Our Book Review – Flightless by L. Duarte


**arc received for honest review**

**Reviewed by Melinda from Bloggers From Down Under

When we are born, life makes no claim that it is going to be simple or easy.

What would it feel like to be abandoned by your own mother?

Left to die.

Just born.

All alone.

Covered by leaves.

In a graveyard.

Left, abandoned, naked, bare, hungry, crying, exposed.

This was Grays story, a story about Love, forgiveness, heartbreak, death, abandonment, hope, self worth, a story about learning to forgive those who need forgiveness a story about defying the odds, a story about the love of soul mates and no matter how much time passes true love will always find a way.

Gray isn’t perfect she has many flaws as we all do but she thought by leaving her home town and her mamma it would help hear shattered heart.

I realize I am an imperfect person living in an imperfect world.

Gray didn’t have the perfect start to life she was abanded by her own mother at a graveyard where her biological mother gave birth to her, she was found by chance by a dog called sunshine and taken to hospital to where she would meet her mamma.

“ONCE UPON A TIME , there was an unborn baby girl placed in the wrong tummy.

Gray had a great childhood but she always seem to go back to the graveyard it was her place her solace.

Fate came into play and Galel was injected into her world.

Galel and Gray had an amazing connection but they also had dreams, Gray’s dream was to go to Julliard his was to be a doctor.

The arrival of the acceptance to Julliard Gray was excited to tell Galel but she wanted to do it in person never did she expect to see what she was about to see.

Grays world crumbled.

Her hopes and dreams gone.

The man she loved had broken her.

She left.

To never return.

I had turned into an empty vessel. I was devastated— without a purpose.

Until the day her mamma called to bring her home.

She had to go to the one place she hated, the one place she never wanted to return to.


Cause that’s where he was.

Galel, the man that broke her.

The man that made her who she was today.

10 years later.

We lose our way in this maze we call life, and we spin like a lost satellite. No aim. No purpose.

What do you do when you

ome face to face with the man you love and hate at the same time?

The man that you cant forgive for shattering your heart?

But you have to put it all aside for the sake of your mamma.

Happiness must be felt with the heart. It must be allowed to embed within us, bleed into the very fabric of our souls.

This book held me captive from the first few pages, i was scared to turn the page at some parts i could feel the hurt and the emotion coming from Gray, her mamma and Galel. I was taken on a magical heartbreaking journey of the love story that is far from perfect but beautifully magical (If that’s even a word).

I have never read anything from this author this was my first and surely wont be my last. the way this author writes is like magic, half way through the book I wasn’t sure if I loved it or hated the writing style but after I had finished and everything came together and I read some of the quotes I realized I love the book, I love the quotes and I love the magic of the story I loved the roller coaster of emotion. I was taken on there journey with them.

Congrats L. Duarte on an amazing book I cant wait to read more of your work!!

5 Massive stars

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