Our Book Review – Keep the Faith (Bulletproof Series Book #1.5) by J.L. Baldwin


** Received on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review written by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

Okay so before I get to my review please know that you need to read the first instalment in the Bulletproof Series to understand what this novella is about. 

On that note…..This, Keep The Faith has just rocked my world.

As we learn in the first instalment Jayde has been kidnapped by her enemy, a monster that had been lurking in the shadows, but Jayde had no idea. Taken from her co-worker Gwen, sister Sarah, her new love Zac and best friend Anna, Keep The Faith is their story, their voice, their emotions and life currently without Jayde in it.

Zac is completely going out of his mind, carrying so much guilt and blaming himself for her disappearance.
Gwen is trying as best she can to hold things together, but she’s struggling not seeing the bright and bubbly Jayde at work everyday.

Sarah and Anna. They are completely distraught. Sarah can’t work, and Anna has taken it upon herself to work at the paper that Jayde works for (and owns) to make sure that everything is kept running smoothly until Jayde is found.
Their priority is to find Jayde and bring her home.

But what the girls, both Sarah and Anna are simply not prepared for is The Lair. A local club that has many secrets behind it’s walls. A club that has them wanting and needing. A club that has drawn them in like a moth to a flame.
What is The Lair?
What will Sarah and Anna both discover?
What secrets will be revealed?
Ultimately, will they survive The Lair?

Guys seriously this novella had me from the start. Written in both Sarah and Anna’s POV, we get a huge insight of what both their lives are like without their beloved Jayde in it.
We get to share their heartbreak, their pain and their hurt. We get to share their way of coping and the struggles they both face living life without their girl in it. We feel their every emotion which at times simply takes your breath away and is heart crushing.

But there is a twist…..And that I am just not going to reveal, but I will say this.  It will leave you breathless, and why….Because it’s sinfully delicious, hardcore panty melting and off the charts naughty…..Ohh yeah it’s all kinds of kinky and it will leave you wanting more.

I seriously cannot rate this novella high enough. An absolute brilliant companion read to the first instalment, it has left me just wanting more and more.

5 stars.

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