Our Book Review – Happy Forever After Darkness (A Novella) by Clarissa Wild


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

Damn…This is novella?
What can I say….I absolutely loved it.

Stalker, Twenty-One, Ultimate Sin, and Viktor…..These are four incredibly sinfully delicious, dark, raw and gritty  novels that Clarissa Wild has graced us with with Happy Forever After Darkness an extension to all four novels.

We are reunited yet again with Daniel and Ava, Viktor and Alexis, Angel and Sky and Phoenix and Vanessa.
We get to see where all of these couples have ended up after severing ties with ‘The Company’. 
We get a glimpse of their stories and what life has become of them all.
But we also see them again drawn together.
Again they are all plagued by ‘The Company’.
But how?
And more importantly why?
Who is in danger?
What secrets will be revealed?
And who will reveal themselves to them all?

Guys this was a face paced, heart racing, raw, gritty and sexy as sin novella that I completely lost myself in. 
Again I found myself drawn to these guys, just like I was when I first read their stories individually.
But then again when it’s Clarissa Wild we are talking about, you never get anything less than that.
A perfect novella that left me speechless and asking the very question…..Will there be more?
A read that definitely shouldn’t be missed. 

5 stars 

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