Our Book Review – Dirty (RAW Family #2) by Belle Aurora


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

As a reader I have been waiting so very patiently for this instalment of the Raw Family.
It’s been long awaited, and finally….finally I got my fix.
And my review….

There will be no teasers.
There will be no little intro into what it’s about.
There will be not much of anything really.

And my reasons….

There is no way that I would want to ruin it for anybody wanting to read Dirty….
Dirty needs to be read without teasers, intros or hints.
Because what will you discover in Dirty is simply mind blowing. 

But I will say this….

Dirty is nothing short of absolute sheer perfection.
Raw, gritty, dark, stomach turning.
Heartbreaking, breathtaking.
Gruesome, detailed, ugly, beautiful.
They are only just a few words that I can give you to explain what I felt with every page I turned.
I was captivated from the prologue, putting it down was never an option.
The story line….Perfect.
The detail….Deep.
The characters….Complex.
The emotion….Consuming.
The twists….Explosive.

Dirty in its own right is one of the best novels for 2016 that will stay with me always.
For me it deserves so much more than 5 stars, because it feels almost criminal to rate uniquenesss and pure genius.

So in short….People you need to read this….Trust me when I say you will not be disappointed.

5 stars

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