Our Book Review – Unbound Faith (Bulletproof Series Book #1) by J.L. Baldwin


** Review written by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

Meet Zac.
Strong, independent, sinfully delicious.
He’s the full package, every girls dream.
A private investigator, Zac is sent to do a job.
All he has to do is keep a girl safe from the dangers lurking in the background.
Not hard at all.
He’s an expert.
He can do this.

But can he?

Meet Jayde.
She’s young, independent, a voluptuous beauty.
A journalist who loves to write, Jayde spends her days engrossed in words.
Living with her sister Sarah, Jayde has plans to move out and live on her own.
But she doesn’t see the dangers lurking.
So completely unaware that someone is watching her every move.

Will Jayde ever be safe from her tragic past?

Welcome to Zac and Jaydes world guys, because their worlds are about to collide.

Unbound Faith was a great read. Action packed, raw, confronting and all things yummy. It had everything that a reader could ask from a novel.
It was emotionally charged, heartbreaking and at times breathtakingly beautiful.

Overall a great read for those who love an action packed read with a side of deliciousness.

4 stars.

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