Our Book Review – Measuring The Size Of Claude – Tracy Gilmore


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

His name is Claude.
Happily married to a beautiful woman who he absolutely loves and adores.
He cherishes her.
But there is a problem, and a major one at that.
Claude is consumed with his work.
A designer, trying to get an application up and running for big companies, it is taken away all of Claudes time.
He needs to get this done.
He needs this app to be a success.
But while doing it everything else has been forgotten about.
But more importantly, he has forgotten the one person in his life that makes him whole.

His wife….Laila

Meet Laila.
Happily married to a man that is driven for the need to succeed.
He has spent countless days, weeks, months working and Laila has had enough.
An ultimatum is given.
Laila makes Claude choose…..Her or his work.
Laila gets her answers.
She leaves it’s the only thing she can do.

Fast forward 3 years, Laila is back.
Laila wants Claude to be happy.
She is miserable without him.
But with her return comes conditions.
For Claude and LAila to survive, Claude must do what Laila asks of him.
His love for her so strong, he is willing to do anything.

But can Claude do it?
What has Laila planned for Claude?
What is Lailas motivation behind this all?
Will they survive through it all?

And who is Morgan?

Guys what a read….A short read only taking me a few hours, I was completely intrigued.
From beginning to end I found myself guessing at every turn. The twists, guys the twists left me speechless. The banter between the characters was comical and lighthearted, the emotions were raw and the connection between them all left me shell shocked.
An overall great read, which has definitely left me wanting more.

5 stars.

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