Our Book Review – V O N : The Devourer from the Stars – Tracy Gilmore


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

I have to say when I was asked by the author to read and review Von I went in with much trepidation. I have read Tracy Gilmore’s work before and I’ve loved it, but sci-fi….Not once as a blogger or reader have I ever entertained the idea to read that specific genre.

But I must say I was pleasantly surprised.
Yes I am the first to admit I actually enjoyed it.
Reading it in a day, I actually found myself wanting to finish it without and disturbances.

We meet Von, Robot and Mireya.
Mireya from earth, Von and Robot from another planet.
Von and his offsider Robot have been studying humans for many years. They have researched humans behaviours and emotions. They have spent many years investing themselves to better understand humans in general.
But one human has Von intrigued.
That being Mireya.
So he does the only thing he knows he has to do.
He takes her from Earth to take her home.
But Von has to watch his every move, because something wants what Von has…..Mireya.
Will Von get home with Mireya?
Will Mireya survive the journey?
Will Robot protect Mireya?
Will Mireya meet her destiny…..Death?

For all lovers of sci-fi reads I highly recommend this novel…..But please be warned if you suffer a weak stomach then you might want to rethink because this novel is gruesome, quite graphic in its detail and at times quite disgustingly sickly.
But definitely worth the read!

4 stars.

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