Our Book Review – Unbroken – Emerson Rose


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

“You go, I go”

Meet Imani.

An ICU nurse at a hospital in Seattle.
She loves her job, caring for patients, consoling family members and watching patients mend.
But Imani is broken internally.
After a horrific (and I mean painfully horrific) trauma that she suffered at the age of 19, Imani painfully had to rebuild her life all over again.

While working one night a patient is brought in after being involved in a motor vehicle accident. Imani is the patients nurse. Walking into the room what she discovers is breathtaking. He’s broken, hurt, battered and bruised, but he’s breathtakingly beautiful with a chiseled body, muscles galore.
He’s like a god sent from above.

Meet Marcus.

Strong, independent and sinfully sexy.
He’s successful to the highest degree.
When he speaks, people listen.
They are a means to an end.
Marcus will stop at nothing to get what he wants.
But he’s broken, battered and bruised. 
He can’t open his eyes.
The main is indescribable. 
He’s surrounded by darkness.
But he can hear her.
She is an angel sent from heaven.
Her voice is soothing to his soul.
He needs to see her.
It’s time to come out of this coma that has left Marcus dependant and confused.

It’s time for Marcus to me Imani.
It’s time for Imani to meet Marcus.
It’s time for their worlds to collide, never to be the same again. 

Guys I seriously will not give you anything more than this because you need to read this amazing novel to appreciate it’s beauty, it’s raw emotion and depth.

But I will say this.
Welcome to a world of sheer heartache and pain.
Welcome to a world hurt and torment.
Welcome to a world of secrets and deception.
Welcome to a world of hope and love.
Welcome to Marcus’s and Imani’s worlds, where love will find a way, no mater what the cost and sacrifice.

Emerson Rose has given us perfection with Unbroken and I cannot recommend this novel high enough. 
Believe me when I say, once you start you won’t stop. 

A very emotional 5 star read.






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