Our Book Review – Dying Wish by Margaret McHeyzer


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review by Gayle from Bloggers from Down Under **

You’re my perfect, you’re my salvation, you’re my everything

It’s not often…No let me re-phrase….
It’s so rare as reader that you come across a book that will completely swallow you whole, and I mean that in every sense of the word, but Dying Wish did that to me.
Brutal, highly confronting, emotional to the highest of degrees, heartbreaking, soul changing, gut wrenching….
These are the only words I can give to explain to you all how I felt reading this. 
It completely broke me, shattered my heart, splintered my very core, and even after finishing it a day a go, I am still not sure how I can explain to you what this book did to me. 
This book for me was everything I could have honestly asked for and so much more.

We meet three beautiful souls, young and carefree, the world is at their feet. They are best friends, soul mates….Alice, Elijah and Rebecca.
Alice and Rebecca are inseparable. 
Best friends since as far back as they can remember, they have a special bond, sisters in fact and nothing will ever get between them.
Elijah….He has watched Alice at a distance. He has known her since forever and wants nothing more than to speak to her, to hold her, to declare his feelings for her.
He wants more with her.
And Alice…She wants more with him.
They will get their more? 

This is their story.
A story about hope and strength
A story about fear and pain.
A story about friendship and love that will never be broken.

Please hear me when I say you need to read this. Dying Wish is a novel that will stay with me always. It will be forever ingrained into my heart and soul, and I know it will forever stay with you.
A beautifully written book with such depth and meaning it will leave you speechless. 
To Margaret all I can say is this. 

Thank you for giving us perfection.
Thank you for giving us Alice, Elijah and Rebecca.
Thank you.

5 stars 

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