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Haunted By Kiara Delaney


**arc received for honest review**

Wow wow wow!

Nina is currently in a Hope, Heart and Home Rehabilitation Facility. She is nearly the end of her year and a half treatment and will be joining society very soon. Her 2 doctors that she has had for a very long time are leaving to move on with there careers she has become very fond of her doctors but seems to be going through the motions, she isn’t looking forward to a new doctor for the rest of her stay.

Lucky she has Terrence her favorite nurse by her side, Terrence has always been real with her and she loves him not in a romantic way as a friend way and even if she did it wouldn’t matter as Terrence is gay, but he knows her, he gets her.

Nina is scheduled to meet her new doctor but when she sees him her heart stops beating.

He looks like him.

He has the same name.

Nina thinks the new doc is playing a very cruel joke on her or that her previous doctors are testing her to see if she relapses but she hold her shit together once she works it out.

She falls for him.

He falls for her.

She wants him.

He wants her.

Nina is ready to leave the Rehabilitation Facility she is all set she has new doctors and a new apartment ready for her thanks to Devon.

She cant wait to begin her New life with him.

Until he checks her meds.

She has tricked him.

She played him foe the one thing she wanted.

He confronts her.

Nina does what she does best and makes him leave and never to return. Or does he?

As we were reading some parts of the book confused us but as we kept going everything fell into place.

This book took us on a journey of mental illness which is so real and common in our day and age so for those he don’t know a lot about it this will give you a great inside to what it feels like or how this illness works and can affect families and peoples lives.

Thank you Kiara for another amazing book and thank you for getting personal at the end with a glimpse of your own story!

5 stars!!!!

White Lilies By Samantha Christy


We seen this book on Facebook so I clicked the link to see what it was about and I’m so grateful I did.

Fate – Faith – Family

Do you believe in Fate?

Do you believe in soul mates?

Do you believe that you come into someone’s world for a reason?

Do you believe you’re put on this earth for a purpose?

Skylar is taken on a beautiful journey one that will change not only the person she is but change her world.

Skylar is living life to the full but she isn’t happy about her choices that she is making she is working hard as a manager of her family restaurant but she is also playing hard, she drinks a lot and takes home random men.

She doesn’t want relationship’s, she doesn’t want kids, she doesn’t want the white picket fence, she doesn’t want to be hurt, she doesn’t attach to men, half the time she doesn’t even remember how she got in there bed or even there name.

After doing this for a while she knows she needs to change.

 She needs to stop drinking.

She needs to stop sleeping with random’s.

She needs to do something with a purpose.

A reason.

 An intent.

With nothing in return other than the joy of giving.

After hanging out with her friends and sister they come up with a crazy idea, an idea where she can give something to someone with nothing in return, a selfless act of kindness, she wants to be a surrogate.

Skylar thinks it’s a fantastic idea as she doesn’t like kids she doesn’t want them so it won’t affect her other than the 9 months she is pregnant.

After finding out she can’t go through an agency due to her not already having kids Mindy tells her that her parents know a couple that are wanting a surrogate as they too can’t go through an agency due to Erin having cancer previously.

They set up a meet

They hit it off

But there’s a catch!

They also need to use Skylar’s eggs.

After the second attempt Skylar is pregnant and Erin is over the moon they have become great friends over the past few weeks.

They do everything together.

They bond.

They become best friends.

Soul Mates.

Erin’s husband and Skylar seem to bitch a little bit but more so because she is so attracted to him,

She falls for him.

She wants him.

She feels guilty.

How do you fall in love with your best friends Husband while carrying his child?

He will never cheat on his wife.

His attracted to her.

He loves his wife.

What does fate have instore for these 3?

That you will have to read to find out.

We absolutely loved this story we were taken on such an emotion roller coaster we could feel there pain, there heart ache, there sorrow there guilt there happiness there sadness.

We loved the way Erin was so un selfish and that she put everyone else’s needs before her own to make sure everyone would be ok and taken care of.

She believed in Fate.

She had Faith.

She gave them Family.

Well done Samantha for taken us on an amazing journey with 3 beautiful characters!!

5 Massive Stars!




Release Blitz – Hunter Deceived By Nancy Corrigan




He was born to kill her…but he’ll risk all to save her


Wild Hunt, Book 1

Every day, Harley fights the urge to embrace the dark heritage that could turn her Unseelie. Evil. Bad. A nightmarish monster like the ones that wiped out her family. The only thing keeping her on this side of Seelie is a promise made to the ghostly man who saved her that terrible night.

Whenever she’s tempted, she calls up a vision of his eyes. Hears his voice calling her back from the brink of madness. Years later, when she returns to the scene of her living hell, he’s her only hope for salvation.

Calan, the leader of the Wild Hunt, was created to protect mankind from the Unseelie Court, not love one of them. He never expected the rightness he felt with her all those years ago would explode into desire.

But saving her from a fate she can’t escape could damn them both…and leave the world open for destruction.

Warning: Contains a half-fae woman who could really use a Seelie version of AA to stay clean and monster-free. And a rider of the Wild Hunt who’ll take any risk to keep her safe from her enemies. Including himself.

Note: This book was previously published. It has been expanded and re-edited.


A long moment passed where they watched each other, two strangers on the verge of becoming so much more. The full impact hit her, left her a little shaky inside but not anxious. No, excitement sped her pulse.
She licked her lips, already envisioning what they’d do together. “So, am I right?”
He slid his hungry gaze to her breasts. The points stood erect, and the sheen of her skin betrayed how hot she’d gotten from touching herself.
“Oh yes, I’ll fuck you, my Harley. Sometimes hard and fast. Other times so damn slowly, you’ll beg me to fill you up.” He met her eyes. “I’ll take you so often and in so many ways, you’ll want me to be the center of your world as you are now mine.”
He released her wrists and covered one breast with his hand. The hard point pushed against his callused skin, and a jolt of electricity raced down her spine. He captured the tip she’d teased minutes ago. The small pinch arched her back.
“Do you like that?”
She flicked her gaze from his long fingers holding her nipple to his face and nodded. “Do it again.”
One corner of his mouth rose. He rolled the tip, and she gasped. Another tug clenched her core. “Beautiful. I can’t wait to watch that look pass over your face when I fuck you.”
She whimpered.
The smile giving him a roguish look turned wicked. “You do want me to ram my cock inside you and make you come apart around my dick”—he ran the tip of his tongue over his upper lip—“don’t you?”
“I…I…” She couldn’t get the words out.
He released her hands and sat back so he knelt between her thighs. Her attention shifted from the desire stamped on his face to the long length of his erection molded by his pants.
“Touch it.”


Harley 1


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HunterSacrificed300Hunter Sacrificed, book 0.5…a free read

Hunter Forsaken, book 2.0…releases 2-16-16. Available for pre-order.


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A true romantic at heart, Nancy Corrigan is convinced there’s a knight in shining armor for every woman (or man), but you won’t find damsels in distress in her stories. She adores pairing alpha heroes with women strong enough to match them and bring them to their knees. She also enjoys flipping the traditional roles in romances because her motto is—love and people should never be forced to conform to anyone’s norm.

She holds a degree in chemistry and has worked in research but now focuses on ensuring quality. She considers it the perfect outlet for her as she’s the first to admit she has some OCD tendencies. It carries over into her writing life too. While engrossed in a novel, she has a habit of forgetting to eat and sleep. Fortunately, she’s married to her own knight in shining armor who understands her oddities and loves her anyway. They reside in Pennsylvania with their three children, dog, snake and guinea pigs. Her other interests include tattoos, animals, classic cars and all things spooky and sexy.


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Inevitable Love By JC Santo

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 **arc received for honest review**

Tessa is a young, sassy and lives life to the fullest, she left her home town 3 years ago to join the military as a sailor.

She loves her life and isn’t ready to settle down. No one has met her expectation or high standards in the male department. She doesn’t see herself settling down with a husband or kids any time soon, she loves her career to much.

She loves going out drinking with her best friend Marshall they have a blast together and he is her rock, her soul mate pity his gay!

Hunter is a single dad of a beautiful 4 year old girl Sawyer, he has raised her from the day they left hospital, her mother Anna is to busy with her own life and partying to worry about Sawyer.

Hunter decides he wants to be closer to his brother and dad and thinks it will be great for Sawyer to be closer to her family.

So after a lot of consideration he decides to pack up and start a new beginning .

He sets up a job at a new school and starts looking for a new place, he loves staying with his but he needs to find his own stable place for him and sawyer.

Marshall is playing match maker he knows his brother and Tessa will be great together if she lets down her guard and tries to make it work and he knows his brother would be the one for her.

After a hot night out with friends and a rejection Tessa tries to stay away from Hunter she doesn’t want to feel rejected again but Hunter has other ideas.

He wants her.

He needs her.

She wants him.

She needs him.

Sawyer loves her.

Can they make it work?

With a Deployment pending and the hassles of Sawyers mum to deal with things get a bit tense.

Hunter and Tessa along with Sawyer take a trip to see Anna and never in there wildest dreams did they expect Anna to do what she done.

After a visit with Anna and only 2 weeks til Tessa’s deployment Hunter and Tessa try to make the most of there time together, this is why Tessa doesn’t do relationships or kids she doesn’t like saying goodbye and after recent events with Anna she doesn’t want Sawyer to feel as if she is abandoning her.

She has to leave.

Will Hunter be waiting for her after her 6 month deployment?

Will Sawyer remember her?

Will Tessa give up her career for her family that she never thought she wanted?

We absolutely loved this book we stayed up most of the night because we simply could put it down!

It was a beautiful love story and very well written, it was great to read a book very different and not your average clique book.

This is the 1st book we have read from this Author and we cant wait to see where the series goes.

We highly recommended this read for everyone.

5 Stars


Excerpt Reveal – Aced – K. Bromberg

ACED Excerpt Reveal Banner

Colton Donavan is back in ACED

January 11, 2016!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00074]


Rylee and Colton’s ride continues…

One moment. Six years ago.

The night she made the world around me so much more than just a blur. Now it’s the catalyst that threatens to tear us apart.

Our happily was supposed to be ever after. So why do I feel like it’s slipping through my fingers?

How can one moment, when our world seemed so right, resurface and cause our perfect life to spiral out of control?

I can’t lose her.

She’s my checkered flag.

Aced - PreOrder

Now available for Pre-order!

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1mIdFvf

Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1J7I4gi

iBooks: http://apple.co/1hML059

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I talked to my parents. To Tanner. To Shane.My voice fades off as the disbelief I have to take stock and let him know the damage control Ive done takes hold. Unsure how to respond to me when hes always so sure, he just nods his head as our eyes hold steadfast. I just dont know…My voice is so soft, it sounds so very different than the storm of anger that rages inside me, and yet I cant find it within me to show my emotions. I can feel his fingers tense from my comment, see his Adams apple bob from the forced swallow, and notice the tick of muscle as he clenches his jaw.

Well get through this.

The condescending chuckle falls from my lips, the first break in my fraudulent façade because its so damn easy for him to say. I know.Voice back, emotion nonexistent, tone unsure.

Colton stares, willing me to say more but I dont. I just match him stare for

hollow stare as images of myself from Google flickering through my mind. Finally he breaks out connection and reaches his fingers to pinch the bridge of his nose before blowing out a sigh.

Scream at me, Ry. Yell. Rage. Take it out on me. Do anything but be silent because I cant handle when youre silent with me,he pleads. All I can do is shake my head, dig down within myself to will the emotion to come. When I cant find the words or the feeling behind them, it unnerves him, worries him. Im sorry, baby. Were we stupid? Maybe. Do I regret it?He shakes his head. I regret all of this, yes, but that in general? No. So many damn things happened that put you and me where we are now. So for that? Im not sorry. You pushed me that night, made me question if I could give someone more of myself.He reaches his free hand up to brush a thumb over the line of my jaw. His touch reassuring, his words helping soothe the sting of our situation.

Its not your fault,I say, trying to ease the concern in his eyes.

Maybe not directly . . . but I made you color outside of your perfectly constructed lines . . . do something against your nature, and look what happened. Im so sorry. I wish I could make this right,he says, dropping his head as he shakes his head in defeat. All I can try to do is mitigate the damage. Thats it.He throws his hands up. Its killing me because I cant fix this. The break in his voice and the tension in his body would have told me everything I needed to know even if he

hadnt uttered a sound.

I look at my achingly handsome husband, so distraught, so desperate to make wrongs right that arent his to be held responsible for. And seeing him as upset as I am makes me feel a little better and allows me to dig into the deep well of emotion. I finally find the words I need and want to tell him. The decisions I came to last night when I sat on the deck and considered the life-altering situation we were in.

Stop. Please quit beating yourself up over this. I dont blame you.I pause, my teeth worrying my bottom lip as I put words to my thoughts and wait for him to hear that last sentence.

Aced- Midas

About the Author:

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author K. Bromberg writes contemporary novels that contain a mixture of sweet, emotional, a whole lot of sexy and a little bit of real. She likes to write strong heroines and damaged heroes who we love to hate and hate to love.

Shes a mixture of most of her female characters: sassy, intelligent, stubborn, reserved, outgoing, driven, emotional, strong, and wears her heart on her sleeve. All of which she displays daily with her husband and three children where they live in Southern California.

On a whim, K. Bromberg decided to try her hand at this writing thing. Since then she has written The Driven Series (Driven, Fueled, Crashed, Raced), the standalone Driven Novels (Slow Burn, Sweet Ache, Hard Beat, Aced (a new Rylee and Colton novel releasing 1/11/16), and a short story titled UnRaveled. She is currently working on new projects and a few surprises for her readers.

She loves to hear from her readers so make sure you check her out on social media.

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