Our Book Review – Fallacy (Apprehensive Duet 1) – Kimberly Bracco


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **

She’s young.
She’s beautiful. 
She’s highly independent and extremely driven.
She’s single.
She loves her life.
Relationships are so not her thing.
Attachment a no go zone.
She’s a one night girl.
No strings attached.
No feelings involved.
She takes what she wants then moves on.
One night is all anyone will ever have with her.
It has to be that way.
She will never let any one close to her.
She will always make sure her heart is protected.

Her name…….Quinn.

He’s young.
He’s sinfully gorgeous.
He’s independent and extremely driven.
He’s single.
He loves his life.
One nighters are all he has been interested in.
No stings attached.
No feelings involved.
But he wants more.
Surely there is more to life than a string of one night stands?

His name……Alex.

Quinn and Alex. So very different. So very unique in their ways. 
One night will forever change them.
One night together will change their lives.
One night together will change absolutely everything.

Welcome to their world.
A world full of trust and hope.
A world full of secrets.
A world full of deep scars.
A world full of heartache and pain.
A world of bad choices.
A world of broken hearts.
A world of love.

You name it, Fallacy has got it. We absolutely loved it. From beginning to end we couldn’t put it down. We were completely transfixed. We laughed, we cried, we held our breath. We could feel the emotion pouring out of the pages. It’s raw, confronting, highly emotional and downright sinfully delicious……Like drooling, omfg sinfully delicious. 
We fell in love with Quinn and her no nonsense, say how it is attitude. 
We fell in love with Alex and his strength and determination and never give up attitude.
We fell in love with both Quinn and Alex and their story.
But guys please be prepared……The ending is a cliffy of all cliffy’s. It was so bad we wanted to throw our kindle out the window…….WE JUST WANTED MORE!!

We highly recommend Fallacy to be on everyone’s TBR list. You will definitely not be disappointed. 

A HUGE 5 star read.

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Our Book Review – The Letters (Carnage #4) by Lesley Jones


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **

We all know Georgia’s story.
We have been there every step of the way.
We have watched Georgia grow from a tiny little 11 year old girl and watch her blossom into a beautiful and strong woman.
We have watched and felt her absolute heart ache.
We felt every moment of grief, anger, hurt and pain that she went through.
We watched her overcome so many obstacles.
We witnessed her fall in love all over gain.
We watched as Georgia became whole again.

Now married to the infamous and sinfully delicious Cameron King, their lives are now complete. The love they share is unique, having been tested at every turn.
But they made it, both Cameron and Georgia.
They are living the ultimate dream.
They have four beautiful children.

But Cameron knows that Georgia still lives with her past. He knows that she still grieves for the man she always loved, and still does, her first husband Sean He knows the guilt she has burdened herself with. And Cameron makes sure he is there for her when he needs her to be.

But what happens when Georgia lifts the lid on a box that has been kept sealed for 16 years?
What will she discover?
How will this affect Cameron and Georgia?
What secrets will be unearthed?
What heartache will this cause?
What, after 16 years will Sean have to say to Georgia?

You will just have to read The Letters to find out.

Omfg yet again Lesley Jones has made us fall in love all over again with Sean, Georgia and Cameron. We laughed, we cried, we held our breath. We didn’t realise how much we missed them all until we picked The Letters up.
An absolute roller-coaster of emotion that we just couldn’t put down.
It’s raw, confronting and at times absolutely heart-shattering.
On the flip side it’s beautiful, heart-warming and downright sinfully delicious.
It was everything we expected and more……..SO MUCH MORE!!

Please guys, if you have been on the Carnage train this is not to be missed. You will love every minute of it just like we did.

But be prepared……..Nothing is all as it seems!!!!

A HUGE 5 star read.

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Captured by love book 5 By Miranda P Charles


**arc received for honest review**

The game of “captured by love” continues with Gavin and Natasha. Natasha has waited for 5 years for the one that she loves she has tried to move on but no one has compared to him.

His always around how can he not be when his part of the gang and her brothers best friend. Gavin has loved her for 5 years but he cant act on his feelings because he will then but her on the radar and her life will be compromised.

After trying to hunt down the 1 man that holds Gavin happiness in his hands, Gavin finally gets a break and the chance to capture Bigg’s, he has been trying to find him for the past 5 years that Bigg’s has been on the run.

After being a little bit out there with his feelings for Tash, Bigg’s gets wind of there relationship and as Bigg’s threatened to take away every person that Gavin fell in love with Tash is now on the radar for Bigg’s.

Is Tash’s life now in danger?

Can Gavin save her before its to late?

Will Bigg’s ever be caught?

Will Gavin ever be happy?

Will Tash and Gavin get there happy ever after?

We enjoyed this book in the series even though we know the game now and we know the way it works in the end it still nice to read how they get to that happy place.

4 stars

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Our Book Review – Soulless (King #4) by T.M. Frazier


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **

Bear, Ti, King and Ray are back………

Bear is in prison about to serve time for a crime he didn’t commit, but confessed to, to save his girl from serving time.

Ti is tucked away in her childhood home, the last place she ever wanted to be, being looked after and protected by Rage.

King and Ray are watching, somewhat helpless, an empire collapsing. An empire that was once King and Bears brothers, their family.

Whilst in prison, Bear receives a surprise visitor. Someone he was sure he was never going to see again, considering the fact she was supposed to be dead. When he comes face to face with his mother, Bear has trouble trusting anything she has to say. He’s not even sure why she’s there. But once she leaves, he knows for sure it won’t be the last time he sees her.

All Ti wants is her man. Back in her life where he belongs. Nobody seems to want to help her, they are still taking orders from Bear, even from behind prison bars. It realises the only person who can help her, may not want to even see her considering the last time he ended up with a bullet wound!!!

Meanwhile King and Ray watch the empire that is the Beach Bastards MC crumble before their very eyes. What was once a club with brothers helping brothers, has turned into a blood thirsty gang.

On his release from prison, after all charges have been dropped, Bears first point of business is to find his girl. But not straight away, a point that when she finds out, infuriates Ti.

There’s a war to win and end. Once and for all. Bear knows that he has to go up against his father to win this war. But is he prepared to find out the truth about many aspects of his life along the way?

Are things about to change in the BBMC?

Secrets will be revealed, stories will be told and retold, and tears and blood will be shed.

The much awaited 4th instalment of the BBMC is finally here for you to devour, just like we did in a solid 3-4 hour sitting.

BUT just when you think all ends have been tied up nice and neatly, T. M. Frazier gives us a surprise ending, which hopefully produces more and more books. We for one cannot wait.

An absolute sensational read.

A 5 star read.

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Our Book Review – Corrupted By Alexis Noelle


**arc received for honest review**

You’re young.

You’re scared.

You’re unhappy.

Your instincts kick in.

Fight or Flight.

You take the latter

You run….. Hard…..Fast….

You’re broken but you keep going.

Lucy is 14 years old she doesn’t have a conventional family it’s more like a cult, she is set to marry her uncle who is savage, and he would kill you with no remorse. He has killed some of his wives for other reasons but Lucy can’t live like this she doesn’t want to marry him. The beat her til she takes flight and runs.

He finds her.

She’s broken.

He can’t leave her.

He has a connection with her.

She is 14 he is 21.

Jordan is a prospect and for the Death Stalkers MC his job is to watch her, protect her for the next 3 years and 1 month and then only then will he be patched in and that’s only if he keeps his hands to himself and keeps her safe and protected.

It’s hard.

He wants her.

He needs her.

He can’t touch her.

Not yet.

“Loved you for years, sweets. Just had to wait ‘til I was allowed to.”

3 years later………

Lucy and Jordan finally can be together after 3 long years of many missed signal Lucy didn’t realize that Jordan wanted her as much as he did even though she wanted him with every fiber of her being she loved him and he loved her.

Jordan was so glad Lucy was finally of age so that he can now claim her even though everyone knew from the very first time that she was his but now with her being of age he can finally have he as his “O’l Lady”.

Life seems to be going great for Jordan and Lucy until she bumps into her sister, the one person she trusts betrays her.

Lucy’s world is forever changed.

Lucy will never be that same.

The Lucy we loved is no longer there.

She is beyond broken.

She is Numb.

She doesn’t feel.

It’s like she’s dead.

“I just want to be at peace.
I don’t want to be in pain anymore.
I want to be free.
I want to fly.”

Can Lucy come back from the torture she endured?

Can Jordan save her?

Can she become the person she needs to be?

“A new attitude.
A new outlook on life.
A new Lucy.

We loved Lucy and Jordan aka Whip’s story we thought it was ok we weren’t really into as much until we hit about 65% and then the book just did a complete 360 with a kicker and drew us straight into it to the point we could feel the pain the heartbreak the brokenness, the turmoil we were taken on such an emotional roller coaster that our tears were flowing so hard we had to stop and have a breather and pull ourselves together.

Thank you Alexis for taking us on a ride we can’t wait to see where the MC takes us next!!

5 Stars

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Our Book Review – Blizzard: (The Brotherhood Journals Book One) – Addison Jane


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **

Blizzard is Vice President of The Brothers by Blood Motorcycle Club. He’s everything you’d expect a bikie to be, big bad and tattooed.

Rose is a part of the biggest mafia family in The US, the De Palma’s. She knows she doesn’t belong, but she has De Palma blood running through her veins. She knows where she’d rather be, but first she must right a terrible wrong.

This is Blizzard and Rose’s story.

Blizzard knows the MC has the mafia on their backs, and he’s as nervous as hell. After what they did to Chelsea, the presidents old lady, he knows they are capable of anything. What he can’t seem to get his head around, is Rose. And the fact that she helped her father get to Chelsea in the first place. How could the woman he let into his club, not to mention his head and heart, betray them this way? More to the point, Why?

When Rose overhears a conversation, she knows this is her only chance to make things right again. She just has to convince all involved that she is the right person for the job.

A rival MC club, The Vicious Vultures, have taken 15 year old Lane, and what they plan on doing to her is, let’s just say the club isn’t call Vicious for nothing.

When Blizzard was younger, he watched his mother leave the club, and him. The years following were filled with abuse and beatings from his alcoholic father. But Blizzard didn’t know the full story, but he was about to find out.

When Judge, the president of an out of state chapter of BBB (Brothers by Blood), and his old lady Jackie, approach the club to ask for their help in locating their daughter, Blizzards past is about to resurface, in more ways than one.

Jackie is Blizzards mum, and the missing daughter is his half sister, Lane.

And Judge and Jackie already have someone to help them get their daughter back, Rose.

As soon as Blizzard lays eyes on Rose, he knows that whatever it was they had in the past, isn’t over, but she has a job to do, even if he doesn’t want her to put her life in danger.

What follows is days of training for Rose, and she has to get get this absolutely perfect, for not only is she trying to save Lanes life, but she must also try and not get herself injured, or worse, killed.

Will Rose be successful in this somewhat death mission?

And will Blizzard ever forgive her for what she did in the past?

Will they find their happy ever after with each other?

With twists and turns throughout the story, we found this book thoroughly enjoyable. At times it had us on edge, and other times had us reading into the small hours, not wanting to put it down.

We highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a really good suspense story.

A definite 4 star read

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Our Book Review – The Absolution Of Aidan (The Syndicate Series #3) – Kathy Coopmans


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **

This is Deidre’s story.

One year.
365 days.
That’s how long it’s been since you’ve seen him.
That’s how long it’s taken to overcome the nightmares, the fears, the scars.
That’s how long it’s taken you to heal from your kidnapping, your beatings.
You’re stronger now.
You have purpose.
Now it’s time to return.
But more importantly you have a secret that needs to be shared.
You can’t keep it to yourself any more.
It’s time he knows the truth.
It’s time to face him.

This is Aidan’s story.

One year.
365 days.
That’s how long it’s been since you’ve seen her.
That’s how long it’s been since that one night that completely broke your heart and splintered her soul.
That’s how long you’ve yearned to see her, to make sure she’s okay.
Little do you know that her return will irrevocably change your life forever.

Welcome to Deidre and Aidan’s world.

A world of heartache and pain.
A world of fear and darkness.
A world of trust and hope.
A world of unconditional love.

Add to that a pregnancy, a spiteful mother, a vengeful brother, kidnappings, attempted murders (yes that’s plural) and a secret that will turn worlds upside down you’re in for one hell of a read.

Again Kathy Coopmans has given us an amazing read in this novel. We absolutely loved it. We couldn’t put it down. It’s raw, gritty, breathtaking, heartwarming, heart- breaking, full of suspense. We laughed, we cried, we held our breath.
We fell in love with Deidre and her strength and determination to survive.
We fell in love with Aidan and his ability to be so strong, but yet so vulnerable.
We fell in love with them both with their constant banter…….And the sex…..Off the damn charts sinfully delicious.

Overall Kathy has given us another amazing instalment in the Syndicate Series. We loved, loved, loved it.

A definite 5 star read.

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