssa?

We loved this story, we could feel the emotion and we were taken on the roller coaster of Declan and Alyssa once again. We had to keep reading all the way to the end until we were finished. We loved the way fate bought them back together after 4 years but also tore them apart.

We cant wait to get started on the next book we just hope there is a happy ever after!!

5 stars



Decide By Michelle Irwin


 **Received for honest review**

You have wanted her since you were little.

You have never told her how you felt.

Your best friends. Soul mates.

This is a story about the making of a beautiful romance as kids, Declan is your average teenage boy and loves his best friend. The kiss that changes everything. Your heart melts.

Everything changes between Declan and Alyssa after there first kiss at 15 years old.

There young and try to make there relationship work the break up get back together then do it all again. After 2 years and many ups and down and lots of break ups and back together again they go to there end of year formal and that one night changes everything.

Not only did they give there self to each other it was when Declan realized that they were going down different paths.

Declan didn’t want the 2.5 kids with the white picket fence along with the marriage.

He wants to race his V8 super cars.

They were his life.

His passion.

His obsession.

Something he worked hard for.

The contract came.

He signed.

He was gone……

We liked this starter even if it was about 15 year olds it will be interesting to see where the series goes. We really like Declan and his way of thinking even if we didn’t like Alyssa and her bitchy snarky self absorbed self. But who knows maybe she can redeem herself!!

4 Stars