Our Book Review – Neighbors (Twin Estates #1) by Stylo Fantome


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review written by Kylie from Bloggers From Down Under **

When Katya and her room mate Tori decide to set up a profile on a dating website for Katya, little did they know the heartbreak it would lead to.

Katya is a well respected baker in San Fransisco. Her life is not overly exciting, just work, meetings with clients and down time with her room mate. But life is about to change for Katya, in the form of two high profile, gorgeous men. Men who wouldn’t usually look at a woman like Katya, until now.

Liam is the owner of a sex club, and he also owns the apartment block that Katya lives in. When he sees her profile, he doesn’t hesitate in asking her out. The night they have together is nothing short of sizzling. Liam has Katya doing things she would never dream of doing.

The following day, Katya is surprised to run into her old neighbour Wulfric. Why would he remember shy, quiet and younger Katya? But to her surprise, he does, and sets up a date with her.

Now Katya is dating two men at the same time, but her feelings are becoming stronger for one man, and after they spend an amazing night together, she tells him of her feelings.

Imagine her surprise when what seemed so perfect, is ruined a mere few hours later. How Katya loses the two men is heart wrenching, but you won’t be able to put the book down.

This is the first book I’ve read by Stylo, and hopefully it won’t be my last. Her style of writing is absolutely mesmerising, and while on one page she’s ripping your heart out, the next she has you sobbing uncontrollably.

A book I simply couldn’t put down, but alas all good things must end, but obviously not yet, as the book ended with the possibility of a further story. I’m keeping everything crossed that this is the case.


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Spiralling Skywards By Lesley Jones


**Received for honest review**

We are so not liking writing this review because we absolutely love this author and have read all her books but this one just didn’t quite do it for us.

Liam Delaney has moved to the UK to set up a business with his best friend Luke he arrived a few days early for his best friends surprise birthday party and that’s when he sees her.

Those curves. That waist. Those tits. That face.

He wants her.

He needs her.

He craves her.

But it’s his best friends little sister.

He can’t go there.

But he needs to.

Sarah Carter is a young women that had a rough start not that she remembers much thanks to her amazing brother Luke who took care of her when she was born. Sarah’s mother suffered server depression and could take care of her so that when Luke who at the time was around 8 stepped up and took care of his little sister, he feed her, cleaned her, clothed her and done the best he could to take care of her. Sarah and Luke’s mother passed away and they went and lived with their grandparents and after that they had a pretty good childhood. Sarah’s brother means the world to her so she organized a surprise 30th birthday for him and this is where she meets him.

She sees him.

She wants him.

She has no idea who he is.

She needs to know.

After a month of secretly dating the decide it’s time to stop hiding and come out and tell Luke that her and Liam are seeing each other but little did they realize when they get to Luke’s that there world was about to be tripped upside down with the visitor that was waiting.

All of everything about me, will now become all about you.

After a twist in there little fairy tale romance Sarah and Liam a ripped a part Liam was keeping a secret from her but will this be the end of the romance or will love concur all??

You are my life, so it’ll always take me right back to you.”

As always we love Lesley writing style but this book just didn’t do it for us completely we aren’t sure if its because Carnage is so highly rated by us and we had the bench set really high or if this book is just getting started with some real kickers in the next that follows. We look forward to seeing where the next book goes and if this one was just a warm up.

3 stars

Our Book Review – Teach Me To Prey by Samantha Jacobey


** Review written and provided by Kylie from Bloggers From Down Under **

Let me set the scene for you…….

Rebecca Stewart is being questioned in relation to the murder and the disappearance of three of her former students, one who just happens to be the father of her unborn child.

Throughout the school year things have been going wrong in Becky’s classes and she has a fair idea who the culprits are, Alex and Mark. When she decides on a little pay back of her own, she doesn’t expect to be almost fired from a job she usually loves. She takes little comfort in knowing that at least some of the students are looking out for her, or so it seems. One of these students is Jason.

After graduation, now that they are no longer student and teacher, mild flirting turns into a handful of dates. When Jason unexpectedly breaks it off with Becky, she knows there is more to their breakup than he is telling her. When she sees Jason with Alex and Mark, she plans to get to the bottom of this, and fast.

In a twist (that I won’t give away!!), the whole story changes and had me hooked, reading it until the end in one sitting.

Although confusing in some parts, and somewhat “jumpy” and hard to follow, I’m glad I stuck with it.

A quick read for those of us that like a little who done it and suspense in our stories.


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Our Book Review – Distrust – T.L. Smith


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review written by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

Two families at war.
Sworn enemies.
Blood will be shed.
The war has only just begun.
One family will ultimately be on top.
One man will be ruler of his empire and his men.
But at what cost?
Whos lives will be lost?
Whos heart will be broken?
Who will fall in love?
Who will make sure they get the golden prize?
Who will fall, and who will rise above it all?

These families, forever enemies, but forever entwined.

But why?

Again TL Smith has given us perfection. From the prologue I was completely drawn in. It had me hooked until the very end.

Raw, gritty, confronting to the extreme.
Nightmarish, stomach turning to the highest degree.
Evil, edge of your seat with twists all consuming to the soul.
Sexy, sinfully delicious and all things damn hot and heavy.

Distrust has all of that and so much more….And I mean so much more that I can’t even explain it.
It’s hard to review perfection, so writing this is tough, but please, I implore you….YOU NEED TO READ THIS!!
It will leave you completely spellbound, breathless and you will be left wanting more!

A huge 5 star read.

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Our Book Review – Ruin – Clarissa Wild


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review written by Gayle From Bloggers From Down Under **

Wow, just wow.
I’m completely lost for words, so you could only imagine the internal dilemma I’m facing writing my review for Ruin.
You see this is a true story, based on actual events, and as a reader I don’t believe any true story should be judged. Maybe it’s just me, but when you are reading real life, it’s a true honor that shouldn’t be rated.
This is real life. This is a story about two people with stories to be told, feelings to be shared, secrets to be revealed, but just not between each other, but with the world.
We are getting a glimpse of their pain, their thoughts, their struggles, their demons.
We are getting their life story.
We are able to feel every heartbreak, every moment, every choice they make.
We get to hear them.
That can never be judged.

As a blogger, Ruin for me was nothing short of absolute brilliant. I was captured from the prologue, and I couldn’t put it down.
I laughed, I cried, I held my breath. The emotion that I felt was nothing short of soul crushing that at times I was left breathless. My heart broke into a million pieces, my belly ached from the crazy banter, my heart ached. I felt everything and so much more.
Rating this, it seems criminal too, because as I said earlier this is real, and real should never be judged or graded.
This is a MUST read guys.
It doesn’t get any better than this.

5 stars.

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Our Book Review – Why You Should Travel The World – Conor Colburn


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review written by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

Okay so this story is a little different to anything that I have ever read. 
Consisting of only a forward and seven chapters, I was able to read it within fifteen minutes.
But what a powerful fifteen minutes it was.
This is a short story about Conor Colburn and what his life was like when he enlisted in the Army.
It tells of what is was like (and still is) being stationed at Fort Irwin, California.
It tells of the harsh desert.
It tells of life as a Private.
Its tells of what it’s like to return on leave to family.
It tells of what it’s like to return to the base.
It’s about brothers.

A great short story that gave me true insight as to what it’s like to enlist, working, and returning home as a Private

For me a 5 star read. 

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2dcafAd

Our Book Review – Fair Play – Emerson Rose


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review written by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

Meet Nick.
He’s smart, independent, a football star in his own right. 
He’s deliciously sexy, yummy in all the right places, but he is very single.
There is only one beautiful, young, vibrant and happy little girl that holds his heart in her hands. 
His daughter Scarlet.
She is his main priority. 
She is his main focus other than football.
They only have each other.
Nick will do anything and everything for his baby girl.

But on a flight home, Nick never in a million years would have guessed that he would find the one.
He would never have guessed that his beautiful little girl Scarlet will change everything for him.
Never in a million years did Nick ever think he would find her.
She will be his game changer.
She will change everything.
Nick and Scarlet will never be alone again.
They have found Tea.

A beautiful, young, very single, independent free-spirited woman, Tea is on a long flight to do a job. As a professional photographer, her work takes her to all corners of the world.
She loves her work, but she is finding it all a little suffocating. She wants to work for herself. But she doesn’t have to funds. So it’s on another plane ride again to follow the money.
Tea is used to this way of life.
But what she doesn’t bargain for is a beautiful little girl changing everything for her.
She doesn’t expect him.
Scarlet and Nick will be her game changer.

Welcome to Nick, Tea and Scarlet’s world. 

Wow, just wow. Fair Play what can I say…..A brilliant read that I just couldn’t put down.
I instantly fell in love with Nick and Tea, but Scarlet she just absolutely captured my heart and soul. 
A beautifully written novel, full of depth I could feel every emotion, every heartache, every fear and every tear shed.
It’s sweet, warm, at times heartbreaking, a little confronting and raw…..Oh and lets not forget very, very naughty. 
A highly recommended read for those of us who love a happily ever after.

5 stars. 

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