Spiralling Skywards By Lesley Jones


**Received for honest review**

We are so not liking writing this review because we absolutely love this author and have read all her books but this one just didn’t quite do it for us.

Liam Delaney has moved to the UK to set up a business with his best friend Luke he arrived a few days early for his best friends surprise birthday party and that’s when he sees her.

Those curves. That waist. Those tits. That face.

He wants her.

He needs her.

He craves her.

But it’s his best friends little sister.

He can’t go there.

But he needs to.

Sarah Carter is a young women that had a rough start not that she remembers much thanks to her amazing brother Luke who took care of her when she was born. Sarah’s mother suffered server depression and could take care of her so that when Luke who at the time was around 8 stepped up and took care of his little sister, he feed her, cleaned her, clothed her and done the best he could to take care of her. Sarah and Luke’s mother passed away and they went and lived with their grandparents and after that they had a pretty good childhood. Sarah’s brother means the world to her so she organized a surprise 30th birthday for him and this is where she meets him.

She sees him.

She wants him.

She has no idea who he is.

She needs to know.

After a month of secretly dating the decide it’s time to stop hiding and come out and tell Luke that her and Liam are seeing each other but little did they realize when they get to Luke’s that there world was about to be tripped upside down with the visitor that was waiting.

All of everything about me, will now become all about you.

After a twist in there little fairy tale romance Sarah and Liam a ripped a part Liam was keeping a secret from her but will this be the end of the romance or will love concur all??

You are my life, so it’ll always take me right back to you.”

As always we love Lesley writing style but this book just didn’t do it for us completely we aren’t sure if its because Carnage is so highly rated by us and we had the bench set really high or if this book is just getting started with some real kickers in the next that follows. We look forward to seeing where the next book goes and if this one was just a warm up.

3 stars


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