Phobic By Michelle Irwin

**arc received for honest review**

“I ain’t gonna leave an inch of you unloved tonight.”

What another amazing book by Michelle ant the end of Declan’s series i thought it was the end of it then we got a taste of phoebe we loved book 1 and book 2 just upped the anti we loved every moment of it as always we were taken on the journey along for the fast ride of Phoebe and Beau.

At the start of book 2 Phoebe has just made it to the US which even though her and Beau are no longer together she didn’t want to disappoint her parents, they worked really hard to get her the deal and the car so she was able to chase he (then) man all the way across the country.

When Phoebe arrives to her new work place to get to know her crew and car she was a little excited but little did she know what she was about to walk into.

“Ya gotta find the sweet spot. Find your rhythm.”

To put it mildly the new crew weren’t very impressed with her and then to find out that Beau is from the same original crew but racing the other car for the original owner makes her life a lot harder. The guys aren’t friendly at all and to say that Beau has spread some bullshit lies about her is an understatement.

Phoebe is hurting.

She’s heart broken.

She’s lost.

She had no one.

All alone in a different country. 

When she finally comes face to face with the man that broke her heart she gets the shock of her life!

Beau lied.

What do you do when you come face to face with the man that broke you?

The man that didn’t give you a reason?

The man that is now standing with another women?

Another women who is pregnant?

Not only is he standing with to a women who is pregnant with his arm around her, she is his fiancé and is carrying his child.

Phoebes world come crashing down again when her reality smacks her in the face at full throttle!

“I think you should do what Phoebe Reede does best.”

Do Phoebe an Beau stand a chance?

Will love concur all?

Or is this way to much for Phoebe to handle?

That you will have to read to find out!

We loved this book even throw we could have thrown the kindle with the ending as we will be left hanging until boom 3 comes out but it was so worth it.

Thank you Michelle for another 5 Star read!!


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