The Precious Ruby By C. Renee


**arc received for honest review**

** Reviewed by Mel from Bloggers From Down Under**

This review is really hard to write as it is the authors 1st book and we hate writing bad reviews but we will always remain true to our blog and give our honest opinion and it is just that our opinion.

Lou is from an abusive relationship or has been in one for the past 3 years her boyfriend Matt is the president of a biker club after he was forced to kill his father and take over.

Lou escapes after she was ran off the road and had a server car accident.

After phoning a friend when she was released she tried a fresh start and met Alex and was intently attracted to each other. And we will leave it at that for you to read to know the rest.

We found a few things difficult with this book which would have been a good book.

The story line shows promise but lack emotion. We couldn’t feel the emotion with Lou we couldn’t feel what she was going through and there wasn’t much description of her emotions either, and coming from an abusive relationship she would have a shit load of emotion but it just didn’t take us there i think the author may need to be more descriptive with that part of her writing.

The timeline of the book is a bit out of wack and a bit far stretched, example she had been with her friend for a few days and her curves were practically back and she was a lot better…. After an abusive relationship you wouldn’t be feeling great after a few days.

The last point we will make is some of the sentences were spoken in past tense and then present all in the same paragraph which was really distracting through the whole book.

Well done to the author for putting her book out there this book just wasn’t for us!

2 stars

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