Our Book Review – Mistrust by Margaret McHeyzer


** Review written by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

Margaret McHeyzer has done it again.
Again like her novel Ugly, which impacted me on every level, Mistrust did the exact same thing and is nothing short of absolute sheer brilliance that left me completely breathless and quite frankly shattered me to my very core.

We meet Dakota.
She is young, beautiful, smart, popular at school, has an abundant of great friends, a cheerleader and her boyfriend Levi is just dreamy. She is so in love. An what is even better is prom night is coming.
Dakota is so excited she cannot wait.
She has waited so long for this night.
But what is supposed to be every girls special night with her boyfriend and friends, turns into a nightmare that no young girl should EVER have to deal with or live with.

I don’t want to give much away about this novel, but believe me when I say it is a MUST read, not only for us adults, but for young girls and guys too for that matter. I would even go as far as saying that it should be a part of every school curriculum world wide. And why?
Because Mistrust takes us on a real life journey of when a young girls trust is shattered.
It takes us on a journey of a young girls innocence completely broken.
It tells the story of a young girl hurting, betrayed, disgusted within herself and doubting everyone around her.
It tells a story of a beautiful young girl who no longer lives, but simply exists, trying to get through a day.
Mistrust is raw, gritty, and at times highly confronting which I am sure would cause triggers for some readers, but this is real guys…..This is what young girls of today are faced with…..This is what young girls need to hear….This is what young girls need to know, because as they say knowledge is power, and if every young girl knows about the dangers lurking in the shadows, they can do so much more to protect themselves, and know that they are never alone. 

A brilliantly executed read that will hit you right where it hurts……Because this is reality.

A 5 star read

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Our Book Review – Blame It On The Shame – Ashley Jade


** Review written by Kylie from Bloggers From Down Under **

What would you do if the very man that you thought had saved you years before, actually turned out to be worse than the situation he saved you from?

The answer for most of us would be simple, we would leave. But what if said man was one of the most feared mob bosses, and you were his lover/prisoner?

Not such a simple solution anymore is it?

But when Bruno sends Lou-Lou to the city with strict instructions to cause a rift between his son and his “brothers”, Lou-Lou sees it as her freedom. Until she realises the horrible truth, that if she messes up, she dies.

This is an edge of your seat kind of read that will take you into the world of underground cage fighting, mob bosses and the realisation of what love really is.

Another exceptional read from Ashley with an ending that leaves you wanting more.

5/5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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Our Book Review – Furious Rush by S. C. Stephens


**arc received for honest review**

I love you for everything you are, and everything you do. And I understand it doesn’t change anything.

What would it be like to have the world on your shoulders, the pressure from a sporting legend, the survival of your dream weighing you down, everyone that works with you depending on your skills, ability and placement.

This is the what Mackenzie Cox feels everyday. Mackenzie is the daughter of racing legend Jordan Cox, she races for her fathers team Cox Racing who is in financial troubles. This is her first year of pro racing and she needs to place well to gain sponsors to keep her fathers garage going.

His counting on her.

She needs to win.

She needs to keep her dream going.

She needs to hold on to her family dream.

She needs to hold on to her family memories.

She needs to hold on to the memory of her mother.

Mackenzie is always trying to please her father she trains hard and works out hard but it never seems to be good enough for him he never praises her on the job that she has done he is always telling to do better try harder no matter how well she does he constantly reminds her that the team and the fate of the garage is resting on her results.

Mackenzie lives a simple strict life she stays on routine but little did Mackenzie realize that by going to save her best friends from a jamm was about to change her future when she sees him!!

She sees him.

She is mesmerized by him.

She needs to know more.

She is risking her career by being here.

She needs to see him ride.

Hayden Hays hasn’t had the most simple upbringing he was tossed around from foster home to foster home as a child until he met Izzy and Tony. They become his family even if hangout aka Tony was shady, Hayden raced in the illegal street races to win money for Izzys daughter he couldn’t let them down even if he did just go pro, that money wasn’t enough.

He sees her.

He wants her.

He cant have her.

Hayden signs up with the Benneti Race team which is Cox’s race team number one enemy for many reasons so Mackenzie is a definite no go zone. After a few encounters and a few chance meetings Mackenzie and Hayden decide they will practice together at night while no one is around, they seem to have better results when there against each other.

The heat between Mackenzie and Hayden is scorching hot there like a forbidden fruit, you want it but you cant have it…… or can you??

“I love you for everything you are, and everything you do. And I understand it doesn’t change anything.

There were many twists and turn, crashes, scandal’s, trust issues, secrets and heart breaks throughout the book that had us guessing all the way through the book. It showed us love can concur all but at a cost.

It showed no matter what side of the tracks you come from that two people from two different worlds can find love in each other and can share the same passion, that love has no bounds and no matter what anyone does and says love will prevail if you’re willing to sacrifice For it.

As always beautiful written, we were taken on a beautiful love story with some amazing kick arse sex scenes. Thank you SC for an amazing read and a roller coaster ride.

5 stars

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Our Book Review – Declan Reede: The Untold Story: (Complete Series) by Michelle Irwin


**received for honest review**

Have you ever read a series and never wanted it to end?

Have you ever read a series where you feel like the people are real?

Have you ever read a series that makes you feel like the characters are your friends?

That’s the way this series makes you feel, you will fall in love with every character and it will just keep you wanting more and more.

The start of series Declan and Alyssa were teenagers he had a dream a passion to become a pro V8 supercar driver, Alyssa didn’t necessarily agree she thought he should goto college.

With many twists and turns throughout the series it had you wanting more and more. It made you want to kill Declan at times with his bull crap selfishness and his sucky attitude and wanted us to hug Alyssa and help her out like she was a real friend (Crazy I know but that how it felt) but in the end love prevails and Declan man’s up and Allyssa opens her heart up to Dec again even when the road is bumpy, true love concurs all.

This Novella made us fall in love with Declan all over again, we love the man that he has now become and the dad that he is now, it’s a beautiful love story with lots of kickers with a fight to the finish line.

It’s an amazing series to watch to people growapart and then together, it’s a beautiful fairy tale that you can’t get enough of.

Michelle writing as always never disappoints she is able to take you to the moments in the book where you feel like your standing there watching it all unfold some parts have you in tears of joy some have you in tears of sorrow and heart break. It’s an emotional roller coaster and an author that we would read anything from.
This is a must read series and a must follow author we can’t wait to see the next stages of the series to see where it takes us.

Thank you Michelle for an amazing read

5 Massive Stars

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Our Book Review – Deadly Hunt (Deadly #1) by K.L. Humphreys


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review written by Kylie from Bloggers From Down Under **

Sophia is being tortured. The pain and suffering she is enduring is nothing short of horrific. She’s watched her best friend murdered in front of her eyes, he’s laying motionless in the corner. Day after day they come back to try to break her. But Sophia is strong and there is no way in hell she’s going to let this bastard win. She will never forget his face or his voice, and it will haunt her in the days, months and years to come. This is Afghanistan. This is the U.S Army. This is Sophia’s story.

On her return to US soil, to the family she left behind, and to her two closest friends, it’s good to have her back. Damaged and somewhat withdrawn, but back home none the less.

What she returns to is her two girlfriends at war with each other. Just as Sophia is not willing to talk about what she went through, neither are Winter and Maddie. Sophia has no idea what has happened between the two of them, but expects it must be something big, and as much as she would love to get to the bottom of their problems, she has troubles of her own.

On a rare night out, she meets Nathan and both their worlds are about to be turned upside down and all of it wont be good.

The man who is front and centre of all Sophia’s nightmares is in the US and he only has one thing on his mind…….to finish the job he started in Afghanistan.

Not everyone will survive.
Friends will become bitter enemies.
Confidants will become rivals.

In a fast paced read, the lives of Sophia and all she comes into contact with will be put on the line.

Even though it was a little hard to get into, I’m glad I stuck with this book, and wasn’t disappointed with the outcome. An entertaining read.

4/5 🌟🌟🌟🌟

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Our Book Review – Blame It On The Pain by Ashley Jade


** Review written by Kylie from Bloggers From Down Under **


“Pain. It hurts us. It pushes us. It punishes us. Or, for the few poor souls out there like me…..it defines us.
Yes, I’ve taken a life……..and I would do it again in a heartbeat”

Not for a long time, has a story held me spellbound and entirely captivated from the very first paragraph, to the epilogue.

Anger, tears, joy and utter elation were all emotions I experienced over the course of a day whilst reading this exceptionally written masterpiece.

Jackson and Alyssa may not welcome you in with open arms, but I guarantee by the end of the book, you will love them, along with all their faults, brokenness and their loyalty for each other.

There will be no spoilers in this review, only an extremely high recommendation that you grab yourself a copy and get comfortable, for once you start, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to put it down.

Sensational 5/5🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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Our Book Review – Ugly by Margaret McHeyzer


** Review written by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

Meet Lily.
Young, just twelve years old.
She should be enjoying life, going to school, socialising with friends. just simply being a young girl.
But she isn’t.
She’s living in hell.
She’s living with a monster.
Each day is the same.
Always hungry, always fearful that he’ll come for her.
She lives in fear.
Death would be so much better.
Lily prays for it, the darkness, the stillness to take her pain away.
But it never comes.

This is the life of a girl abused at a level so many suffer from each and every single day.

This is Lily’s story.
This is her voice.

Ugly…Guys this hurt….And I mean hurt beyond hurt. My chest ached, I ugly cried, it hurt to breathe.
And I absolutely loved every minute of it.

It’s extremely rare and unique that a novel can capture you and take you hostage just by reading the prologue, but Ugly did.
From the first word to the very last I was transfixed, I honestly couldn’t put it down.

The emotion.
The subject matter.
The rawness.
The grittiness.
The detail.
Ugly had it all.

At times I’ll be honest I found some scenes distressing, but I pushed through and why?
Because Ugly is a perfect example of so many women and men in this world that are affected by domestic abuse. A real problem in the real world that I personally don’t believe is addressed enough.
So many victims are unheard, left to deal with the trauma on their own, suffering each and every single day because the fear grips them so tightly that they cannot see a way to claw themselves out of it. And yes although Ugly is fictional of sorts, this novel brings the subject of abuse to the forefront and shows us how people can survive and no longer be a victim.

Ugly is perfection on the highest of levels.
An absolute heart crushing read that will leave you just……Speechless because right now I have no words….You can’t put a label on brilliance.

An outstanding 5 star read.

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