Our Book Review – Natexus – Victoria L James


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **

This is Natalie’s story.

You’re young, just 15 years old.
You should be free spirited, carefree, spending time with your friends.
You should be simply enjoying being a teenager.
But you can’t.
The hurt you carry is unbearable.
The grief you feel sits heavily on your chest, creating an ache that’s indescribable.
Your life is dark, surrounded by sadness and pain.
Because you are going to lose the most precious person in the world to you.
Because you are going to lose your best friend.
You are going to lose a part of yourself, your heart, your soul.
And there isn’t a thing you can do about it.
Your life will become shrouded in darkness, colour will be non existent.

This is Alex’s story.

You’re young, just 15 years old.
You should be free spirited, carefree, spending time with your friends.
You should be simply enjoying being a teenager.
But you can’t.
Your life is dark, surrounded by constant battles.
Your life is painful, surrounded by constant scars.
Your life will is shrouded in darkness, colour is non existent.

Two young people, living two very separate and different lives that will be joined together when they least expect it.
Two lives that will ultimately be entwined forever.
Two lives that will be completely destroyed.
Two lives that will be completed broken.
Two lives that will eventually see colour.

They just don’t know it yet.

Omfg Naxetus what an absolute, heart wrenching, ugly cry, painful, raw, gritty, breathtaking, heart-warming read.
We were held captive, absolutely transfixed with every turn of every page.
So emotionally charged we found ourselves either holding our breath, crying our eyes out, laughing our butts off, or simply wanting to fling our kindle out the damn window in sheer hurt and frustration. We loved, loved, loved it.

To Victoria L James we say this…..What you have given us in Natexus is nothing short of absolute sheer brilliance. It was written with such depth we couldn’t help but be moved with every word read. We were simply transfixed hanging on to every feeling, every emotion that you were able to evoke from us. We were just spellbound. It’s hypnotic and alluring.
In a nutshell…….Brilliant!!

We absolutely without a doubt recommend Natexus to everyone. A read that shouldn’t be missed.
A read that will have you gripped from beginning to end that will leave you speechless. But most of all its a read that shows us that love, and we mean true love, no matter the obstacles, no matter the time, no matter the hurt, pain, scars and torment, will always find its way.

A HUGE 5 star read.

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Risk By Cora Brent


We continue on from book 1 but this time it’s the mysterious very quiet Gentry brother Creed.

Creed is a man of few words he doesn’t say a lot but when he does his comments are very valued, he speaks the truth and everything or most of what he says is very carefully thought out.

Creed is waiting for that call the one of blood the one where its win or die, the fight he said he would fight if the names of his brothers attackers were passed on to him.
This is the fight that there used to in some shabby underground for a few bucks this is the big league underground world where the only way you get to walk away from a fight is if you’re in a body bag or if your nearly in a body bag.
There is no ending a fight if the person is a little banged up this is for real blood.
Creed is on edge waiting for that call his not sure when it will come but he is training hard trying to bulk up as much as he can, but then he meets her.

Truly does come from a happy little home with a mum and dad she hasn’t had the best childhood. Her mother kicked her out at the age of 17 and ever since then she hasn’t had much of a relationship with her 3 sisters.

After she was kicked out by her mother she done it tough for a while and would let men use her frequently but she is putting that behind her and has settled into a job and has an apartment she shares with a roommate.

Truly sees him.

She hates him.

She wants to stay away.

But she’s drawn to him.

1 night won’t hurt.

He wants her.

1 night.

Will it be enough?

Can 2 broken souls find calm in each other?

We really liked Truly and Creeds story we would have loved a bit more dialog from them but that’s not the sort of person Creed is so we get that.

Looking forward to reading book 3

4 Stars

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Wrecked By Sarah Grimm


**arc received for honest review**

First we want to say how much we loved this story, not very often do you pick up an arc and start read and think omg this is going to ruin you but you have to read it anyway just to read there story knowing your not going to get that white picket fence, 2.5 kid happy ending story?

Yeah well this is one of them books!!

Do you ever just flow through life just doing the same routine the same daily grind and never actually stopping to smell the roses?

Dance under the stars?

Actually really look at people?

Is life always that busy you are just flying through it and not appreciating the little things in life?

Not Emma…..

She is determined to live life to the fullest.

She is going to make it count.

She is only 23 years old and wont be here for much longer she will be lucky to last another 6 months with the monster that’s in her head.

Emma decided she was going to make the most of what time she has left little did she realize that she would fall for her asshole rock star!!

Alison is Emma’s best friend has been for a long time she has been with Emma all the way through her treatments. Alison decides that they are going to celebrate Emma’s birthday even though it’s not really her birthday but she get them tickets to a concert and that’s when Emma’s world takes a change for the good.

She meets him.

His sad.

His lonely.

She’s attracted to him.

She sees behind his mask.

She’s his little ray of sunshine.

His light in his darkness.

Joe is the singer of a famous rock band that is touring.

In the midst of there concert he sees her, shes like a breath of fresh air.

His drawn to her.

She makes him see the light.

Little does Joe realize he is going to have to work if he wants her.

After some ups and down and Joe working hard to get Emma she starts to become sicker as the weeks are passing she tries to keep it from Joe and he seems to be turning a blind eye.

Little did they know that they were going to fall in love Emma falls for Joe hard but she never wanted him to fall for her she just wanted to live a bit experience things with him.

She wanted to show him the light.

She didn’t want to be lonely.

After Joe learns the truth about Emma’s health his world comes crushing down around him.

Will Joe’s light go out?

Will he return to his old ways?

Will Joe continue on living a life that Emma had shown him?

We absolutely loved to hate this book it was such a beautiful story between Emma and Joe we read it so slowly as every page seem to bring us hope that everything would be ok but sometime life can be a cruel bitch!

We were taken on such an emotion roller coaster that we are going to be left with a book hangover.

We laughed.

We cried.

We cried harder.

But we would never want to un read this beautiful well written loved story about a rock star with no light and a tragic 23 year old sassy smart mouth girl that was about to loose a battle to a monster!!

Well done Sarah on an amazing story!!

It’s a must read!!

5 star

Our Book Review – Black – TL Smith


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **

Imagine this for only a second….

Your life is black.
It contains no colour.
Your soul is dark.
You have no emotion, no feelings.
You are dangerous and evil.
It’s the life you live.
It’s lonely, but you wouldn’t want it any other way.
Letting people in is never an option.
You can’t because you are pure evil.
The pain you inflict on others is indescribable.
But that’s what makes you good at what you do.

This is Black’s life.
A life of hell.

But what happens when Black sees her?
She’s your past.
At sixteen she was the colour that brightened your soul.
But she vanished without a trace.
But now 10 years later she is back.
But she’s not how you remember her.
She’s broken.
She’s damaged.
She’s no longer colour……She’s black.

Her name?


What happens when Black and Rose are reunited?
What happens when their worlds collide?

Sorry guys you will just have to read Black to find out.

Yet again, TL Smith has produced a novel so intense, raw, gritty, confronting and dark that we were held captive from beginning to end.
A highly emotional read we didn’t know weather to laugh, cry or just simply hold our breath.  

And the damn ending…….All we can say is……We don’t even know what to say it left us speechless……Cliffy central about sums it up.

TL again you have completely flawed us with your uniqueness and ability to draw out so many emotions within ourselves in this amazing novel. We absolutely loved it and cannot wait for more!!

A dark, raw and highly confronting 5 star read.

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Enough Secrets By Alexis Riddley


**arc received for honest review**

Where do we start…. 1st we are still glad we have our kindle after an ending like that!!

A tangled web of 2 that becomes 3 based on lies, deceit, trust, honesty, lust and loyalty and many secrets.

The story of Charlotte, Winston and Aiden isn’t your everyday love story but its there story and the lengths they will go to too hide there past and secrets.
There love and passion in a circle of lies secrets but pure love is very raw and emotional.

Charlotte is at the mercy of her husband and his business partner they complete her, they work, they know each other completely or do they?

What secrets are Winston and Aiden hiding from her?

Will there tangled web be pulled apart?

We really loved this book at the start we thought it wasn’t to bad but then it really kicked up a notch and there were some twists and turn we didn’t see coming that left us utterly speechless and heartbroken.

Great 1st read cant wait to read the next thank you Alexis for an amazing read!

5 Stars

Lennox By Dallas Cole


**arc received for honest review**

Lennox is just getting out of Prison after a long 3.5 years behind bars for killing his best friend he sacrifices his freedom for the ones he loved, his Gran, he had no choice other than the choice he made which come at a big price.

His Freedom.

His Love.

His mates.

His crew.

His family.

Elena Drazic lives with her uncle who has raised her since she was 8 after her parents were taken in a tragic accident, she loves cars and know how they work and what they need it’s in her blood she loves working for her uncle with the crew, her family.

After a history together many years ago Lennox wants her he just needs to prove his worthy of her to himself and make a better person of himself without a life of crime, which is going to be hard when he is buried deep within it.

Lennox is finding his way through being back in society and has no one other than his Gran his no longer apart of the crew after what he done so he mixes in with a crew that are highly dangerous and will use whatever weakness they find to make him do their dirty work….

His biggest weakness….. Elena

This book had a good story line but we weren’t taken on the journey with them we didn’t feel the roller coaster ride we didn’t feel there pain or there tears, it was a good book it just didn’t do it for us!

3 Stars


Draw By Cora Brent


We seen this box set on sale and seen that another is about to be released so we thought we would buy it and have a read and we are so glad we did.

Saylor is a young girl from a shitty smallish town in the dessert that has a massive prison that most of the people in the small town work at.

Her parents a divorced she doesn’t have much to do with them as her father has someone new in his bed every other week.

She isnt close with her family and is glad to be away from them.

Saylor is living with her boyfriend who is a complete arse hat (putting it mildly) and beats on her it starts off well but over the years the beating have become worse until one night she has had enough and walks.

Saylor gets in her car and drives to her cousins to stay with him to get away from her abusive boyfriend but little does she know that her past is going to catch up with her.

When Saylor was 16 she fell for one of the notorious Gentry boys and he takes her virginity but didn’t realize that it was all a game to them, a bet.

Cord and his brothers got the hell out of there small town where there family name has a real bad rap, they don’t want to be associated with that town where every hates them and thinks there scum because back then that’s where they came from.

Cord and his brother which they are all triplets scrap by they don’t have a lot of money and they make there money by fighting in the underground.

They are changing there way.

They want more.

They want to be better.

They want to break away from there family.

Until fate crosses Saylor and Cords paths

She wants him.

She needs him.

She hates him.

He wants her.

He needs her.

Will she forgive him?

We really enjoyed Cord and Saylor’s story we loved the way that no matter where you come from that its who you become that can define you.

It was up to Cord and his brothers to make better for themselves and they proved that it didn’t matter where they came from that they were better people.

We cant wait to start the next book in the series and hopefully more about Cord and Saylor!

4 Stars