First Crush (Dark Falkon #1) by J.O. Mantel


**Received for an honest review**

She want him.
She needs him.
She’s obsessed with him.
But he isn’t the one for her.

As much as Sienna is obsessed with Lukas Dark he isn’t the one for her, the one for her is standing right in front of her right under her nose and poor Jake is being driven crazy with jealousy.

Jake tries not to let on that he is mad for her and it does get pretty hard to do he wants to show her the real him so that she can see who he really is and fall head over hills in love with him.

Jake is hot as hell and sexy as sin and he wants her.

He needs her
He loves her.
Can Jake make her see the real him?
Will he succeed?
Who will Sienna choose?
Will it be Lukas?
Will it be Jake?

The story line of the book is good we found ourselves a little lost with some parts with who was talking and who wasn’t but for a first book it was great.

4 Stars

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