Worth the wait By Claudia Connor


**arc received for honest review**

**By Mel from Bloggers From Down Under**

Mia is a young girl in collage she has her mind set on 1 goal and that’s to be a surgeon, she gets amazing grades and lots of offers for scholarships.

Her parents push her hard to fulfil her dreams or there’s so she stays focused on the end result until she gets swept off her feet by him.

Nick is trying to study and stay in school whilst taking care of his brothers and his 2 year old sister which is really hard when your only 19 yourself.

Nick tried to keep a routine even though sometimes he has no clue what his doing, his days and dreams of dating and frat parties are now over that he steps up to the plate to raise his siblings after his parents were both killed. Mia falls for Nick but has to go off to school but comes back a few years later somehow they make there relationship work long distance.

Tragedy strikes the family and Mia and Nick cant keep there relationship together and go there seperate ways.

What happens when you come face to face with the man you love after 10 years?

Can they rekindle there love?

Is the spark still there?

This is the first time we have read anything by Claudia we liked the outline of the book we personally don’t think its a dark read it does have some dark elements but nothing in detail.

We didn’t like how the book went back and forth between past and present it made it a little confusing on what was what and who was who but the outline of the story was ok.

2 star

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