Our Book Review – Pick: The Recoil Rock Series #1 by K.E. Osborn


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

You’re making it big.

A rockstar, lead singer of the up and coming rock band Recoil.
You can taste the fame, the glamour, the stardom.
It’s just within your grasp.
You and your band mates are going to be the bext big thing.
But in a blink of an eye it’s all gone.
The fame, gone.
The band, over.
All for love.
Welcome to Dangers world.

You’re young and beautiful.
You’re body earns you the big bucks.
It’s the only way you know how to live.
You have to take care of your mother and brother who needs constant care.
Club girl and stripper.
You live and beathe it.
Satan Savages MC is your home, where you belong.
But is it?
Welcome to Lunars world.

A rock star, a club girl.
An American, an Australian.
In opposites sides of the world.
Living completely different lives.
But their lives are about to collide.
Their lives will forever be changed.
They will ultimately save each other from the hells they have found themselves drowning in.

Welcome to Danger and Lunars story.

Guys this novel I have to say is an absolute definite first for me.
MC meets Rockstar. I’ve never read a novel where an author has blended both of these together, such opposites, but yet it worked perfectly in this novel.
As you can only imagine bringing these two worlds together you know you are in for an explosive read, and that’s exactly what I got.
It was raw, gritty and at times confronting.
It was heartbreaking and breathtaking.
It’s edgy and fast paced.
It was all things downright sinfully delicious.
It was everything in a novel I could’ve asked for and so much more.
Danger, what a guy. I fell in love with his warmth and vulnerability.
Lunar, what a firecracker. I loved her sassiness, her smart mouth and her cheeky ways.
And Danger and Lunar together….Guys they are imperfectly imperfect.

A great read that I highly recommend for those who love their bikers and rockstars.

4 stars.

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