Our Book Review – Bad Teacher – Clarissa Wild


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review provided by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

Ohhh lordy…..What a read.
Bad Teacher…..Damn!!

Thomas Hard.
He’s gorgeous.
A professor at a college…No rephrase that….He’s a TEACHER at a college.
He throws himself into his work to keep him busy. He also throws himself into women. And why?
To keep the memories away. So he can forget. So his past doesn’t keep replaying over and over again. It’s too painful. Almost suffocating.

So again he’s found himself at a bar, searching for his next fix. His next one night stand. His next f… You get what I mean!!
He sees her. So beautiful, young, carefree.
He will have her.
He will take what he wants.
Her body will be his.
For just one night.
No names exchanged, no numbers, just a night of pure pleasure.

Yeah right……

Walking into his class, never in a billion years did he expect to see her again.
The same beautiful girl who gave him his one night.
The same beautiful girl that gave herself over to him on his terms.
It’s her.
His student.
Hailey Walters.

Guys Bad Teacher…..It’s bad, it’s naughty, it’s raw. It’s hardcore, adulterated, high scale hotness that will leave you breathless. It’s dominance of the highest scale. It’s edgy and at times it humorous.
But it’s also confronting and at times heartbreaking. It’s emotionally charged and breathtakingly beautiful.
It’s everything and so much more.

Guys I couldn’t put it down. It had me hooked from beginning to end.
Thomas and Hailey, those two…..They had me in stitches with their continual banter. They left me breathless with their chemistry and desire. They left me completely shattered when their pasts were revealed and brought into their present.

A great read that shouldn’t be missed.

A 4 star read.

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Destiny Rocked By Kacey Hamford


**Received for honest review**

Scarlett is a young women who is a rock star she followed in her fathers foot steps who was a famous rocker.

Lett aka Scarlett come to fame after she snuck into her fathers studio and recorded a song with her best friend and the guy that she was madly in love with, but he only regarded her as a friend, little sister so she thought.

His dad was best friends with her dad and they were in the same band.

Ashton recorded Scarlett and left the recording behind and once it was discovered it has been tours and releases ever since which was about 10 years ago.

Scarlett and Ashton are pretty close his one of her security guards while she is on tour and out and about.

She loves him.

She wants him.

She needs him.

But doesn’t want to ruin there friendship.

Ashton has been in love with Scarlett since he can remember but he has let her do her thing until he cant take it anymore.

He wants her.

He needs her.

He has to have her.

Can the rock goddess and the security boy make it work?

Can they become more than best friends?

Will this ruin there friendship and his job?

That you will have to read to find out. We liked the book it wasn’t big would have been a great book if there were more details in the events that happened but it was pretty predictable. Good writing.

3 stars

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Our Book Review – Stand (Black Addiction #3) by T. Gephart


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review written by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

Omfg…..T Gephart has done it again!

Stand…What can I say other than this novel, the last in the Black Addiction series left me reeling….I wanted more….I loved it!

In the last instalment of this amazing series we get to meet Max and Beth. 
They have been on again/off again for years. Their relationship status, well they kinda don’t have one. Every time they see each other, when Beth is home from college they always find their way back to each other.
But why the no commitment?
Because Beth know that’s it’s just a matter of time before Black Addiction, and Max the bass player will make it big, going global. She will never hold him back. This is what Max has always wanted. So Beth makes the heartbreaking decision to let Max go. It’s time for them to create their own success…..Apart.

Move forward  four years. Max and Black Addiction are kicking butt in the music world, while Beth has followed her dream and finally left the Bronx and moved into upscale New York becoming a teacher.
Both Max and Beth have made it.
They have followed their dreams.
But they have never been far from each others thoughts.

But one chance encounter, or would we call it fate will change the course of Max and Beths life forever.
Their worlds are about to collide.
They will come face to face in the most unusual of circumstances.
And when they do , believe me guys you have one explosive read.

They have chemistry.
The need, desire and want is there.
But why is Beth holding back?
Why is she so afraid to give herself to Max?
Can Max chip away the layers of Beths mind and find their happily ever after together?
Or will it all be for nothing?
And who will stand in their way?
Who is lurking in the shadows that wants nothing more than to destroy them?

No that’s it…..That is all I am giving you guys because you have to read Stand….It’s a must.

Again I was completely awe struck, I couldn’t put it down. It was sheer brilliance. Full of emotion, again I found myself laughing my butt off, and I mean tears streaming, page blurring laughing. I held my breath quite a few times yet again, thinking no freaking way, that didn’t, no I must of read it wrong. It was simply captivating in every sense of the word. 
And again which I absolutely loved, is the execution of the story. Full of depth I could feel every emotion, every heart break, every comical situation the characters often found themselves in. But what I just loved the most…..The twist, yes guys there is a twist and for the life I me I did not see coming, it blew me away.

Guys seriously a MUST read for everyone. It has everything and so much more. You won’t be disappointed, trust me…..You’ll love it.

If only I could rate this higher….I seriously would this is beyond 5 stars!


A huge sinfully delicious, heart-felt, lighthearted, I want more 5 star read.

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Our Book Review – Unwritten (Unwritten #1) – Lauren Runow


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **

Charlie’s had a pretty tough life, until now. His parents were killed in a car crash, which sees him all alone in the world. His life has just been turned upside down, and he has no family what so ever. He’s taken in by the parents of one of his friends and for a short time he feels part of a family again.

When life see Charlie living out of his car, he is saved once again by Ms Divine, and San Fransisco’s most sought after male escort is born.

Charlie now lives the high life, having sex with beautiful women, for obscene amounts of money. Life couldn’t be any better.

Allison first spots him at a concert. When she sees him again a few days later, she can’t believe her luck. This man his seriously HOT and he’s sitting here making polite conversation with her.

A friendship, with a mutual love of music, soon develops, and when feelings start surfacing, get ready for a roller coaster ride!!!

Charlie is smitten, but he cannot tell Allison what he does for a living.

Allison is confused by Charlie’s actions. Everything is telling her that he wants her as much as she wants him, but every time they get close, he runs.

As if this isn’t enough to deal with, wait until you find out who Ms Divine really is, and the terrifying consequences Charlie’s lifestyle will have on their relationship.

The first part of the Unwritten Series is fast paced, with its fair share of ups and downs, sensationally written and seriously sexy. Cannot wait to start the next book ……..

A sinfully delicious 5 star read

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Our Book Review – Black Widow (Club Bridge #1) by Lauren Runow


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **

Kamii spends her days immersed in either her work or the latest erotic novel downloaded to her kindle. Since her marriage ended in tragedy, she spends her time alone, with only her book boyfriends to keep her company.

Preston owns a sex club, but he is a man with a painful past. He watched his wife take her own life when their lifestyle got in the way of their marriage. He has never forgiven himself, and the club gives him the release he craves without guilt.

When their worlds collide, everything is going to change for Kamii and Preston. They must both deal with past hurts and the lies that are uncovered……..and not everyone will survive.

An absolute riveting read that has its fair share of twists and turns. A definite page turner that will have you guessing right until the very last page.

A definite 4 star read.

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Our Book Review -Fair Game – Emerson Rose


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review written by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

Wow….Just wow!!
That’s how Fair Game left me after finishing it. 
Absolutely loved it. 
A freaking amazing read.
Damn….It’s that good.

In Fair Game we were introduced to Amethyst and Adam.
Amethyst a nurse, her speciality rehabilitating sports stars.
Adam a professional NFL player.
These two are brought together because Adam has an injury that requires care, and only Amethyst will do.
Amethyst while thinking she is going to Florida has to divert and fly to Virginia to help Adam rehabilitate and get back in the game.
Sounds simple yes?

Well believe me it’s anything but simple. It’s complicated…..Off the charts complicated.
You see they know each other. They have since they were just little kids in a playground at school. Their connection…..A thirteen year long one. They were lovers, best friends. They grew with each other. Made plans. They were each others soul mates.
But Adam changed the plan.
He changed the rules.
He changed everything.

Six years…..Six long years Amethyst has always wondered why? What did she do? Did she do something wrong? Wasn’t she good enough? Why did Adam just leave without a word, no reason, nothing? Just up and left?
Well Amethyst is ready for the answers. She need closure. She needs to move forward, and while taking care of Adam will be the hardest thing for her to do, she has to do this to close the gaping hole in her heart that Adam left all those years a go. 

But what will be revealed?
Will Adam tell Amethyst the truth?
How will Amethyst react?
Can Amethyst heal and move on?
Can Adam be forgiven?
What secrets will be revealed that will change absolutely everything for both Adam and Amethyst?
Will they get their happily ever after, or is the damage too great?

Guys you so need to read this…..It has everything and so much more. I was absolutely transfixed, I couldn’t put it down. I actually read it in one sitting it was that good. Emotionally charged it had me laughing my butt off, crying at the heartache and holding my breath. As novels goes it just simply had everything and so much more. 

But the kicker?

The ending…..Omfg not once did I see it coming….It seriously left me speechless with my mouth gaping thinking, no freaking way, that just did not happen. Brilliant guys, it was brilliant.

An absolute thrilling, lighthearted, emotionally charged, suspenseful, hold your breath read that shouldn’t be missed.

It’s a definite HUGE 5 star read from me.

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Our Book Review – Slide (Black Addiction #1) by T. Gephart


** Review provided by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

Meet Rusty Crawford.
Hot, charming, charismatic, sinfully delicious.
Lead guitarist of Black Addiction.
Music is his life.
He lives and breathes it.
It’s his passion.
But relationships…..Nup not at all.
There is never a shortage on women who want to ….Let’s say be friends with benefits with Rusty.
Just the way he likes it.

But a simple chance encounter at a bar will change everything.
She will change everything.

Meet Alison Williams.
She has everything she needs.
An amazing job as a paralegal.
A great boyfriend of two years.
Life couldn’t be better for Alison.
She has everything she wants.
Her life is safe, balanced, controlled.
But in the blink of an eye Alison will lose everything.
her life will be turned completely upside down.
But what Alison doesn’t know is her knight in shining armour is just around the corner.
No correct that…..Her fascination will be her knight in shining armour.
He will change everything.

Welcome to the world of Rusty Crawford and Alison Williams guys.

This novel….This….Is what I would call absolute brilliance. This novel had me gripped right from the very beginning. 
Yes rock star meets girl, has been done so many times before, but Slide is unique, rare and quite frankly nothing I have ever read before. 
It was absolutely nothing I had imagined it to be. It wasn’t clique, or predictable…..No Slide was extremely unpredictable, lighthearted, raw, confronting, but more importantly real. It focused around real life issues and real life struggles that most of us go through in everyday life. It took us on a journey of self belief and understanding. It took us on a journey of self discovery. But more importantly it took us on a journey of how we at times need to put our trust in ourselves that we deserve better, that we deserve more. 

And the execution…..Guys seriously it blew me away. I have never laughed so much with the banter between the characters and the situations they found themselves in.
I can’t tell you how many times I held my breath and had to re-read the words thinking….No freaking way that just did not happen.
And yes I also felt the tears spilling with the sheer heartache and trauma that the characters went through. 

Guys Slide has absolutely everything and so much more. A beautifully written novel with so much depth and meaning it just left me wanting more and more. 
I seriously can’t rate it high enough. If I could give it more that five stars I definitely would. It’s a read NOT TO BE MISSED!!

5 stars, 5 stars

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