Detoured By Love By Michelle Lynn


**arc received for honest review**

I have to admit I’m am a Michelle Lynn virgin!! But I’m so glad I’m not now!

To me strength isn’t about how many weights you can lift of how many puships you can do or how many chin ups you can do, strength to me is being able to overcome trauma, grief, loss, something really shitty that has happened to you or someone around you, strength is something from deep within you when you think you can’t go on but you keep pushing forward and you keep moving and eventually shit will get easier or your able to cope with the grief or loss or even trauma. That’s real strength.

So how do you move forward after losing a baby?

How do you move forward after a cancelled wedding the night before?

How do you change everything that you have known for so long and start over again?

Carly Lincoln has overcome many obstacles but she picked up her pieces and focused on the one thing she loved….. Her job….. She became independent, confident and strong willed she knew what she wanted and she wasn’t letting anything get in the way of her promotion that she has worked hard for many years to get. Carly has an amazing job who would love to beautiful luxury resorts for clients and have amazing holidays. YES people DREAM JOB!!

Carly is very close to her family but she loves being away for her job even though her family don’t like her away that often.

Bryant Garrity is a major NFL player but recently has been off with a knee injury that could cost him his career, the one he has worked all his life for the one that his father has pushed him to since he was little. Bryant has 1 goal in his career, it’s to get that ring. He doesn’t have time for women let alone relationships. Bryant steers clear of relationship’s he doesn’t want to get hurt or feel the pain like he felt when his mother passed away, so since then he has immersed himself in his NFL career until she comes along.

She steels his breath.

She steels his heart.

She makes his heart beat faster with just her smile.

She makes him question everything he has worked so hard for.

“Nothing you say will change how I feel about you. Pasts are just pasts; they might define the person into who they are, but they don’t tell you who the person is.”

When Bryant and Carly’s world collide its explosive and amazing but there are always bumps in the road but is this bump too much for them to overcome?

That you will have to read to find out!

I loved Carly and Bryants story I loved the little twist that completely turned the book around from where I did think it was going which was really great it hit every emotion and had me gripping at the pages but fearful off what was coming up next.

Thank you Michelle for a great read!!

5 stars


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