Our Book Review – Burn With Me – Rachael Tonks


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

I don’t want you to regret me

Portland is just what Amber needs.
Leaving everything behind, it’s time to create a new life with love and happiness, but more importantly new memories.
Foster home after foster home, Ambers life has been far from perfect.
She’s had to fight for everything.
Making it to college, Amber is doing okay until she’s thrown out, not welcomed back.
Yep Portland looks like a great plan.
Her best friend Lily is there, so starting over should be easy.
Portland. Lily. Dancing. College. Job at a cafe.
This will be a breeze for Amber.

But she never expected him.
He’s a mystery, a gorgeous brooding mystery that has Amber all hot and bothered.
She needs to break down his walls.
She wants to unravel his every emotion, every thought.
But how can she do that when he won’t so much even look at her, or speak to her.
Amber won’t give up.
After all they are neighbours.

Alone. Quiet. It’s how Caleb lives.
His apartment is his safety from people, from his past, from the nightmares that plague him day and night.
His art keeps him grounded, keeping his tragic past at bay.
Caleb has one friend, James, but that’s it. He will never allow anyone in.

But Calebs gorgeous, stunningly beautiful next door neighbour will be his game changer.
Everything that Caleb has ever known will be completey obliterated.
His life will never be the same.

Welcome to Amber and Calebs world.

Guys this novel gripped me from the very beginning right through until the very end.
Raw, dark, highly confronting, disturbing, heartbreaking and simply breathtaking are words that come to mind when describing what I got from this novel.
Emotionally charged I found myself either giggling my butt off, crying until the words blurred on the page or simply holding my breath.
It was everything a reader could ever ask for from a novel and so much more.

I instantly fell in love with Caleb and his mysterious ways. His story so tragic it splintered my heart into a million pieces.
Amber….What a firecracker. Her sassiness and smart mouth was a breath of fresh air.
But these guys together…..Explosive.

Guys I cannot recommend this novel high enough. A detailed, emotionally charged read that you will fall in love with.

5 stars

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