Our Book Review – Meant For Us – JM Nash


** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

Guys….This hurt, like heart splintering into a million pieces hurt….And I absolutely loved every minute of it.

We meet Jason and Lexi. So very happily married with two beautiful boys that they raise together. They have great jobs, a beautiful home, their marriage perfect.
But it hasn’t always been that way. 
They were faced with the ultimate challenge, when Jason was diagnosed with cancer. As a family they fought together, Jason getting the treatment that he needed. The result?
As a family, a wife, a husband they could all breathe again.
Jason was given the all clear.

Move ten years on….It’s back.
The cancer has taken over Jasons body.
But this time there is no hope.
There is no treatment.
There is no recovery.
Jason is dying.
He only has months to live.

As a family they have to brace for the heartbreaking and ultimate ending of Jasons life.
Jasons biggest fear is Lexi.
How will she cope once he’s gone?
How will Lexi live being alone?
What will Lexi do?

So Jason has an idea.
An idea that even had me blown away and I had trouble digesting it.
Jason wants to make sure that Lexi is not on her own through the grieving process.
So he does the unthinkable.
He seeks a man that will replace him.
He seeks a man that will ultimately be his replacement in Lexis life once he’s gone. 

His name….Cole.

Guys this is a first for me. I have read so many novels, but this….this is a unique as they come. 
A love triangle of sorts.
A husband wanting the best for his wife.
A stranger thrown into a family setting.
A wife still coming to terms with the heartache of knowing her soulmate only has months to live.

This is the lives of Jason, Lexi and Cole.

This novel is powerful and so very unique beyond measure. It’s confronting and highly emotional and highlights the struggles faced when dealing with such a sensitive and cruel situation.
It completely broke my heart reading it, but it also made me question…..What would I do faced with the same situation? What would I want as my legacy long after I’m gone?

I cannot recommend Meant For Us highly enough….But please keep the tissues handy, you are going to need them.

A 5 star read.

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