Our Book Review – Lovesick – T.L. Smith


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

Again….TL Smith has done it again. She has completely slayed me. My heart is hurting. A read that has left me completely broken, but for all the right reasons.
Lovesick….Words to describe it. Raw, dark, confronting, brutal, breathtakingly beautiful.
Filled with so much emotion you can physically feel it page after page.
It took my breath away.

We meet Kohl.
A man who has met that one person we all hope in life we find.
He found his soul mate.
Anika is his absolute everything.
She will be his forever.

We meet Keegan.
A broken woman who has lived a life no woman should.
She thought she found the love of her life. She thought she found the one. She hoped she had.
She loved him with everything she had. But his fists loved her more. His evil loved her more.

We meet Macca.
A guy who has the looks, the money, the career.
But the one thing he wants is simply unattainable. It’s within his reach, so much so he can touch it if he wants to, but he won’t. He can’t.

Three people, complete opposites.
Three people all with dark and painful pasts.
Three people whose lives are about to cross.
Three lives that will be changed forever.
Three lives that will find their ‘epic love’.

Guys please you need to read Lovesick. It’s unique, it’s hardcore, it’s heartbreaking. It’s all consuming. Written with such depth and emotion I promise you it will trap you from the prologue. You won’t put it down.
And the concept of the whole novel…..The story it’s telling….The moral of the whole thing….It will leave you speechless, breathless and everything in between.

TL….What can I say other than thank you. You’ve created perfection with this novel and it will stay with me always.

5 stars

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