Decay By Michelle Irwin


**arc received for honest review by Mel from Bloggers From Down Under**

I’m going to keep this review short and sweet as you just have to read it!!

Decay is Declan’s POV of what happen throughout Beastly.

“Every piece of information only led to more questions”.

There are parts in Decay that you don’t read in Beastly as it’s what Dec does when he is by himself his calls with Alyssa, his police visits, what happens when his home how the family function.

“My daughter is missing and I’m placing the blame for anything and everything that has happened to her squarely where it belongs.

Throughout Decay as we know in Beastly Dec and Beau aren’t the best of friends and Dec doesn’t like Beau as he thinks he has something to do with Phoebe’s disappearance, but we see their relationship evolve and Dec start to realise how much Beau actually does love Phoebe and that sometimes in parts he fells Beau’s pain as it was similar to when he was without Alyssa and Phoebe back in the day.

“Not that I can ride it at the moment. I’ve been banned until the ice clears from the roads. It’s here actually. Do you want to see it?”

As always, another 5-star read by this amazing author she always seems to take us with her on the journey with the character’s I feel a part of their world and I sometimes sit here while reading the book talking to them even sometimes screaming at them as well as laughing and crying.

Michelle’s writing grips you from the very 1st book that makes you continue reading her series and keeps you wanting more and never wanting the series to end!

Thank you for another amazing read!!

5 Stars

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