Our Book Review – Stain (King’s Harlots #2) by J.M. Walker


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

In the second instalment of JM Walkers The King’s Harlot Series, we are taken on Meeka and Ashers journey.
We briefly met both Meeka and Asher in Grit (Book 1), but in Stain, we get their story, their voice, and believe me when I say you are in for one hell of a ride.

Going undercover, both Asher and Meeka are trying their hardest to smash the syndicate that keeps taking women and selling them to the highest bidder. It’s a dark and dangerous world, but they both need this to end. There are too many women losing their lives, taken from their families. After saving Jays sister, it’s in their veins to save more.

But at what cost?
Who will come out alive?
What secrets will be revealed?
What will happen when the past and present collide?

Can Meeka trust Asher to keep her safe from the hands of evil?
Can Asher keep Meeka undamaged through it all?
Can Asher keeps his past at bay to do the job at hand?
Can they both as one help and save these women?
Can Asher and Meeka both survive the depths of hell?
Or is it too late?

Guys…..Stain, what can I say. I have sat here trying to articulate the best way I can and explain to you what Stain is about, but it’s hard for me to put it into words.

This novel completely broke me. It shattered my heart into a million pieces, my soul crushed. 
It’s gut wrenching, raw, gritty and highly confronting. At times it’s as disturbing as hell, painful and cringe worthy. It’s dark, twisted and gruesome. Their heartbreaking story had me finding it hard to breathe. 
But it was also heartwarming and breathtakingly beautiful with it’s hope, love and fight for survival that you could  feel with every page turned.

Overall Stain was one of the best reads for me for 2016, so full of depth and detail that it has left me speechless.

Asher and Meeka, my heart will stay with you both always. Your story……Breathtaking.

To JM Walker…..Thank you for given us as readers/bloggers a read that I can only describe as perfection.

5 stars

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