Our Book Review – Before The Lies (A Prequel to the Truth Series) – Elaine May


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **

Have you ever read a novel so heartbreaking that it shatters your heart into a million pieces?

Have you ever read a novel so breathtakingly beautiful that it simply takes your breath away?

Have you ever read a novel so raw and confronting that it leaves you utterly speechlees?

Have you ever read a novel so sinister, manipulative and evil that it leaves you questioning everything?

Well we just found it.

Before The Lies is a prequel to the Truth Series.
For all of those who have read the Truth Series we know about Isla and her amazing story.
But what happened prior?
Where did it all begin?
How did Isla evolve?
What was her mother Rosa like?
What did she endure?

The answers are in this amazingly written novel that had us simply captivated from beginning to end.
It’s raw, highly confronting, powerful, heartbreaking, heartwarming, just an amazing read.
It tells a tale of a young girl living in hell and makes the decision to trade her current hellish life to a new one.
It tells a tale of a young girl grasping at anything she can to feel love.
It tells a tale about a girl who goes from one nightmare straight into another.
It tells a tale about hope.
It tells a tale about trust.
It tells a tale about love.

You name it, this novel has it.

Elaine May has given us an absolute gut wrenching read that shouldn’t be missed. Her writing ability and stength had us clinging onto every word read, every page turned. She held us hostage with her beautifully descriptive and in-depth words. We were absolutely flawed by this novel.

To Elaine we say thank you.
Thank you so much for giving Rosa a voice.
Thank you for sharing her story.
Thank you for giving us Before The Lies.

A definite 5 star read.

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Our Book Review – A Thousand Boy Kisses by Tillie Cole



It’s not often that you come across a novel that has the ability to completely move you.
It’s not often that you come across a novel that has the ability to shatter your heart into a million pieces.
It’s not often you come across a novel so raw and confronting that it will simply take your breath away.
And it’s not at all often you will find a novel so compelling, so heart felt, so beautifully heartbreaking that it will leave you speechless.

These novels are rare, unique, lack of a better word….But A Thousand Boy Kisses has it all.

We refuse to even delve in to what this novel is about, except to say this.

Love is a very unique thing. Love can either make you whole, or completely destroy you. Love can do both of those simultaneously. Love can make you feel warm, needed, desired, wanted.
It can also make you feel alone, angry, hurt and scared.
But if it’s true love, it will survive anything, any situation. Love will conquer above all else.

A Thousand Boy Kisses is a must read. It will leave you breathless, heartbroken, speechless, afraid, scared, warm, happy, sad….Every single emotion you can think of you will feel it reading this amazing novel.
It will forever stay with you.
It will be forever etched into your soul.
It will be forever ingrained in you.
Just like it has us.

We can’t recommend this novel highly enough. It’s beyond 5 stars. It’s beyond anything we ever imagined.
It will stay in our hearts always.

5 stars.

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Our Book Review – Dissident (Bellator Saga #1) by Cecilia London


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **

The world of American politics is a tricky business. Full of unexpected surprises and betrayal. I will be the first to admit that I know next to nothing about American politics nor the ins and outs of senators or representitives. So I was somewhat hesitant to read this book in the fear that I would be lost and not get the gist of the story.

That’s wasn’t the case at all. Cecilia London has done an awesome job at keeping the political jargon to a minimum, at the same time as using just enough, to get the point across.

We first meet Caroline and Jack as they are trying to escape from someone. At this stage we are kept in the dark as to their identity/ies. Caroline is seriously injured but urges Jack to keep going and get back to the children. Not long after this Caroline’s entire world goes black.

Rewind to the past, and we learn that Caroline has lost her husband, and is raising two daughters on her own. She has a high profile job, that is demanding of her and her time. When she first meets Jack, her first thoughts of him are not nice thoughts at all.
During a party press conference, she lets not only Jack, but the wide American audience, exactly what she thinks of one Mr Jack McIntyre.

A year later, their paths cross again at a New Year’s Eve party, where they both find they can get along much better.

But Caroline is not ready for whatever it is that Jack has to offer her. But she knows that the more time she spends with him, the more in love she falls.

Meanwhile, present day, the doctor in charge of Caroline’s care, after she is found barely alive, and taken to a hospital, is murdered. Maureen, the nurse employed to also care for Caroline, realises there is something seriously wrong with the whole situation, and that Caroline is in very serious danger. Maureen has a plan ( although we don’t get to read about it) and hopefully she can pull it off.

Back to a year earlier, and Caroline and Jack are now a couple, but when Caroline finds out that Jack is keeping something from her, something so big that it will change both their lives, she breaks up with him.

While I found the first part of the book quite slow, by the middle, it started to pick up and was much easier to read.

Hopefully in part two, Maureen will finally divulge us in her plans.

Will Caroline and Jack work things out?

And what became of Jack after he left Caroline alone?

Can’t wait to start reading book 2.

A definite 4 star read.

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** Review provided by Kylie from Bloggers From Down Under **


Our Book Review – White Waves (The Waves Trilogy #2) Shannon O’ Connor


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **

Ohh guys what a read.
After reading the first instalment, we were a little worried about reading this second instalment in The Waves Trilogy series.

But ohhh boy what an absolute ripper of a read.
We were absolutely captivated from beginning to end.

It starts straight off where Red Waves left us.
Audrey and Chad are still making their relationship work. They are both learning to trust each other, share their secrets and pain, both opening up old wounds. They want this to work because the love they share is unique and rare. A gift from the heavens.

But what happens when their pasts become a part of their present?
What happens when Chad and his playboy ways come back?
What happens when Audrey’s ex husband resurfaces?
Can Audrey survive it all again?
Can Chad leave his old ways behind?

Add to that a blackmailing photographer, scandalous photos, a conniving stepmother, a disgruntled co-worker, beatings and cold hard revenge you are in for an absolute killer read.

White Waves…..All we can say is WOW!
We absolutely loved it. We couldn’t put it down
We felt more connected to the storyline and the characters in this instalment.
Our hearts broke for Audrey and her crippling past.
We felt for Chad and his shame that he carried about his past.
We laughed our butts off with the banter between them both.
And we got….What can we say….Hot and bothered maybe…..Yep that’s right guys it’s sinfully delicious, like panty melting, scorching hot!

We can’t thank Shannon O’Connor enough for giving us the opportunity to read and review White Waves. We absolutely loved it.
But we will say this….


A definite 5 star read.

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Our Book Review – Red Waves (The Waves Trilogy #1) by Shannon O’Connor


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **

Meet Audrey Brown.
She’s young.
She’s beautiful.
She’s career driven.
A registered nurse, Audrey spends all of her time working, helping others. 
She loves her job.
There isn’t room for anything else.
Her love life….Non existent.
Audrey refuses to allow anyone in.
Her heart will forever be closed off.
Her past made sure of that.
Or more to the point, her ex husband made sure of that.
Her scars run deep, not only physically, but emotionally.
She will never allow another man hurt her again.

This is until she meets him.

Meet Chad Slater.
He’s young.
He’s sinfully delicious.
A pro-surfer, Chad loves the ocean.
It’s his passion, his work, his life.
He’s also a player, no strings attached kind of guy.
Take them , then leave them.
My playboy,just the way he likes it.

This is until he meets her.

An accident on the waves Chad and Audrey’s world will collide.
A chance encounter will change Chad and Audrey’s world.
They have spark.
They have chemistry.
They also have a past.
Audrey knows it, Chad just doesn’t realise it yet.

Can Audrey open her heart?
Can Chad break down the walls that Audrey has firmly kept in place for years?
Can Chad change his playboy ways and reputation?
Will anything ever become of Chad and Audrey, or will the secrets and lies that will be unearthed be enough to destroy them before they begin?

This is Chad and Audrey’s story.

We thoroughly enjoyed Red Waves, the first novel in the Waves Trilogy Series. 
A great read from beginning to end. We laughed at the banter between the characters. We loved the way we could feel the chemistry between Chad and Audrey. We were amazed at Audrey’s strength and determination. We fell in love with Chad and his vulnerable side.

On a negative (which we hate when there is a negative) we found it a bit of a struggle to understand some of the plots twists within the story. Yes a novel is fiction, but with Audrey’s extremely confronting past, we found it a little hard to believe the instant connection between Chad and Audrey and how easy Audrey found it to allow her walls to come down. 
We also found at times that the storyline felt a little rushed so at those points we struggled to connect with the characters and the situations.

Overall Red Waves was a delightful read. We are looking forward to the next instalment.

For us a 4 star read.

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Our Book Review – Decipher By Michelle Irwin




**arc received for honest review**

After book 2 we were left with a bit of a cliffhanger so we were so glad when we seen this book we love Dec and Alyssa’s story.

Alyssa is gone.
Declan is alone.
Life empty.
He needs her.
He wants her.
His career gone.
No V8’s.
No driving.
His world is crushing down around him.
No Alyssa.
No Phoebe.
No cars.
Until she turns up on his door step.
His life.
His future his daughter.
His soul mate.

Alyssa realizes that what she read in the papers is all BS and she knows Dec wouldn’t cheat on her so she drives all the way from Brisbane to Sydney to get to Declan and to make sure he was ok.

After making up and realizing that they can overcome the papers and being chased by the paps life seems to be going great until Declan’s past starts to catch up with him and parts of a puzzle is starting to come together with Declan working out who is trying to destroy his career and his family, his future.

After Declan sets all the puzzle pieces together and puts a motion in play to out the ones that are trying to ruin him. Even knowing that it could risk his future with Alyssa by keeping it from her.

Will Declan’s plan pay off?
Or will he loose his family again?
Will he ever drive for Sinclair Racing?
Will Declan find a new race team?
That you will have to read to find out.

Once again we love Declan and Alyssa’s story we really hope there will be another, we love the roller coaster of emotion we are taken on with these 2 and we can’t wait to see if they get there happy ever after.

We loved their was a lot more interaction with Dec and Phoebe in this book she is such a beautiful little girl we hope we get to see her grow up!

Massive 5 stars

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Our Book Review – Brooklyn Rockstar By Jennifer Ann


**arc received for honest review**

Evelyn is from a small town she’s a country girl who has just moved to the big city in with a friend who she has never actually met until she arrives but they have spoken for over 2 years.

Evelyn moved to the big city to get away from her over protective and over bearing brothers, she wants to live a little and experience life.

Brooklyn is everything she imagined and more.

Charlie Walker is a big time rock star from Thrashtag, his hot as hell and a womanizer his your stereotypical Rockstar.

Charlie has a dark past he holds many secrets that take him to a dark place, secrets that hear bears all the weight of. Charlie’s bands tour is currently on hold as there drummer has gone missing.

Charlie has hired a PA to try and find him.

While the band is on hold Charlie tries to go solo for a bit but with a nosy reporter who doesn’t like the word NO starts to put his career in jeopardy.

The label decides to hold off on signing him after the reporter slams him and the Internet goes crazy.

Two worlds collide

An attraction

A spark

A flare

Evelyn and Charlie start off slow and develop a friendship with a few extras but they want to learn more about each other.

After a hot steamy weekend away with a sister that charges in and 2 nephews who need to learn some respect things seem to move full steam ahead.

With a kidnapping, being held at gun point, a death, paparazzis, secrets and an over bearing protective family this book was jammed pack we really enjoyed Evelyn and Charlie’s story.

The rest you will have to read to find out it’s a definite add to your TBR

You don’t have to worry about fitting into my life. I’ll figure out a way to make my life fit around you.”

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4 stars