Filthy Kisses London Casey


**Reviewed by Melinda from Bloggers From Down Under**

Who doesn’t love a great MC book hot, tattooed bad biker boys are the ultimate!!

Dakota isn’t a fan of a motorcycle club she hasn’t been since her dad was caught up in the cross fire of a war between 2 clubs. He was a police office and was shoot which led to him being killed.

Ever since then Dakota has wanted no part of them until she accidentally falls pregnant to one.
Whatever came after love, that was the moment right there.

Dakota moves into Kye’s house there not together while she is pregnant but they occasionally sleep together.

Just before Dakota is about to give birth Kye gets locked up and Dakota is scared so she takes off.

She runs in fear of the MC coming after her.

She doesn’t want her child apart of an MC.

She’s scared.

She’s lonely.

She has no one.

Until she sees Debbie.

Debbie is a nurse and takes in Dakota and just as she does she goes into labor.

Kye is in jail and doesn’t know she has given birth to there son.

8 weeks later his out.

He wants to find his women and child.

Doubt is what the reaper licks before he feeds.

He finds her.

There in danger.

He was set up.

He doesn’t have his cut anymore as he chose his family for a while until he sorted everything out with Dakota.

But will the MC help him protect his family?

This was the woman I loved. This was the woman that gave me a son. This was the woman that I would die for.

4 Stars

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