The Unknown Billionaire By Miranda P Charles


**arc received for honest review**

The charity game continues who will be next up in the captured by love game. Bets are place and with Marilyn being the keeper. Jade placed her bet on Jarryd and with that Marilyn face shows a little story that Jade picks up on. Marilyn tells Jade how a few weeks ago her and Jarryd were dating and having a great time then all of a sudden he calls it quits and uses the excuse that there is no spark!

 At their little gathering Jarryd receives a private call from his lawyer with some great news, the news now gives him the all clear to pursue Marilyn as he has found the last few weeks tortures’ without her.

Jarryd asks Marilyn to dinner to see if he can make their situation right and continue dating, but will Marilyn take Jarryd back after he broke her heart?

Will there spark rekindle?

Jarryd has to keep some secrets from Marilyn in regards to his birth mother and his inheritance until everything is final but will this be the secret that ruins their relationship?

Will Marilyn be ok with Jarryd’s secrets?

Will Jade win the game?

We are a little sad that this is the end of the series but once again another good book by Miranda!

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