Our Book Review – Disbelief (Smirnov Bratva #2) by T.L. Smith


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review written by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

It reaches all of us.
It’s finality.
The end.
Something that we don’t want to be touched by, but yet we are.
It’s unavoidable.

But what happens when Death is human, a living and breathing being?
A man who’s aura is dark, black.
A man so full of evil and hate.
A man with no emotion, detached from any feeling at all.
He’s someone you never want to meet.

But Pollie does and her life will irrevocably be changed forever.
Pollie and Death’s paths will cross.
Pollie will ultimately meet her Death.

This is their story, Pollie and Death which I have been absolutely dying to read.
And right now I have no words to describe the absolute impact Disbelief has had on me.
I knew going in that I was in for one hell of a ride as we were introduced to both Pollie and Death in Distrust.
Both polar opposites.
One pure and innocent.
One deadly dangerous.
And what I got…..Damn it’s left me freaking speechless.
Raw, confronting, emotionally charged, stomach turning, dark, vile, hardcore, evil, sinfully delicious, comical, breathtaking, heartbreaking….These are things that come to mind for me after reading Disbelief.
I was captivated by the pure hatred and evil that I could feel through every page turned.
I was mesmorised by the rawness, depth and detail.
I was taken on a utter and complete gut wrenching journey that left me wanting more.
The banter between both Pollie and Death was so amusing, I often found myself giggling my butt off.
The attraction between them both was explosive.
Everything about Disbelief was just perfection at the highest of levels.

Pollie and Death will stay with me always.
Their story forever etched in my heart.

5 stars, because quite frankly this highly gruesome, breathtakingly beautiful read deserves so much more.

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