Beastly By Michelle Irwin


 **arc received for honest review**

As always Michelle Irwin nails it!!

I have been following Michelle since Declan Reede’s series started and this is one author I can not get enough of!

Continuation from book 2 we all know Phoebe was taken by the psyco Xavier, Xavier didn’t take there break up to well and his very possessive with what he thinks is his and that’s Phoebe.

This book was told in Beau’s POV which is awesome cause that damn accent and sweet charm he has gets me every time maybe its just a me thing or maybe an Aussie thing but Michelle nails that accent.

So after Beau received the call from Phoebe telling him that she needs to get away and that they were done poor Beau is heart broken he loses it and hits the alcohol, who wouldn’t!

Beau convinces himself that it will be ok and he will see Phoebe at the race they have coming up, he doesn’t think for a minute Phoebe would miss her race and let down the team or her family and more so when she has practiced so much for this race. She has a lot riding on this race.

Will she let her team down?

Will she let her family down?

Will Xavier let her go long enough to race?

And the answer is a big fat NO!!

Phoebe is a no show at the race and Cash has to step up and race Phoebe’s car so it at least hits the track.

After a tragic weekend racing Beau heads back to Richards racing just as he hits his office all hell breaks loose and Mr hot as hell Declan Reede is in town.

Dec as we know when his on a mission for answers he isn’t going to stop until he finds them, he wants his little girl found and found now!

After trying to list Phoebe as missing with no prevail Dec hires a PI to find his baby girl.

Beau and Dec don’t have the best relationship as Beau becomes a suspect with Phoebes disappearance but with Angle sticking her nose in and mashing the two together in the end they become a team and a force to be beckoned with.

Once there two brains are mashed together and a mysterious phone call from Phoebe can these two find her before its two late?

Will he medical condition fail her before she is found?

Will they be to late?

As we said Michelle nailed another amazing book that just leaves us wanting more we are taken on a beautiful journey that’s not always rainbow and unicorns but it makes them feel real this whole series makes me feel like these are real people make me feel like there friends and we are just watching there lives unfold before us.

We love watching the characters grow into there own person and there personalities shine through.

Thank you Michelle for taking us on your journey now can you please hurry with the next book!!

5 Massive Stars

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