Our Book Review – Road Trip By R. L. Merill


**arc received for honest review**

R.L is a fantastic author, we have read a number of her books and really liked them, but unfortunately this one just didn’t do it for us. We did laugh as there were quite some funny moments but we felt it just kept going and going. It’s value for money hands down don’t get us wrong but for us it just dragged a bit for us.

Abra is a school councillor, she loves her job but she also loves her vacation time. Her time to runaway and be free for a while and runaway from her issues at home.

Little did she know when she was on her runaway trip this time that things were about to change. On her drive to her music festival Abra stopped. Little did she know she was about to save his life.

Kelly is a police officer running away for a few days to take a break from his issues at home. Little did he know he was about to walk into trouble.

When Abra found Kelly he was getting the crap beaten out of him and doused in petrol about to be set a light when she scared the men away.

Their worlds just collided.

They ran away together.

Will their past catch up to them?

Will their problems at home tear them apart before they go anywhere.

We like this authors writing style, we like how she can switch between the characters with their POV’s but yet keep moving and not go over the same section of book, but RL has that ability with her writing that you enjoy getting both perspectives.

3 stars

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