The Unmasked CEO By Miranda P Charles


 ** arc received for honest review**

The game continues with the CEO.

Simon isnt happy with where his life is going he wants to change he eants to settle down like the rest of his friends but his reputation beholds him.

Being known as the Mile high playboy isn’t helping him find or attract the right person to spend his life with.

All he seems to attract is the gold diggers the ones that wont to boost there profile in society. This is where his life is about to change.

Sitting around with his friends they all come up with the idea for him to go undercover as just an average person without billions of dollars and just as fate would have it the opportunity falls into his lap.

Simon becomes a chauffer for an aged lady on her travels with her young personal assistant/ travel companion.

Simon and Geri hit it off and there is a beautiful fun loving spark between them. But what happens when her secrets are revealed?

What happens when Simon’s true identity is revealed?

Will Simon and Geri be the next captured by love?

4 stars


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