Our Book Review – Fractured Breaths by Zoey Derrick


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

Meet Becca Carpenter.
A tormented and evil past has left her broken, shattered, scarred.
Each day is for Becca is the same.
Eat, work, sleep.
It’s the only way she knows how to survive.
Alone is the best way for her to be.
She can’t afford to allow anyone to get too close.
She needs to protect not only herself, but anyone she comes into contact with.
So she lives a life of solitude.

Nobody knows who she is.
Even Becca no longer knows who she is.
And why?
Because Becca isn’t her real name.
Becca Carpenter is an identity given to her to protect her from the monsters from her past that are still lurking in the shadows waiting.
Waiting to make their move.
Waiting to take from her.
Waiting to end her.

But what Becca doesn’t count on is being found.
Her past is finally going to catch up with her.
But with that comes him.
He’s beautiful in every sense of the word.
Becca is drawn to him.
The attraction is there.
But she can’t get too close.

But fate has other ideas.
Becca’s life is going to be tilted on an axis, in the form of a country music star.
It’s simply unavoidable.
His name….

Bryan Hayes.

This is Becca and Bryan’s story.

A story about heartache and pain.
A story about nightmares and scars.
A story about secrets revealed.
A story about trust.
A story about hope and love.

This is the first novel that I have read from this author, so I had no idea what I was getting myself into. 
But what I got was a highly emotional, gritty, raw, dark and at times highly confronting read that I couldn’t put down. 
Becca’s story for me was completely heart shattering. What she had to endure left me completely breathless and disturbed me. To be able to come through the other side showed her strength and determination to make her world right again.
And Bryan….Guys what a man. I fell instantly for him and his beautiful heart and warmth.
But Becca and Bryan together…..Guys they were explosive and quite frankly…..Sinfully sexy to the highest degree.

If action packed, raw and down right gritty with a twist is your thing then you definitely need to read Fractured Breaths. 
Zoe Derrick for me produced a brilliant novel with such depth and emotion that it was all consuming and I know it will have the same affect on anyone who reads it.
I highly recommend this to everyone.

A definite 5 star read.

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