Our Book Review – Fallacy (Apprehensive Duet 1) – Kimberly Bracco


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **

She’s young.
She’s beautiful. 
She’s highly independent and extremely driven.
She’s single.
She loves her life.
Relationships are so not her thing.
Attachment a no go zone.
She’s a one night girl.
No strings attached.
No feelings involved.
She takes what she wants then moves on.
One night is all anyone will ever have with her.
It has to be that way.
She will never let any one close to her.
She will always make sure her heart is protected.

Her name…….Quinn.

He’s young.
He’s sinfully gorgeous.
He’s independent and extremely driven.
He’s single.
He loves his life.
One nighters are all he has been interested in.
No stings attached.
No feelings involved.
But he wants more.
Surely there is more to life than a string of one night stands?

His name……Alex.

Quinn and Alex. So very different. So very unique in their ways. 
One night will forever change them.
One night together will change their lives.
One night together will change absolutely everything.

Welcome to their world.
A world full of trust and hope.
A world full of secrets.
A world full of deep scars.
A world full of heartache and pain.
A world of bad choices.
A world of broken hearts.
A world of love.

You name it, Fallacy has got it. We absolutely loved it. From beginning to end we couldn’t put it down. We were completely transfixed. We laughed, we cried, we held our breath. We could feel the emotion pouring out of the pages. It’s raw, confronting, highly emotional and downright sinfully delicious……Like drooling, omfg sinfully delicious. 
We fell in love with Quinn and her no nonsense, say how it is attitude. 
We fell in love with Alex and his strength and determination and never give up attitude.
We fell in love with both Quinn and Alex and their story.
But guys please be prepared……The ending is a cliffy of all cliffy’s. It was so bad we wanted to throw our kindle out the window…….WE JUST WANTED MORE!!

We highly recommend Fallacy to be on everyone’s TBR list. You will definitely not be disappointed. 

A HUGE 5 star read.

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