Our Book Review – Road Trip By R. L. Merill


**arc received for honest review**

R.L is a fantastic author, we have read a number of her books and really liked them, but unfortunately this one just didn’t do it for us. We did laugh as there were quite some funny moments but we felt it just kept going and going. It’s value for money hands down don’t get us wrong but for us it just dragged a bit for us.

Abra is a school councillor, she loves her job but she also loves her vacation time. Her time to runaway and be free for a while and runaway from her issues at home.

Little did she know when she was on her runaway trip this time that things were about to change. On her drive to her music festival Abra stopped. Little did she know she was about to save his life.

Kelly is a police officer running away for a few days to take a break from his issues at home. Little did he know he was about to walk into trouble.

When Abra found Kelly he was getting the crap beaten out of him and doused in petrol about to be set a light when she scared the men away.

Their worlds just collided.

They ran away together.

Will their past catch up to them?

Will their problems at home tear them apart before they go anywhere.

We like this authors writing style, we like how she can switch between the characters with their POV’s but yet keep moving and not go over the same section of book, but RL has that ability with her writing that you enjoy getting both perspectives.

3 stars

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Our Book Review – Falling for My Best Friend, Part 5 (Falling for My Best Friend Series) by Sharon Cummin


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review by Kylie from Bloggers From Down Under **

In this, the conclusion of Sam and James’ story, every question you had will be answered.

Lance, Sams dad, has found out about the relationship. To say he’s not happy about it would be an understatement. Sam is his little girl, and James has always been like a son to him. How could they do this? How could they both lie and break the trust that Lance had in both of them?

The answer is quite simple………they fell in love long before either of them realised!

Finally with the backing of the entire family, Sam and James will finally get their happy ever after………even if there are a few surprises along the way.

An enjoyable read, and a good series overall.


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Our Book Review – Mine Forever by Kate Bonham


**arc received for honest review**
** Reviewed by Melinda from Bloggers From Down Under**

Have you ever loved someone so much you would kill for them?
Have you ever loved someone so much you would flip the world upside down for them?
Have you ever loved someone so much you would kill your own family for them?

Ebony would do all of the above. Jett would do all of the above.

This isn’t a pretty love story.
This love isn’t roses and chocolates.
This love isn’t walks in the park holding hands.
This love isn’t long walks along the beach.
This love isn’t romantic weekend’s away.

“I should have pulled the trigger myself. You can only trust yourself”

The love between Ebony and Jett is bloody.

Their love is torture.
Their love is pure.
Their love knows no bounds.
No rules.
No remorse.
No limits.

They run the city. But things aren’t always as they seem.

This is a book you will have to read to discover the depth of brokenness, the depth of people with no soul, the depth of love that these two are willing to go through to be forever and always.

To be forever Ebony’s. To be forever Jett’s.

“You played me, and I fell for it ‘cause I’m just a kid. You’re going to kill a kid, you know that? That’s going to fuck with you.”

I loved every moment of this book. It was a great dark read, taking me on a journey, a pretty messy screwed up one but I loved it!!
Even with many characters Kate seemed to tie everything together and kept you guessing at every page. There were lots of little twists and turns and lots of elements that you don’t see coming.

5 massive stars

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Our Book Review – Happy Forever After Darkness (A Novella) by Clarissa Wild


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

Damn…This is novella?
What can I say….I absolutely loved it.

Stalker, Twenty-One, Ultimate Sin, and Viktor…..These are four incredibly sinfully delicious, dark, raw and gritty  novels that Clarissa Wild has graced us with with Happy Forever After Darkness an extension to all four novels.

We are reunited yet again with Daniel and Ava, Viktor and Alexis, Angel and Sky and Phoenix and Vanessa.
We get to see where all of these couples have ended up after severing ties with ‘The Company’. 
We get a glimpse of their stories and what life has become of them all.
But we also see them again drawn together.
Again they are all plagued by ‘The Company’.
But how?
And more importantly why?
Who is in danger?
What secrets will be revealed?
And who will reveal themselves to them all?

Guys this was a face paced, heart racing, raw, gritty and sexy as sin novella that I completely lost myself in. 
Again I found myself drawn to these guys, just like I was when I first read their stories individually.
But then again when it’s Clarissa Wild we are talking about, you never get anything less than that.
A perfect novella that left me speechless and asking the very question…..Will there be more?
A read that definitely shouldn’t be missed. 

5 stars 

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Our Book Review – Finding Reason by Tee Smith


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review by Kylie from Bloggers From Down Under **

What an absolutely mesmerising story. My mere words cannot do this book justice, but I’ll give it my best shot.

Ginger and Patrick fall in love in the most unusual of circumstances. She is a (secretly) heroine using dancer/prostitute. He just happens to tend the bar at the establishment she works at.

Their love doesn’t come easy, as one can imagine it has it’s fair share of ups and downs.

But it all comes to a grinding halt one night when Patrick tries to save ginger. The end result – Ginger runs and Patrick ends up in prison facing possible murder charges.

Fast forward 8 months. Patrick is a free man and he is about to cross paths with the one person he can’t forget. Can he ever forgive her for running out on him when he needed her most?

This book will hold you spellbound until the very end, a definite page turner.
I cannot recommend this book highly enough. A must read.

5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Our Book Review – T-Bone by Jordan Silver


** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

Okay, okay….So before I give you my thoughts, please know that my reasons for reading this was because it was originally placed on a banned list, and for that reason alone I had to read it. Yes my curiosity definitely got the better of me. 
I have never read anything from this author before, so all I had to go on was the hype that this book was creating.
So I purchased it and read it…..Now my thoughts.

I am still trying to digest what I actually read. I couldn’t tell you how many times I found myself shaking my head in a ‘no’ like motion thinking I cannot be reading what I am reading.
T-Bone kidnaps Melanie, and from there it’s one extremely sick and twisted roller-coaster ride that still has me….I have no idea what I am feeling or even thinking.
It’s just one of those books that has to be read to understand where I am coming from. 

But this I will say….This is not for the faint hearted. This book is as disturbing as hell, sick, twisted and very, very dark and the content is just….Sadistic is the best way I can put it.

Did I enjoy is ….Yes.
But it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea.

4 stars from me.

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Our Book Review – Mistakes From My Past – Emily James


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

Her name is Amber.
She’s young and beautiful.
Living in England, Amber is happy.
She has her Mum, her Dad living in the States.
She has friends.
But more importantly she has Tommy, her boyfriend who happens to be Mr Popular.
Ambers life….Amazing.

But in a blink of an eye everything that Amber has ever known and loved is about to be torn from her.
Her mother….Gone.
Tommy….A monster.
The abuse, the pain, the sheer hurt is too much.
Amber needs to escape.
But how?
How can she leave him?
He’ll kill her if she doesn’t.
So Amber does the only thing she knows that will free her from her hell.
Take her own life.

But what starts as a bid to finally end it all actually ends up being a new beginning for Amber.
Moved from England to live with her father in the States, Amber has finally escaped Tommy.
She can finally heal.
She can finally breathe.
It’s time for Amber to find Amber again.

But she doesn’t expect him.
The next door neighbour.
All American guy who is sinfully delicious.
He’s strong, independent and has Amber in his sights.

His name….Will

Welcome to Amber and Wills world.
A world of heartache and pain.
A world of trust and hope.
A world of secrets.
A world of love.
Add to that a monster lurking in the shadows, an ex boyfriend with only revenge in his mind, a dog and a beautiful little girl, you have one hell of a read.

Guys….I cannot express enough how much I loved and adored this debut novel by Emily James.
I was completely gripped from the very first chapter, I couldn’t put it down.
It was raw, gritty and at times highly confronting.
It was heart-breaking and at times dark.
But it was also heartwarming and breathtakingly beautiful.
And the twists……Mind blowing.
It had everything and so much more.
A highly emotional read that quite frankly left me speechless.
I cannot rate this novel high enough. I congratulate Emily on a brilliant debut novel.
A read not to be missed.

5 stars.