Fake Fiancée By Ilsa Madden-Mills


**arc received for honest review**

We loved Ila Madden-Mills last book so we had to sign up for this one and she did not disappoint!!

Max’s main focus this year is Football he is going to eat, sleep and dream it this season. Max is the captain and the best quarterback in his team, but he also has an issue with the groupies as he was a bit of a player, this is until he meets her.


The feisty neighbour.

The hot blonde.

The one with the complicated ex.

Sunny left home at an early age she needed to get away from her father.

Fast forward a few years……

Sunny is now in collage studying in the arts field on a scholarship and works part time to pay her way at the local library until one morning she sees her car get totalled!

Then she meets him.

The hot neighbour.

The quarterback.

The player.

Max and Sunny decide to fake a relationship to keep their ex’s away and the groupies at bay.

Things get heated up when there fake relationship upscale to fake fiancée and then becomes real very quickly!!

“Fake fiancée? Falling in love? What is this… a Hallmark movie?”

Thank you Ilsa for a good read!

4 stars


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