Our Book Review – Invasive (Invasive 1) by A. Ensbro


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

Meet Remmy.
She’s young, independent and beautiful.
She works as a bartender, working to all hours of the morning.
She adores her best friend Sam who is getting married.
Remmy is excited for Sam, but marriage, or relationships for that matter are definitely not on her agenda.
Sexy and single, Remmy loves her one night stands.
No attachments are her thing.
But when she sees him, her life will no longer be the same.
Remmy just doesn’t know it yet.

Meet Lincoln.
Strong, independant, sinfully sexy.
Asked to be in his best mates wedding, who is Lincoln to say no.
Getting ready for the big day, Lincoln sees a beautiful woman.
He needs to have her.
He wants her.
But will Lincoln get what he wants?

Welcome to Remmy and Lincolns world….

A debut novel by this author I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it.
A quick read, only taking a few hours I enjoyed the roller coaster ride that Invasive offered.
A sinfully delicious, light hearted and all round entertaining read that shouldn’t be missed.
Ohh and the ending will leave you wanting so much more.

4 stars.

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