Our Book Review – Gravity by Lauren Runow


**arc received for honest review**

**Reviewed by Mel from Bloggers From Down Under**

One kiss is all I need.
One kiss and I’ll be freed.
One kiss was all we agreed.
One kiss is all I need.

You have been best friends since you were 8 years old.
He’s the love of your life.
Your soul mate.
The other half of you.
Your Gravity.

Lily has a great childhood loving parents that adore her that are always there for her but her best friend next door Trevin isn’t as lucky as her.

Trevin has a beautiful mum but a terrible dad that always drinks beats on him and his mum when his drunk. He constantly puts Trevin down and tells him he is a loser and good for nothing. Trevin has a chance to go to college on a scholarship for baseball but that chance was taken from him.

By the man that’s called his father, not only did he take his dream of baseball away from him he also took the one person other than Lily that loved him unconditionally, the person that always tried to protect him….. His mother Julie.

He adored his mother but he was made to lie about how she died to cover his fathers A%^$ and save his own from his father. Trevin will never forgive him for it.

Hate, disgust, but mostly fear.
That’s what i feel whenever you’re near.

After getting a big break Trevin is off to be a big rock star Lily is so proud of him but misses him dearly, she feels lost without him but she needs to live her life and continue to achieve her own dreams.

Why did you push me to be my own?
Why did you love me enough to care?
Now I’m here all alone
Floating in the middle of nowhere.

What happens when you cant live without your other half.
Your best friend.
Your soul mate.
Your Gravity.
Will Lily and Trevin world collide?

The love that Lily and Trevin have for each other is beautiful and to watch them grow and Lily always standing by Trevin no matter what is amazing and at parts heartbreaking to read.

We loved the way these 2 characters grew together and matured and how the love only grew stronger as they aged no matter where they were in the world.

Will this be enough?
Will she finally see me for who I really am?
I’ll pour my heart and soul into a song
Because I know our love will never be wrong.

Thank you Lauren for taking us on the journey of Lily and Trevin.

4 Stars

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