Phobic By Michelle Irwin

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“I ain’t gonna leave an inch of you unloved tonight.”

What another amazing book by Michelle ant the end of Declan’s series i thought it was the end of it then we got a taste of phoebe we loved book 1 and book 2 just upped the anti we loved every moment of it as always we were taken on the journey along for the fast ride of Phoebe and Beau.

At the start of book 2 Phoebe has just made it to the US which even though her and Beau are no longer together she didn’t want to disappoint her parents, they worked really hard to get her the deal and the car so she was able to chase he (then) man all the way across the country.

When Phoebe arrives to her new work place to get to know her crew and car she was a little excited but little did she know what she was about to walk into.

“Ya gotta find the sweet spot. Find your rhythm.”

To put it mildly the new crew weren’t very impressed with her and then to find out that Beau is from the same original crew but racing the other car for the original owner makes her life a lot harder. The guys aren’t friendly at all and to say that Beau has spread some bullshit lies about her is an understatement.

Phoebe is hurting.

She’s heart broken.

She’s lost.

She had no one.

All alone in a different country. 

When she finally comes face to face with the man that broke her heart she gets the shock of her life!

Beau lied.

What do you do when you come face to face with the man that broke you?

The man that didn’t give you a reason?

The man that is now standing with another women?

Another women who is pregnant?

Not only is he standing with to a women who is pregnant with his arm around her, she is his fiancé and is carrying his child.

Phoebes world come crashing down again when her reality smacks her in the face at full throttle!

“I think you should do what Phoebe Reede does best.”

Do Phoebe an Beau stand a chance?

Will love concur all?

Or is this way to much for Phoebe to handle?

That you will have to read to find out!

We loved this book even throw we could have thrown the kindle with the ending as we will be left hanging until boom 3 comes out but it was so worth it.

Thank you Michelle for another 5 Star read!!


Our Book Review – Stain (King’s Harlots #2) by J.M. Walker


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

In the second instalment of JM Walkers The King’s Harlot Series, we are taken on Meeka and Ashers journey.
We briefly met both Meeka and Asher in Grit (Book 1), but in Stain, we get their story, their voice, and believe me when I say you are in for one hell of a ride.

Going undercover, both Asher and Meeka are trying their hardest to smash the syndicate that keeps taking women and selling them to the highest bidder. It’s a dark and dangerous world, but they both need this to end. There are too many women losing their lives, taken from their families. After saving Jays sister, it’s in their veins to save more.

But at what cost?
Who will come out alive?
What secrets will be revealed?
What will happen when the past and present collide?

Can Meeka trust Asher to keep her safe from the hands of evil?
Can Asher keep Meeka undamaged through it all?
Can Asher keeps his past at bay to do the job at hand?
Can they both as one help and save these women?
Can Asher and Meeka both survive the depths of hell?
Or is it too late?

Guys…..Stain, what can I say. I have sat here trying to articulate the best way I can and explain to you what Stain is about, but it’s hard for me to put it into words.

This novel completely broke me. It shattered my heart into a million pieces, my soul crushed. 
It’s gut wrenching, raw, gritty and highly confronting. At times it’s as disturbing as hell, painful and cringe worthy. It’s dark, twisted and gruesome. Their heartbreaking story had me finding it hard to breathe. 
But it was also heartwarming and breathtakingly beautiful with it’s hope, love and fight for survival that you could  feel with every page turned.

Overall Stain was one of the best reads for me for 2016, so full of depth and detail that it has left me speechless.

Asher and Meeka, my heart will stay with you both always. Your story……Breathtaking.

To JM Walker…..Thank you for given us as readers/bloggers a read that I can only describe as perfection.

5 stars

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Blog Tour – Hail Mary – Nicola Rendell

AP new - synopsis.jpg
At a boxing gym in Chicago, Mary Monahan accidentally knocks out the most handsome man she’s ever met. After she wakes him up with a few slaps and some smelling salts, the very first thing he does is ask her out for ribs and beer. His name is Jimmy. He looks like a Gillette model. And he’s just too hunky to resist.

Jimmy “The Falcon” Falconi is mystified that Mary has absolutely no idea who he is. Mystified and refreshed. He is, after all, not your everyday NFL quarterback. He shops at Costco, has a soft spot for Pinterest, and is in the midst of an epic losing streak.

Jimmy falls for Mary fast and hard, the way he does everything—balls out and like it’s fourth and long. And he realizes he’s finally met his match. That stamina he’s so proud of? Doesn’t stand a chance against her Kegels.

But what they don’t know is she’s also his new physical therapist, recently hired by the Bears to work on his rotator cuff…and groin injury. If she can’t help him, he’ll be traded faster than they can say “offensive penetration.”

In spite of the thousands of internet memes featuring Jimmy’s face with captions like: “HEY GIRL, WANT TO TOUCH MY BALLS?” Mary finds herself falling for him and his unrelenting desire to make her his.

Until a toddler shows up at Jimmy’s door.

And throws their lives into total chaos.


To the reader: Contents includes love, sweetness, naughtiness, honey, champagne, and an HEA. Safe.

With her hand in mine, I hail a cab on Fullerton. She isn’t saying much, and I like that. I like talking to her, getting dirty, watching her lose her words. Because I’ll tell you what, I’m planning on her losing a shitload more than that before I’m done with her. Losing everything to me. That’s the fucking plan.
The cabbie pulls off to the other side of the road a little way up from us and puts on his hazards to tell us he’s waiting. As we head for the crosswalk, I kick aside a drift from one of the plows, but it’s unsteady footing, icy and slick. As she begins to slip, her grip on my hand tightens.
“That’s enough of that,” I tell her, and scoop her up into my arms, newlywed-style.
She squeals and hangs on tight. She fits fucking perfectly in my arms, and I love the way she feels tight against me. Her fingers slip past my collar, and her fingernails dig gently into the back of my neck. “I can walk,” she says, mostly to my mouth. Then she raises her eyes. “It was just slippery.”
I don’t answer right away. I don’t want to come on too strong. I don’t want to scare her, but I don’t want there to be any fucking mistake at all about what I want or how I plan to get it. “I know you can. I’m sure you can do pretty much everything.”
Her eyes glisten, and I hoist her up a little higher in my arms. The walk signal starts flashing its hand as we get to the other curb. “I’m no shrinking violet.”
“Good. Because I’m going to need you to come strong for me tonight.”
Her body reacts before her face does, her back arching under my hand, that bend so delicate under my palm.
“Multiple times. Loudly.”
She presses her face to my chest and moans out what sounds like, “Who are you?”
“And you’re going to tell me what you like and how you like it. We’re not going to fuck around. Communication, pussycat. That’s the key.”
There go her words again. I’m getting to know that glaze in her eye, disoriented with desire. “And what about you?”
Now we’re even with the cab, but I’ve still got some things she needs to know. “I don’t come until you do. At least twice.”
She’s got no answer for that, so I bring her chin up toward me, stretching her pretty neck out with my thumb on her jaw. “You hear me?”
She nods. She breathes. She blinks.
“That’s how it’s going to go.”
“I think I can handle that.”
I laugh, sending a plume of steam out of my nose. This girl has no idea how badly I want her. How badly I need her. How fucking hard I am already to get inside her. “Yeah? You think so? You think you can handle me?”
Her eyes widen a little. “I think so,” she whispers.
Then I let her slip from my arms, such a fucking shame, but I’m not about to let her open her own door. As she gets into the cab—on the street side, the safe side—I say into her ear, “We’ll just see about that.”
A signed copy of Hail Mary and a $50 Sephora Gift Card
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AP  new -about the author.jpg
Nicola Rendell writes dirty, funny, erotic romance. She likes a stiff drink and a well-frosted cake. She is at an unnamed Ivy and prefers to remain mostly anonymous for professional reasons. She has a PhD in English and an MFA in Creative Writing from schools that shall not be named here. She loves to cook, sew, and play the piano. She realizes that her hobbies might make her sound like an old lady and she’s totally okay with that. She lives with her husband and her dogs. She is from Taos, New Mexico.
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Release Blitz – His Doll – Isabella Starling

Title: His Doll 
Author : Isabella Starling 
“How does that make you feel, doll?” 
Too young. 
Too innocent. 
Too pretty. 
Too fucking off limits.
And I don’t give a damn. 
I may be a jackass. 
I may be a pervert. 
But she needs to belong to me. 
She’s my patient and I’m supposed to help her. 
I know how to do just that, even if she doesn’t like it at first.

I’m going to make her my pretty little doll.







I bend her over and she moans out loud. 


“Not here,” she begs me. “Fuck, not here, please…”


“Right here,” I breathe into her ear. “Right here in the hallway. Where anyone can walk in on us. That’s what you get, doll. You wanted people to know, didn’t you?”
I lift up her skirt and she gasps as the cool air hits the skin of her thighs. I slap her ass, hard, and she mewls like a little kitten.
“You wanted to brag about us,” I groan in her ear. “So here you go, doll, anyone can see us now, they just have to walk outside of the classroom.”
“Please!” her voice is desperate as I rip her panties off, discarding the fabric on the floor. She’s fucking soaked, her cunt weeping for me.
“Please what?” I ask her roughly, parting her ass and fumbling with my zipper.



“Fuck me,” she begs after a moment’s silence. “I can’t take it, fuck me, Jacob, please…”




Release Blitz – Wildflowers – Jennifer L. Allen

Title: Wildflowers
Author: Jennifer L. Allen
Series: JACT 
Genre: Contemporary






You’ve met them already, but how did they meet?
One night, small town Texas girl, Evie Carson, goes to a concert on a photographer’s press pass to see her brother’s best friend’s popular band. She doesn’t expect to meet Joey Adams, drummer for the up-and-coming rock band, JACT. Sparks fly and a life-changing adventure begins.
Joey Adams is living the life. He’s on a nationwide tour, drumming for his band, who are also his best friends, opening for the chart-topping band Infrared Flamingos. At a tour stop in Dallas he meets sexy, sweet and sassy Evie Carson, and he has to have her.
Join the tour and enjoy the ride as Joey and Evie’s lust at first sight quickly turns to love.
Catch up on the series now!
Our Moon
Hearts In The Sand




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Release Blitz – Phobic Series: Phoebe Reede: The Untold Story #2 Author: Michelle Irwin



Title: Phobic

Series: Phoebe Reede: The Untold Story #2

Author: Michelle Irwin

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: November 30, 2016



Sometimes starting over is the only choice.

Broken-hearted and looking for revenge, Phoebe Reede heads back to the US to take up a new challenge. Only, when she discovers who her teammate and rival is, the challenge might prove too great.

While she knew life away from home wouldn’t be easy, she never expected to be faced with an unpleasant surprise from her ex-boyfriend, or to be as drawn to him as ever. She needs to remain professional and push aside her feelings for him, but will she let someone else steal her heart away instead?

What will it take to prove she’s not afraid to take the risk?

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“I’m afraid my granddaughter has forgotten her manners,” Nana said, sticking out her hand. “You must be Beau.”


I clenched my jaw. Her casual mention of his name, as if his identity was the most obvious thing in the world, had to have made it clear I’d been talking about him. That was the last thing I wanted him to know. Still, it was too late to change it. “Sorry, Beau, this is my nana, uh, Kelly Reede.”


“Nice to meet you, Mrs Reede. I can see where Phoebe got her enchanting eyes.”


“It’s Ms actually. It has been ever since I left my husband for his constant cheating.”


I wanted the ground to tear apart and swallow me whole. For half a second, I debated trying to fake a sudden and unexpected emergency just to get out of the room. She’d stuck with Granddad for a long time after the first time he’d cheated, but with Dad’s help had eventually found the strength to leave.

After that, her confidence had only blossomed and she’d grown more and more like Dad all the time. Now, she often said the thoughts that crossed her mind without thinking through all of the consequences.


Beau’s eyes narrowed. “Well, I guess it’s not just the eyes that run in the family,” he muttered under his breath. He shook off the mood an instant later. “It was lovely to meet you, Ms Reede. It’s always nice getting any insight into our Phoebe. She’s a bit of an enigma.”


It was Nana’s turn to frown as her gaze spun to me. “That’s odd, because we’ve always found her to be a straight shooter, just like her Dad.”


“Maybe it’s just us guys she likes to play ’round with.”


My hands found my hips. “Maybe she’s in the fucking room and you should both stop talking about her like she’s not.”


“Phoebe!” Nana exclaimed.


Beau’s gaze was fixed on me, his lips curled up into a snarl. He dropped the expression a second later when he turned back to Nana. “Don’t worry about it, Ms Reede. I’m used to her gutter mouth. She’s turned it on me often enough. Haven’t ya, darlin’?”


I wanted to turn it on him again. My fingers clenched and unclenched at my side. “If there’s nothing else you wanted, I think we’ll be going now.”


“Actually, I was hopin’ to have a word or two with ya alone.” Beau’s gaze turned from me back to my nana. “If ya don’t mind. It won’t take a minute.”


I could feel Nana’s gaze passing between Beau and me. “Not at all,” she said after a moment. “I’ll go sign myself out and wait in the car.”


It would have been so much easier if she’d said no. If she’d demanded my undivided attention while she was in the country. Instead, a minute later I was face-to-face with Beau.



Also Available


Living in the shadow of a legend has its drawbacks.

Every aspect of Phoebe Reede’s life has been defined by her father. Caught halfway between being a teen and an adult, she yearns to break free from the weight of expectations surrounding the Reede name.

Her desire for freedom sends her overseas on her first solo journey. There, she finds herself having an unexpected adventure with an unlikely person.

How can she learn who she wants to be and what is nothing more than a phase?




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Author Bio


Michelle Irwin has been many things in her life: a hobbit taking a precious item to a fiery mountain; a young child stepping through the back of a wardrobe into another land; the last human stranded not-quite-alone in space three million years in the future; a young girl willing to fight for the love of a vampire;

and a time-travelling madman in a box. She achieved all of these feats and many more through her voracious reading habit. Eventually, so much reading had to have an effect and the cast of characters inside her mind took over and spilled out onto the page.

Michelle lives in sunny Queensland in the land down under with her surprisingly patient husband and ever-intriguing daughter, carving out precious moments of writing and reading time around her accounts-based day job. A lover of love and overcoming the odds, she primarily writes paranormal and fantasy romance.

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Our Book Review – Falling for My Best Friend, Part 4 (Falling for My Best Friend Serial) – Sharon Cummin


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
**Review by Kylie from Bloggers From Down Under **

Sam and James have both finally come to their senses and admitted to each other the feelings they have for one another. But if they think it’s going to be easy sailing, they have another thing coming.

Part 4 of this series has everything you could want……. the highs and lows of a blossoming love, the secrets that sometimes need to be kept and the emotionally charged cliff hanger that will want you wanting so much more.

This series just keeps getting better and better.

5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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